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Chapter 2

The last class was a total blur. I guess that's okay though because we weren't really doing anything anyway thought Paige stuffing her books in her backpack from her locker. Turning around from a noise she heard. Paige realized its Emily and Spencer walking by. "Bye Paige see you tomorrow yelled Emily." Paige waved back and turned around to finish what she was doing.

"Okay so Spence when we catch up to Aria and Hannah we are all going to read the letter that Alison gave us at the same time right? Spence? Spencer?" Emily looked around her and noticed Spencer looking at Paige with a goofy grin on her face and licking her lips. Emily rolled her eyes and walked over to Spencer nudging her arm to let her know that she is there and watching her. "Spencer come on or we will be late to see the others Emily whispers in her ear." Spencer turns around towards Emily giving her an angry look and walking away. "Wait Spencer Emily comes running from behind. What was that about? I mean I know you can't stand each other but do you have to stare at her like that?" "Like what asked Spencer confused?" "Like you want to kill her that what." It's nothing just forget about it. Come on or we will be late and I don't feel like Alison telling everyone my secret.

Emily and Spencer walk up to Hannah and Aria. "Okay let's get this over with answered Hannah." The four of them opened the letters and started to read them. Spencer yelped in shock. Everyone looked up at her in surprise. Emily looked over to read Spencer's and then at hers again. "Looking confused Emily asked do we all have the same thing written on here." Looking at one another we all shake our heads yes "I can't do this this is just to mean and the worst thing is that I know her. "It looks like you finally get your wish Spencer." "What the hell Hannah. I can't believe you just said that." "What we all know it's true we see how you two interact and look at each other." "Thanks for your support Emily said Spencer in a sarcastic tone. You can't do it Emily you two know each other for a long time." "Yea said Hannah laughing you two have history together." Everyone rolled their eyes and laughed. "Okay I'll catch up to you guys I just need to grab my field hockey stick and then I'll be there." Emily, Aria and Hannah walk out of school and to their destination while Spencer walked quickly to her locker, grabbed her stick and ran to the others.

A few minutes later Spencer, Hannah, Aria, and Emily are on a deserted street. "Sorry it took so long for me Spencer said while looking up. What is she doing here?" Spencer looked around to see if anyone else knew why she was here. "I didn't think you would be here Alison. You don't like to get your hands dirty." "I came here to make sure you losers actually did what I asked of you to do that's why I'm here Now get ready it wont be long now. She will be here any minute." Alison turns to everyone. "Okay now when I say go. Emily I want you to tackle her to the ground so she can't get up then I need for you to blindfold her so she can't see what you guys are doing to her. Now once she is down Spencer I need you to put your field hockey stick around her neck and pull on it hard. Hannah you get to tie her hands together while I need Aria to tie her legs. Once she is all tied up and cannot move I want you to all to punch and kick her until she is definitely unconscious. Go yells Alison!

Once Alison's favor was done Hannah, Aria, Spencer, and Emily ran as quick as they could to Spencer's Garage. "What the hell did we do? I can't believe we did that. I mean Spencer and I know her very well said Emily freaking out." "I know I mean she didn't even put up a fight. She just stood their taking it said Hannah frightened." "I never wanted to hurt her but I didn't want any of my secrets coming out for everyone to know said Spencer almost in tears." "What's going to happen tomorrow, I mean will she be okay? Will we even see her tomorrow?" "I don't know Aria but I hope she is okay said Spencer looking worried." Aria looked at her watch oh shoot guys I got to go ill talk to you later tonight she said while getting up off the floor and walking out to her house. "Yea I should go to I have to go make dinner for my mom and me. Spencer rolled her eyes Hannah It's I not me. Whatev Spence I don't care she said and walked out to her home. "Spencer faced Emily I guess you have to go now also don't you?" "Yea I kind of do said Emily getting up." "Do you think she will be okay and we will see her tomorrow Spencer?" "I hope so that's all I can say for now. I don't think we hurt her that much Emily. Go home if I find anything out about her or if I find out she is hurt I'll call you right away, okay said Spencer trying to calm both of them. Emily shook her head up and down and walked out of Spencer's house. Spencer closed the door and walked upstairs to her room to start her homework before dinner.

Paige walks up to her house her father waiting at the door for her. "Why the hell are you late you didn't have swimming practice after school today. You know you have to be here by 4 and not a minute after." "But dad I flipped over my bike that's why I'm late answered Paige." Paige's dad looks her up and down carefully. "What happened to your body? Why do you have so many bruises and why are you limping? Who did this to you? I know you didn't flip over your bike someone must have done this to you." "Yea dad I'm fine I just don't want to talk about it that's all." Fine then we'll talk about this later tonight. Another problem we have is you being injured. Can you swim Paige? You can't afford to get hurt; you need to get into a good college for swimming. That was your whole plan." "Yea dad I think I can still swim she said." "Okay now go up to your room and start your homework Paige before dinner. I'll call you when it's ready." Yes dad she said before walking into her room. "Oh and Paige I want you to practice swimming after dinner for two hours to make sure your stretched out and can swim." Okay she said annoyed before closing her door.

After Paige closed the door her father Shawn headed over to the house phone in the office and started dialing a number. "Hey it's me. Yea. I have a job for you. I want you to follow my daughter Paige tomorrow and find out who has hurt her. She leaves the house at six on the dot so you better be here at five just to make sure that you don't miss her. Watch her at school and then follow her home. If you see anyone try anything report back to me. Do you understand? Okay bye." Shawn hung up the phone and looked out the door to make sure no one over heard his discussion. "It's almost time for you now Paige." Shawn chuckled to himself as he walked to the kitchen to see if Maura needed help with supper.

Paige walks to her desk throwing her backpack down and then slowly limping into the bathroom to clean up from the fall. "I need to get rid of these clothes before my mom and dad ask anymore questions." Paige limped to the shower turned it on hot and climbed in to wash herself. Once finished she limped back to her desk and slouched down in her seat. She bent over her backpack while wincing in pain getting out the note Emily handed her in class today and opened it.

Dear Paige,

I hope this isn't to forward of me saying this but I've liked you since the first time I saw you. I can't stop looking at your butt whenever you walk by. The way you look in that bathing suit seeing your perky nipples poke through that suit makes me want to rub them between my thumb and pointer fingers squeezing them hard until they are too sensitive to touch. When you give me that wicked smile of yours you make me cum in my pants. When you change in front of me when I'm next to you after swimming when you're all wet, you make me want to grab your shoulders and push you against the lockers and kiss you soundly on the lips. Mmm you got me so hot and bothered by writing this that I need to go to the bathroom in the school and masturbate until I have a huge orgasm. I hope that I don't cum too much that it's noticeable, wink, wink. I hope we can be together sometime. I really feel something towards you. I feel like we make chemistry together.

Emily Fields

Paige looks up from the note. "What the hell Paige says shocked? She likes me! She really likes me! I can't believe it. I've liked her for so long ha and all this time she has liked me back. I need to prove my love to her." Paige gingerly got up out of her chair and started limping around her room getting nervous and excited as the minutes passed. "I have so much to do but where do I begin? Oh I know Paige says excitedly." She opens her desk drawer, takes out a piece of loose leaf and a pencil and hobbles over to her bed to lie down.

Once she is comfortable Paige writes on the top of the paper. Things I need to do. Under that is her list. Cologne, sexy clothes, hair, little makeup and… and what Paige couldn't think of anything else but what Emily wanted to do to her. Paige opened her dresser drawer and takes out her vibrator and lubricant. Wanting to see how wet she is she quickly pulled down her shorts and underwear then plunged her fingers into her wet center moaning in the process. Pumping her fingers in and out while rubbing her clit she decides that its time to use her vibrator. She got her vibrator nice and wet from her juices then turned it on as she plunged it into her core. "Ohhh she moaned as she turned it up to the last dial." She threw her head back as her orgasm started to build. She was too far gone to pay attention as her moaning got louder and louder. There was a knock at her door but she didn't notice it. "Paige dinner is ready said Shawn opening the door." "DAD yelled Paige as she is covering herself up angry that he saw what she was doing." Um sorry Paige he said quickly looking the other way and walking down the stairs.

Paige walks to the kitchen stopping at the door. Her parents were already seated at the table waiting for her to come downstairs. "Hey mom can I eat my supper in my room. I have a lot of homework to do." "No you may not; we are a family that means we eat dinner together." "Paige you may have dinner in your room but only for tonight said Shawn still looking down at his plate of food." Thanks dad she said grabbing her plate, silver wear and drink quickly before limping back to her room.

"Sean what was that about? Why are you and Paige acting strange all of a sudden? You would never have let Paige eat dinner in her room." "Well I kind of walked in on Paige doing something that a parent doesn't want to see." "What kind of thing did you see?" Maura do I have to say it out loud to you, if you would think of it for a minute then you will understand what I saw?" "What? Oh my god Sean you didn't?" He looked up cheeks red and burning before he slowly shook his head yes. "No wonder you two don't want to be near each other." Can we just forget about it please I really don't want to think about it anymore Maura." "Sure no problem but I can't believe you did that." "It wasn't my fault I knocked but she didn't answer so I opened the door. I thought she was asleep or hurt because she was moaning. I was worried about her." "Okay were done talking about this said Maura in between laughs."

Once Paige was in her room she ate her dinner, got done as much homework as she could and got ready for bed. Limping down the stairs to the kitchen to clean and dry her dishes. On her way back up she stops by the living room to say good night to her parents. "Mom, Dad I'm going to bed. Ill see you in the morning." "Okay night Paige sleep tight se you in the morning." Paige walks back up stair and in her room crawling into bed and going to sleep for the night.