Distant Waves

Oakland Ara Mason


Occupation: District 7 Citizen

"Mother relax! I'm fine! I'm calm you need to take a deep breath!" I hiss. She does as told.

"Oakland? You know what to do right?" She asks.

I nod and roll my eyes. People these days. Honestly I'm not stupid, I know what to do.

"Mom, listen to me, I've got this under control, I'm going to win and bring the money back for Oak, I promise" I say resting my hands on her shoulders. She nods and kisses me on the cheek.

I go upstairs and sit by my brother. I sigh and hold his hand.

"I'll be back, I promise. Just promise that you won't leave. If you do what's the point in coming back right? Just don't give up Oak. Remember the promise we made when we little? The one where we promise. That if one of us died, so would the other so we wouldn't live without each other." I whisper and kiss his cheek.

When I'm about to close the door I swear I heard him say,

"Don't do it Oakland."

The Reaping

"Welcome District Seven! My what a lovely day! I'm Aria your escort and must I say I will most certainly bring you home a victor!" Aria squeaks.

I roll my eyes at her squeaky voice. Just what I needed.

"Lets start with the girls shall we?" Aria says. I mimic her. The girl next to me smiles. When she picks up the slip I get ready.

"Willow Cortez!" Aria announces. The girl next to me freezes and makes her way toward the stage. The moment she stops I jump.

"I volunteer as tribute!" I say loudly. Everyone stares at me like I have two heads. I roll my eyes and march my way to the stage.

I will win. For Oak.

Ulexite Monroe


Occupation: Unaccounted District 7 Citizen

"Ugh look at him! He's so poor and horrifying! How did he even make it this far?!" Two girls say with disgust as they walk by me. I look down. It's not my fault I'm not good enough for anyone.

I walk slowly around the district. Ever since I was small, People have been telling me things. The orphanage wouldn't let me in. The families called me 'rat' and 'a no good pig'. But after years, you kind of get used to it. Kind of.

I just hope one day, I'll find that will love me for me and not judge me. It's all I ever wanted.

The Reaping

"Hey you! Yeah you!, get to the reaping!" A peacekeeper ordered. I nodded and made my over to the boys side and quickly ducked in. Nobody knows I'm a year younger. It's a secret. I signed up for tesserae because I didn't want to starve to death. I fix my clothes and stand tall. I tense as the escort trots her way to the mic.

Here goes nothing.

"Welcome District Seven! My what a lovely day! I'm Aria your escort and must I say I will most certainly bring you home a victor!" Aria squeaks.

"Lets start with the girls shall we?" Aria says. She goes to the reaping bowl and picks up a slip of paper. She walks back to the microphone and opens it.

"Willow Cortez!" She announces. I turn to look at the girls who have cleared a path for the Willow. She slowly makes her way to the stage. Her blonde hair swaying in that ponytail and her brown eyes show fear and sadness.

"I volunteer as tribute" someone says loudly. I turn and see none other than Oakland Ara Mason. She's like a goddess to some people. The way her brown hair is naturally curly and the way her eyes shine with determination and bravery. They way she can use the axe she's had we're since she was a toddler. The way she's trying hard to save her brother when he got into an accident months ago. His name is Oak. He's very much like his sister. The same eyes and the same hair. He was one of the very very few people who care about me and want to help me. He's my friend.

I groan as she squeaks. Talk about annoying. She makes her way to the bowl. My palms start to sweat and start to shake. But not enough for people to notice. I take deep breaths as she reads out the name.

"Ulexite Monroe!" I freeze. I look up and shakily make my way up to the stage.

"My! Your quite skinny and short for your age!" Aria gasps. I look down and tears pool my eyes. I'm always being judged.

I rub my eyes to make my tears disappear and notice the people looking at me with pity. Now they care? I look towards Oakland and see her staring at me with interest and see her smile knowingly at me. She probably remembered me. I'll prove this district wrong, I'll show them that I'm much more important than they think. I'll win this.

All I need is some help and I think Oakland will be good for that.