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The Elusive Ulrich Stern

It wasn't like he didn't want to be a good son. He tried to the best of his abilities to make his parents happy. It's just his best wasn't good enough for them. Sure he was good at sports, especially soccer and Pencak Silat. He tried especially hard at sports because he found it was within his abilities to accomplish such high achieving results.

For a short while this quenched his parents' thirst for him to be a spectacular student. However, when he received a D- on his history test his father was so angry at him; he locked him in his room for three days with only his school work to accompany him.

Even studying didn't help him that much as he often got distracted with thoughts of school drama and how he seemed to not fit in despite being popular. Life is complicated for this teen especially since he is so emotionally based. Ulrich Stern has always been sensitive.

Ulrich loved boarding school so much more than most students because he could escape being stuck at home with his parents. His parents never stopped nagging him to be better.

Ulrich's therapist had told him he did so badly with his studies because he emotionally can't handle the pressure his parents put on him. "If you don't worry so much about their pressure and go at your own pace I'm sure your grades will improve."

But Ulrich knows that he can't let the pressure go his parents are more important to him than he had thought. He just wishes for their approval and their love.

He couldn't handle his dad screaming the same things about his lack of effort and how his friends are a bad influence on him. Ulrich would like to ask him what friends. All of his friends were scared away by his dad and none were left.

In all honesty he doesn't blame them; he too would run away from his father if he had a choice. That's when he realized he did have a choice. Ulrich decided he too, would run away from his parents.

I should have run away a lot sooner. Sure it is lonely, but I'm so used to loneliness, I'm not sure if I can even handle much conversation anymore. Most my life, I have kept my emotions to myself. I found a part time job where I get paid under the table to avoid detection. I don't want to go back home.

Finding a place to sleep was hard, but once I found a suitable place things were easy from there on out. Sure it's dangerous to live on the streets, but so far I have been strong enough to defeat all of my opponents.

I don't have a place to truly belong to in this world. Well, maybe I do, but I'm not holding out much hope.

"Hey Max! You ordering the usual for breakfast?" Diana a regular worker at the fast-food restaurant I frequent asks.

"No, I think I'll try the number two today." I answer.

I place down the appropriate amount of money and take the receipt.

"Eggs and ham, that's unusual for you." A business man sneered at me.

My stomach gurgles from hunger and perhaps, my hate for anything that reminds me of my dad.

"Well I have to switch it up sometimes." I shrug and smile.

Being polite and ignoring the business man isn't too difficult though. It's easier to be polite and ignore them than to get confrontational.

"Here you go Max," Diana fluttered her eyelashes at me as she placed down my food.

I can't believe she is still flirting with me. I mean, I have not gone out of my way to respond back. She's cute, but she doesn't know that getting in a relationship with me would be a disaster.

Relationships = Responsibilities

Responsibilities = Expectations

Expectations = Action

Just ask my parents how well I handle expectations, and she'll see how pointless being with me would be.

I dig into my plate of eggs and ham. I wish I could find a better job but for that I would have to hand out my information. I'm not willing to risk my parents finding me.

Suddenly, the lights blinked on and off quickly. Then everyone is flying into the side of the wall. I nearly sobbed at the sight of the one-fifth of the food left on my plate. There goes my hard earned money!

"Ow!" Diana moaned.

She was holding her shoulder to support it.

"It looks dislocated." I warn as I take a closer look.

"Well how would you know? You're just some punk from the streets?" The business man named Eugene politely informs me.

"I've injured myself a lot from playing all sorts of sports. I've learned to recognize the problem." I answer rudely.

"Well I'm not going to let some idiot like you try and fix it! I'm calling the hospital!" Eugene shouts at me.

"I am counting on that." I smile.

I had left my cell phone at home last month, on the day that I left home.

All of a sudden the lights flickered again and we slam up onto the ceiling. A black static liquid looking thing came oozing out of a lamp and heads straight toward me. I look around for anything that could be useful.

Gravity seems to change yet again as we go crashing to the floor. I quickly grab a chair and hit the black static with it to keep it away from me. It seems to fade in and out before becoming solid again.

"Eugene call the hospital quick! I'll keep this black blob away from you guys!" I shout as I dodge an attack.

"I'm on it already!" Eugene growls but continues to dial.

"Be careful Max." Diana quietly wishes.

"I'll do my best." I respond.

I run as it lunges at me. Why does it want me so badly? I dodge as it leaps for me, and I attack the black blob when I see it has an opening. I repeat the process over again and again until I get to the park.

I swing the chair at it again, but this time it dodges and goes straight into me.

I can hear myself scream. It feels like I am being burned from the inside out as electricity shoots throughout my body. This must be the end. If only I could have made some good friends; I would have nothing to regret.

Then it stops. The pain lingers like an after math, but it is nothing compared to when it was attacking me. It felt like I was being ripped apart.

My legs buckle, and I try to catch my breath, leaning against a light pole.

I must be imagining things. A man in military uniform and several medals is walking toward me.

"Jeremie that was really close. I hope you know that if it gets this out of hand again you will be punished. Hold the return to the past; we need to pick up a package first." He says into his headset.

"No. You'll find out soon enough. I need you to find out who this boy is." The man says pointing a camera at me.

I try to cover my face, but the man just forces my arm painfully down and away from my face. I kick my leg out in a sweeping motion and knock the man down on his butt. Then I run as fast as my legs can carry me.

"I got it. The boy's name is Ulrich Stern it was reported that a month ago he ran away from home. He is on bad terms with his parents it seems," Jeremie answers.

"That just makes it much easier to get them to sign his custody over to us," I smile. This operation wouldn't be too difficult.

"Why are you so interested in this boy? Besides what are you going to do with him once we get him," Jeremie asks.

"This boy is good. He caught me by surprise and knocked me down on my butt, and let me tell you, that doesn't happen a lot. Not to mention, this boy had Xana attack him to the point he shouldn't be able to move much less knock me down or run." I add.

"Amazing nothing like that shows up in my calculations as possible. I can't believe I haven't perceived this!" Jeremie exclaims enthralled by the possibilities and starts typing away.

"As for what I'm going to do with him, well it's quite obvious, I'm going to make him mine," I chuckle, "He should already be captured by now with all the men I have stationed around the area.

"Sir, we have got the boy you have asked for." A new voice reaches my headset.

"Good job Mike. Now give him an anesthetic. This boy won't stop trying to escape, and I don't want to take any chances." I order.

"Hey what are you doing? You can't do this!" The boy's voice shouts before it comes to a sudden stop.

"It is done sir."

"Good now let's make a trip to his parents and get his custody signed over to us. I'm assigning you to take charge and get his parents to sign the papers. I will not tolerate failure." I remind.

"Yes sir!"

When I come to, I find myself locked in handcuffs. Even my ankles are cuffed! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! I want to cry, but I can't show them my weakness.

"Hey boy get out we need to talk to your parents for a little while, and we thought you might like to be there while we explain what is going to happen." The guy who captured me says. I glare at him, but do as he said.

Each step I take feels heavier as the realization that I would be face to face with two very upset, disappointed, and angry parents soon.

"Do you guys even know why I ran away in the first place?" I mutter under my breath. This is going to get ugly, ugly for me.

"What did you say kid?" Another soldier asks.

"Nothing," I answer glumly.

Apparently, they had already alerted my parents because there they are standing on the front porch of the house. My father is tapping the toe of his shoe against the pavement furiously, and my mother is weaving her fingers through her hair roughly.

My father is pissed. My mother is frustrated. If only I didn't care.

"Ulrich, where the hell have you been? Do you know how long it is going to take to make up all your absences in school? I am going have to find the right program that will teach you how to use your brain and get those straight A's I know you can get!" He screams.

He punches my cheek hard and sends me flying onto the concrete.

"Screw you dad! All you do is expect too much from me! Maybe I can't live up to your unrealistic standards no matter how hard I try. Do you even love me for who I am? Maybe that's why I got the hell out of this house and ran away never dreaming to come back!" I shout back louder than my father.

Tears are threatening to spill, but I need to prove I'm stronger than all of this, and I won't let him get to me. I need to prove I don't take what he says to heart.

"Ulrich I taught you manners!" My mom gasps in anger, appalled by my outburst.

"What do you care? You almost always agree with dad! I am amazing at sports! Do you know why? I practiced with all my heart for hours on end everyday so that I could make you proud of me. I don't know why I tried so hard anymore!" I scream at her.

"That's enough! Don't speak to your parents, who have worried about you, like that. My names Mike, Mr. and Mrs. Stern, I am the soldier who captured your son after recognizing him from a missing poster."

"Thank you so much Mike. I have done everything I can to discipline my son, but he refuses to listen. I apologize for the trouble he has caused you." My father glares at me.

I shrink under his piercing stare.

"Actually, I have just the program for him that I was hoping you might be interested in. The program takes kids needing extreme discipline to a military camp where any misbehavior or breaking of the rules will sentence them to grueling work. It focuses not only on behavior, but on classes the students must present A work at the end of their lessons if not we have tough tutors that get them there." Mike smiles.

"Do you have a handout?" Mother asks.

"Why, we do ma'am," Mike says pulling out a thin camp guide, "For even more information you can just go to this website listed on the back; it has all the information you will ever need to know. You can request to visit your son, although most people don't because they want the process to take over completely."

"It says here that you will need us to sign custody of our kid over to you. Does that mean you will be taking care of all of his expenses while he is gone?" Father asks.

"Yes we do, this project is funded by the government so you don't even need to pay for this boot camp. We have the kids stay in the program until they are 21 years old to make sure the appropriate behavior sticks in their system. On our site you will find specific cases that show the kid before the program and after the program." Mike babbles.

"I can't stay there that long I need to go to college!" I exclaim.

"Oh we teach up to college level kid, you can earn your degree there in twice the time any of them kids at regular schools." Mike informs.

"…Where do we sign?" My father smirks at the pain on my face.

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