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- The Past -

Wind whipped around a lone car on a deserted Long Island highway. Grey storm clouds blocked out the summer sun and relentlessly pelted the ground with rain. It hit the car in an endless drone, sheets of water falling with the weight of the ocean itself. The car's driver, a young woman, looked fearfully up at the sky and then into the backseat at the baby lying there.

Sea green eyes looked back at her, a pool of calm in the raging storm around them. The car sped up, its speed limited by nothing other than its capability. The road was slippery but at such a high velocity the car stayed true to its course. The rain seemingly pushing the car onwards, closer to its destination, closer to the sea.

Lightning flashed, illuminating the sky.

She knew that unlike the rain around her, lightning meant nothing but ill will towards her and she tried her best to go faster, to escape. She was close, very close, but still not close enough. The sea would protect her and her child. It was one of the only things that could.

If the rain wasn't so loud she would be able to hear the waves, crashing against the beach but the storm drown out everything. Ocean and sky met, two entities crashing against each other in fearsome battle and she knew she was at the heart of it.

She knew a lot more than most. She had seen things that few mortals ever had, things that were better left unseen and unsaid. She had seen horrific monsters, but she had seen wondrous beauties lost to too many. Still, theirs was a world best left separate from hers but she was a part of their world and now she feared it would be her undoing.

Lightning flashed, ever closer.

She was temporarily blinded by its intensity. It hit a tree at the side of the road with enough power to vaporise it. Nothing from nature should be able to do that, but of course that was true, the powers set against her were that of the gods.

Lightning flashed, she swerved.

It hit where the car had been moments ago, the shockwave throwing the car side over side through the air and off the road. It hit a tree with a crash as the tree groaned at the impact. The woman looked back at her child. Safe. Good, that was all that mattered now. Her legs were crushed sending shoots of pain up her body, trapping her and blurring her focus. It was only a matter of time now, just one more lightning strike and she would be dead, but if only she could save her child.

She turn, grimacing in pain, to look at her only child.

As the world faded to darkness the last thing she saw was sea green.

- Elsewhere -

His automatons had been following them for the last month. At first it had been out of curiosity, nothing else. It wasn't as if any of their issues affected him, the Labyrinth would protect him like it always had. No, it was just another event to put in the records. Information for him to collect and store.

Except it wasn't. It had change him, watching the mother and her child. He had a feeling about this one. That this one could make a difference.

That was why he was currently running through the Labyrinth with a small army of robotic animals. Why he had started writing history, instead of just reading it and watching it pass.

Okay, so he hadn't written anything yet, he had sort of just picked up the pencil but hadn't gotten around to doing anything with it. Hopefully he could change that tonight. Tonight he would make a difference.

The Labyrinth bended to his will, opening a gateway in front of him to the outside world and the man ran into the storm, his automatons following in suite. They ranged in size a shape from creatures resembling dragons as large as buses to tiny spiders small enough to be crushed underfoot. The man deftly swung up onto one of the horse automatons and continued on without pause, the weather not phasing him in the slightest.

The Labyrinth entrance stayed open, ready for when its master wished to return. Said master had his celestial bronze sword strapped to his belt, as he had always preferred Greek weapons, and a bow on his back.

He rode up parallel to the car, keeping pace with it from the side of the road, unsure how to help now that he was there. He watched it accelerate and dodging lightning while doing its best to stay on the road. He watched as a lightning bolt struck too close the the car and sent it flipping side over side, landing right in front of him as he quickly brought his steed to a stop. The rest of his automaton army responded almost instantaneously to his will and kept its distance around the car. They were designed to attract any lightning strikes away from their master while he worked.

The woman was beyond saving, he could see it at first glance, but the boy. There was still hope for him.

He approached the car and taking out his sword, he cut off the door to the back seat. Sheathing his sword, he reached in and grabbed the baby.

A gateway into the Labyrinth opened up right next to him and he jumped inside just as a lightning blast incinerated the car.

The boy would be safe here.

- Close -

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