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- Captured -

The wind blew in dark grey storm clouds from all corners of the Earth. Sally Jackson drove onwards despite this as her car was pelted by hail and debris that whipped through the air. She knew this was no ordinary storm, called upon by Zeus himself with the intent of killing the young child beside her. The fury of Zeus brought to bear on her child left little chance for his survival. She knew that the sea would protect him once she got him there for he was a son of Poseidon and the sea would accept it's own.

She herself could not follow but she knew that Poseidon would take good care of the child. In the brief time Percy had been with her she had been happy. His youthful innocent, his father eyes, her child was beautiful but it was her responsibility to let him go; she could not protect him from what was coming.

With that in mind Sally Jackson sped faster towards the sea and her child's only hope when lightning struck, vaporizing everything within a kilometer.

- 13 Years Later -

Thalia, Annabeth and Grover faces the small army of monsters in front of them with demigods they had come to protect guarded behind them.

The young warriors held their weapons out defensively. Even against insurmountable odds, the demigods wouldn't back down from a fight. These sorts of scenarios were exactly what they trained for. Admittedly, the odds were very rarely this unfair but that's what most sensible demigods came to expect.

The first monster, a manticore, charged at them shooting poisonous spikes at the which Thalia blocked using her shield, Aegis (not the original, of course). As he got closer Annabeth slashed at it with her knife while Grover hit branch, both had little effect. Thalia stabbed it with her spear causing it to reel back giving the demigods time to recover.

Annabeth got right back into fighting the manticore again, hacking at it mercilessly with her knife but once the powerful monster recovered, it grabbed Annabeth in it's clutches.

"Surrender the death brats," The manticore demanded. "Or the girl dies."

Thalia assessed the situation, seeing as she was the leader of this mission. She couldn't let Annabeth get killed but neither could she hand over the demigods, who had an aura powerful enough that even she could sense.

"Ve-" She started to say but was cut off my the manticore wailing in agony. She saw an arrow sticking out of its chest. The monster let go of Annabeth and turned to face where the arrow had come from.

"Direct interference! It's against the Ancient Laws!" The manticore yelled at the woods.

Several youth girls, all close to 10 to 14 year of age stepped out from the woods, silver bows glinting in the moonlight. One of them, clearly the leader, spoke up. "We did not fire at you." She said. While her appearance looked to be that of a twelve year old girl, her tone left no room for negotiation, clearly having much authority.

"Then who did?" The manticore questioned. Just as he completed his sentence it was punctuated by the twang of a bowstring and the hiss of arrows flying through the air. The hunters quickly turned to where the noise had come from only to miss the arrows slamming into their targets. One arrow embedded itself in the manticore's forehead, killing it instantly, while the other 4 arrows hit the monsters closest to the demigods.

In the commotion that ensued, no one notice flash of green that darted from the forest to in front of the demigods. As the monsters surged forward, the green clad archer simple stood where he was and when they got close enough, stomped the ground hard sending a powerful shockwave through the ground, knocking monsters and demigods off their feet. Only the hunters, being as nimble as they are, stayed standing and used their advantage to open fire on the beasts per the auburn-haired girl's orders.

The monsters around the demigods, who had now found their footing again, started turning spontaneously into golden dust and the figure that had stood before them had vanished.

Thalia ran over to where Annabeth lay and have her some Ambrosia to eat while the younger demigods who had been forgotten in the battle trailed her like a shadow.

Soon, all that remained of the monster army was a light dusting of golden powder that covered the battlefield. The hunters didn't lower their bows though, instead pointing them at a different target, the green warrior, who now that he was not moving, looked to be about the same age as everyone else in the clearing.

He tapped the tip of his sword which then shrank into a pen. The bow he had been supposedly using was not on him though a quiver hung from his back.

He flipped back the hood of his cloak and smiled. "Hello. I'm Percy Jackson." He said to the hunters. They girls remained unaffected by him and kept pointing their bows at him.

"Come on, there's no need for weapons anymore." He said casually waving his hand as he talked. In an instant, the hunters bow fell to the ground, startling the hunters.

One girl still held her bow in hand, the leader of the group.

"What is your purpose here?" She asked while the hunters around her picked up their fallen weapons, mystified as to why they had dropped them.

"I'm here to protect my cousins." He said pointing to the demigod sibling nearby Thalia and Annabeth.

"Cousins?" Artemis asked. "Who is their godly parent?"

"You can't tell? They're clearly children of Hades." Percy said letting the implications of what he said sink in.

"Wait, that means you must also be a child of the Big Three!" Thalia said, beating Artemis to the punch. Percy simply stood there, unfazed by her exclamation.

"Who are you?" Artemis asked again, her eyes narrowing dangerously.

Percy either didn't notice this or wasn't worried by her expression because he answer in the laid back voice he had been using the whole time.

"I'm Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon."

Thunder rumbled and the earth trembled minutely.

Artemis looked at him with even greater disdain bringing her bow back to a full draw. "You're going to be coming with me to Olympus boy." She said marking the last word with venom.

"No, I'm not going to Olympus yet." He said.

Thalia gasped, this boy who couldn't be much older than her, was standing up to a goddess? And not just any goddess but Artemis? He must be crazy but she would admit that in that moment, she looked up at him just a little bit. Then there was the fact that he was her cousin which made her a little sad that he was going to die. He said that the di Angelos were children of Hades which made her cousins with them as well.

Artemis' reaction was similar to Thalia's, except without the gasp. She was dumbfounded that anyone would be stupid enough to insult her like that and the complete disregard was baffling. She thought about turning into a jackalope but decided he had actually done quite a bit to help them so she would kill him quickly instead.

She nocked an arrow and shot it at Percy in under a second. To everyone around it looked as though the two had been standing apart and then an arrow had appeared out of nowhere heading towards Percy.

Percy maintained eye contact with Artemis even after she had shot him, completely ignoring the arrow speeding towards his heart and without looking, he caught the arrow and sent it flying into the sky. The hunters and demigods alike watched in awe at the skill he had displayed, even Artemis grudgingly admitted he had talent but what they felt then was nothing compared to when the arrow Percy deflected came spinning down and landed neatly in his quiver.

Zoe, who had been watching the whole thing was speechless. She had never seen any mortal or demigod display that level of skill. Even Apollo would had difficulty doing that but the boy in front of her acted like it was nothing, he even kept talking to Artemis.

"I'm sorry I can't come with you." He said sincerely, not that Artemis cared. "I really do have my reasons though."

Artemis paid him no heed as she rushed at him with her silver hunting knives drawn. She slashed trying to cleave him from shoulder to hip but he merely stepped in as she was approaching him and used his bare hand to send the knife in her left hand spinning away. She tried to stab him in the stomach with her other knife but he caught her wrist and used his knee to knock the knife out of her hands. He instantly released her and bowed.

"I'm sorry I had to attack you Lady Artemis." He said.

"You're sorry? You're sorry! For attacking me! I attacked you! And don't apologise for that! If you're sorry then you would have come to Olympus! The gods summoned for you and if there was any decency in you, you would have come willingly! It's an honour to be summoned by the gods!" Artemis yelled at him letting her pent up frustration break like rushing water from a dam. She punched him in the stomach and kicked Percy sending him sprawling on his back.

Only then did she see the black shafted arrow that protrude through his chest, shoved through his body when she had kicked him and only then did she see the knife he had grabbed and thrown embedded in a monster that used to be concealed in the forest.

She realized that her punch had never hit Percy and from where the arrow was in his chest, she realized that had he not thrown himself in front of her it would have struck her in her heart. A demigod, willing to die for an immortal, yet unwilling to go to Olympus.

In a moment, all hell broke loose, the three Furies burst from the trees and attacked Artemis. She instinctively reached for her hunting knives which had returned to their sheaths and drew them, ready to defend herself while her hunters, bows in hand, had let loose arrows into the monster hoard that followed the Furies. "The boy!" One of the Furies hissed. "Get the boy!"

Artemis was too preoccupied to hear her as she fought 8 cyclopes at once, all armed to the teeth with Stygian Iron weapons which were very rare. She killed 3 of them and watched their weapons disappear with them as they turned into dust proceeding to fight off the other 5. Her hunters and the demigods had rushed in to help her at close range drawing their own hunting knives and spear respectively.

As quickly as they came, the monster retreated into the woods. Artemis dared not pursue them for her hunters had suffered serious injury. As she wondered as to what would have prompted such a spontaneous attack and how the cyclopes she fought had gotten their hands on Stygian Iron she looked around the battlefield and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Then it struck her, where was Percy? She looked again and then ordered the hunters who weren't injured to spread out and look for him. Thalia and Annabeth had worried looks, Annabeth in particular, as he had saved her life. Artemis realized he had saved her life as well. Even after she shot at him and tried to gut him with a knife he had gone, apologized and then taken an arrow meant for her. She knew he was no fool and still put his own life on the line, even when she would have eventually regenerated.

Zoe reported back to her. "We found no trace of the boy my Lady. The monsters must have taken him." Her lieutenant said. Artemis knew that Zoe had gained a respect for the boy in the brief time she had seen him and that she felt at least partially responsible for him being taken. Artemis felt a bit guilt herself; she had only wanted to bring him to Olympus, it wasn't worth getting into a fight over as she didn't have actually orders to bring him to Olympus and now he was probably going to be tortured and eventually killed after saving her own life. In fact, Artemis actually felt incredibly responsible and knew Percy had treated her with respect and probably had good reasons for resisting her demand for him to come to Olympus.

Annabeth was tearing up after hearing Zoe's report. A report that someone who she had not known an hour ago had gone missing yet she still felt immensely sad. Percy had saved her life and the lives of almost everyone here with his actions.

Artemis was mulling over what to do and after making her decision, she went outside to inform her hunters. "Hunters, we will be going to Camp Half-Blood for a while. These recent events have left me needing to visit Olympus and it is dangerous to stay here by yourselves. Camp Half-Blood will be your home for the next few days."

"My lady, we aren't going with Apollo, are we?" Zoe said.

Artemis grimaced. "Unfortunately." She said and a simultaneous groan came from all the hunters.

The group waited as the dawn came and a minute later, Apollo stepped out of his car which he had parked in the clearing.

"All aboard!" He said with a gleeful grin.

Artemis pulled him aside while her hunters and the demigods they had helped rescue entered Apollo's car in bus mode. "Apollo, no flirting with my hunters. No helping them, no talking to them and absolutely no calling the sweetheart." She said icily.

"Sure thing little sis, drive and don't socialize... with the hunters." He said not losing his cheerful attitude.

"I'll meet them at Camp Half-Blood after I've spoken with father."

Apollo suddenly turned serious. "What did you see?" He said now taking in that something big might have happened.

"A boy." She said.

"Has my little sister found love at last?" Apollo said, unable to resist a jab at Artemis' romantic life.

"Nothing of the sort. He is powerful, said he was a son of Poseidon. He defeated close to 200 monsters single handedly." Artemis said excluding the part where she had lost to him in their fight. "And he saved my life which led to him being captured."

Apollo didn't say anything, the thought of joking not even crossing his mind anymore. This was really big. If his sister thought this demigod was powerful, he really was powerful. Artemis wasn't the type to hand out idle compliments.

"Ok Artemis." He said at last. "I'll get the hunters to Camp Half-Blood, you take care of what you need to on Olympus."

Artemis thanked him before disappearing in a flash. He boarded his bus and all the conversations that were going on instantly stopped.

"Oh, don't be like that." He said, his cheery demeanour back as if it never left. "Next stop, Long Island."

He sat in the driver's seat and before starting the engines he said. "I feel a haiku coming!"

The hunters groaned.

- Close -

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