Sayin' you love but you don't...

So the idea of communicators, when Rob first gave them out, was an automatic no. Well, honestly it was a "Kick ass! JLA-variety! Uber-cool!" reaction. Then, he would call us for meetings. And for mundane-ities. And for mega-boring shit. Not to mention, half the team would forget to wear them. Cissie always left hers in the bathroom. Secret, well, I shouldn't have to explain that one. And mine, would always get trashed by whoever was on Cadmus's take down list. Especially on 'Clean the HQ' days. So, yeah, the point of it all is, we don't have communicators no more.

And Murphy's law kicks in cause Wondy and I sure could use 'em right about now. But there's no time to bemoan everything now. The Cass-inator flying tackles two of them into the ceiling, then skirts away. They drop like rocks onto three other robos. She hardly gets a moment to breathe when new robos are on her again.

One grabs her from behind, his arm wrapped around her neck, and she jerks as her flight is stopped. Her face contorts in surprise but that quickly gives way to annoyance and she doubles over, digs her nails in, and flips him forward with enough speed to hit glass and still keep on going. She flings him my way.

One good punch is all it takes to send him flying back again. It's a tag team effort and just plain sucks to be in the middle. Cass ducks as the flying robo dude comes back her way. Just when he's sailing over my girl snags his ankle and uses all that pent up SB-inspired momentum to hurl him into the wall.

I'm telling you-- real or not-- that had to hurt. He swan dives into the computer console after ricocheting off the ceiling-- look at all the pretty sparks. The tiny wisps of electricity dance around the metal and you just know it's gonna be bad. But, we don't have time to worry about that now.

Cass is dodging lasers and trying to get them to take each other out. They're simply swarming up on me and since I don't have time to give each a personal touch, it's waves of TTK all through the room. Electronic parts are littering the floor, about half an inch deep more or less depending on where you're standing. So maybe it was the robo she decked into the computer, maybe it was my wave of TTK-age which shorted out half the systems, or just the freaky robo dude's laser but whatever made it overload, the computer definitely went boom.

Sparks, fire, shrapnel, and general uckiness invade the air. We put our feet firmly on the ground and lose our advantage but save our scalps. The blast wakes up more of the closet robo dudes and they come a-charging our way. But besides the intermittent lasers, sparks of doom, and new influx of robos, we've got one huge problem: the control room door is going into lockdown mode or something. I'm telling you it's gone crazy.

Cass has already taken care of one 'Emergency' door. We wedged a few robo's in the doorway to stop the backups from closing vertically, when what of all frickin' overkills do we get? Little tiny laser webs slowly starting to cut across the doorframe. They look more painful than what robo dudes are packing cause they fry off the paint of those guys.

Cass and I exchange looks of horror for just one single solitary moment before we have to go back to the fighting. "Exit? Stage left?" I ask. She nods in agreement and starts heading that way. We get about two inches towards the door when robos come up behind us. Three grab Cass and fling her forward, about four or six or ten or some inordinate amount grab me and try to slam me into the floor. Cass flies through the open door just as I get pig piled. I'm already up and running, making them go back into DIY kits with a touch of the Kid.

There's just too many (hence our retreat) we can't get through them if they don't wanna let us pass and baby, those lasers are counting down. Cass is on the outside looking in. I'm on the inside and damnit, I want out! But I don't think I'm gonna get that opportunity, so it's all on her.

She's gotta make a choice. Despite the fact, I'm punching and dodging my eyes are locked with hers. 'Cause she is where my focus oughta be. Three more beams just kicked on. A few more and she won't be able to get back in and I won't be able to get out. The stupid red beams are ticking.

She looks at me. Her face not conveying anything. Just neutral Cass and she makes her choice. I can see it in her eyes, which have to say everything she wants me to know because it's impossible to hear over the noise. If I could hear her, she'd say it's the right thing to do. She'd say it's the only thing she can do. And that's to go, in search of help. For us. For me. So it ain't the blaze of glory and triumph of Kon and Cass. So it isn't what I wanted from her. I don't want her to leave.

I watch as she turns and flies down the hallway.

Part of me can't help thinking, if she loved me, she'd stay right down to the end.

Or at least a plausible scenario of the end.