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Finding Aelita

Ulrich's POV

Waking up in the clinic room with a sore throat, an aching rib that makes even breathing hurt, and a strange boy around my age staring at me…could you blame me for being in a bad mood?

"Hey Ulrich, I'm Jeremie Belpois and although I'm a kid, I'm the brain of the operation ever since Franz Hopper went missing a year ago along with his daughter. Sorry for the late introduction."

"What do you want from me," I croak out.

"Need a cup of water Ulrich," Archie asks offering me a cup. I gladly accept and drink it, while continuing to stay as still as possible.

"I'm here to explain what is going to be happening later today. I will be sending you into a virtual world, if you would like you can think of it as a really advanced detailed game, however, it's more dangerous. All I know is that there are some towers and four different districts. The towers can be activated by Xana which allows the AI to get into the real world and cause some serious damage. Honestly since no one has been virtualized before we will be learning things about the world together today," Jeremie explained.

"How am I to be virtualized onto Code Lyoko with a broken rib," I ask honestly wondering how this was going to go.

"Well the physical form shouldn't affect the form you will be in while in Code Lyoko, at least this is what my calculations have concluded. If I'm wrong I'll just devitalize you. After all, your safety in that world is of my concern and I'm here to help you. I hope we can be friends," Jeremie smiled and stuck his hand out.

"Okay," I reply simply and shake on it. He seems like a nice guy and after one day here I'm already starting to feel tired of fighting to escape.

"Well then I have to go and do some last minute calculations, but I'll be seeing you after your training," Jeremie states as he walks out the door.

"Just great of course that creep is going to make me train before going, if supposedly my physical body won't affect my virtual body," I moan.

"Can't say I blame you for being discouraged," Archie sighed, "Well you didn't eat dinner last night so you should eat breakfast. I got you some soup because it will be easier to drink and it will move your ribcage less."

"Thanks," I say taking the soup from his hand, "How am I going to handle training with a broken rib though?"

I take a sip then look up expectantly at Archie.

"I'll tighten the bandages and add an extra board for support, which might make the pain, sting more. However, it will keep your bone in the right place so it can heal properly. I already accidentally dropped a pain killer medicine in your soup, I'm afraid," Archie winked.

"Oh no Archie how could you inform me of this after I have finished all of my soup," I ask in mock horror.

"Must have slipped my mind," Archie shrugged, "Now go and get changed and do some warm-ups, today Cal is in a bad mood since some men failed their mission to protect a secret file. I think it will be a tough training."

"Oh well then I'll be seeing you pretty soon or late depending how long it takes for him to cripple me enough for him to give up," I spew the words out with hate.

"Now try and sit up so I can reapply your bandages," Archie commanded. I carefully placed my hands against the bed and slowly propped myself into a sitting position. Pain hit my chest and I went into a small coughing fit.

"Could be worse with Cal doing the damage," I hear Archie mumble under his breath. Well that's great I feel so encouraged to go and train with him today, I think to myself sarcastically.

Archie applied more support to my ribcage and then bandaged it tightly together. This created a constant ache and throbbing of pain on my part, but really it was better for me in the long run.

I stand up and start doing some stretches that would least pain my ribcage.

"Hey Archie is there anywhere I can get a jog in before the training," I ask.

"The training room is the only place, but you can jog to it or go and bother Jeremie in the computer room," Archie offered.

I nod my head in thanks and set off at a jog to the computer room to find Jeremie typing in some codes onto a regular laptop.

"How can all those random letters and numbers mean anything," I mumble beside Jeremie.

"Ulrich, you scared me! What are you doing here so early," Jeremie asked baffled.

"I needed a place to jog and Archie wants me to get along with you, though he didn't put it in so many words," I explain.

"Well codes aren't all that complicated each sequence creates a command, but the number of sequences depends on what the code is supposed to perform. Well I better let you get the jog in, but I'll explain it in more detail another time,"Jeremie smiled at me sheepishly.

In an odd way I found comfort in the sound of the clicking keyboard as Jeremie typed as I jogged until my legs felt stretched and ready to fight.

"It was nice to hang out, but I've got to go now," I sigh with defeat. I cannot prolong the inevitable any longer unless I want some severe punishment.

Either way I'm going to get beat up to a pulp, so what does it actually matter?

"Good luck," Jeremie calls out as I make my exit.

"Yeah, luck will save me," I say sarcastically.

The longer I walked down the hallway the more determined I got to avoid getting any more injuries. At the moment I can't feel the pain my current injuries bring, but the medicine wouldn't last long enough for it to be permanent help.

I stop in front of the training room door and try to convince myself that it won't hurt too bad today. Reluctantly I open the door and walk inside only to hear the door click behind me indicating my fate was sealed. Until training is over there is no leaving this room.

"You ready," Cal asked.

"For an actual lesson, I didn't think you actually taught? Oh you mean for a beating from an abusive adult," I answered sarcastically.

I grab the sword I had picked out from last time and gripped it as tightly as I could. Then I leaped in the general direction Cal was in, purposely landing behind him to his side.

I dodged the left foot he kicked back behind him and grabbed it while its momentum was still moving behind him and threw my body farther to the left, dragging Cal down onto his side.

Cal's sword clattered to the ground when he tried to break his fall and I had placed mine down before grabbing onto his leg.

I turned my head for a second as I reached for my sword and received a hard elbow into my gut. I gagged for air, but refused to let go of my sword even as Cal gripped the collar of my shirt.

The shirt fit loosely on me so I slipped out of it before Cal could choke me with it. Finally some luck was on my side. It's a good thing I borrowed this T-shirt from Archie. I had thought it would get in the way.

I turned the blade of the sword toward Cal, which tore through Archie's shirt, the tip of the blade a mere millimeter away from his chest.

I couldn't kill this man even when I have the chance to seriously harm him, because honestly I'm not a killer.

"Do it Ulrich, see how it feels to stab a man," Cal smiled.

"No, I'm not a killer Cal," I growl and lift up my knee into his gut. He grabs my knee and tosses me to the ground in front of him. His black boot presses hard into my shoulder.

"You wouldn't be able to kill me even if you tried," Cal growled.

"It looks like I could've killed you today," I retort with a smile.

"That's only what it seems like," Cal argued and wacked the flat end of the sword into my head.

At first all I hear is mumbled words that snap to an end of each syllable viciously, but then I can start to make out the words.

"…he needs to learn or he won't be able to save this country," Cal's voice argues with authority.

"Hitting the boy that hard in the head is dangerous Cal; you shouldn't have taken that risk. Don't you need to virtualize him today? Listen Cal he is a young boy, a teenager; you need to teach him without being so violent that he can get brain damage," Archie responded furiously.

"He's going to get virtualized right now and he'll be fine. Listen Archie, I am the leader of this organization. You've bandaged his head, checked out his new bruises, and made sure his rib is aligned and secure," Cal grunted.

"Still-" Archie started.

"This discussion is over Archie," Cal said firmly, "Ulrich wake up."

Cal had ended the discussion thick with killer intent. I snapped my eyes open, but before I could get to my feet I was dragged up roughly onto Cal's shoulder.

The burning pain in my rib came back as it roughly bumped against his shoulder.

"Aaah," I exclaim loudly.

"Oh, shut up," Cal spits angrily, "You already sucked up to Archie and got some sympathy points for you, huh. Well just for that things are going to get worse."

"Please stop being so rough," I moan. Cal ignores this and heads straight for the scanner. I'm dropped in it.

"Jeremie start the materialization he is in the scanner," Cal said into his cell phone. The scanner closed in on me and I struggle to stand up.

My hand presses to the side of the scanner as the wind blows fiercely and a bright light causes me to shut my eyes.

When I open them I am in the air and land on the ground with one knee and both hands. The ground was green and upon looking up I determined I was in a forest. I feel no pain from the injuries Cal had given me.

"Hey Ulrich so what's it like on your end," Jeremie's voice rings out.

"A forest," I shrug, "Also it seems I'm dressed as a samurai and fight with a sword."

"Okay well just don't fall into the digital sea. I've just checked that out and I'm pretty sure if you fall into it I won't be able to find your codes and bring you back," Jeremie advised.

"Noted," I reply. I follow the path and walk into the forest, other than a few fallen logs here and there not much is different about the scenery.

"Hey Jeremie, the path splits in two different directions do you have a preference," I asked.

"Ugh—oh wait turn right something popped up on the screen over there. Comparing it to the triangle that indicates where you are I would say it is another person—even though that is highly improbable—that is being chased by three things," Jeremie exclaimed.

"Don't worry I'll check it out," I respond calmly. As I turn right I start to run as fast as I can only to find myself going faster than I thought I ever could.

"Super Sprint," I shout. This is awesome, so much better being stuck in my physical form all bruised and beat up.

I ran so fast that I almost passed up a girl and three strange short monsters shooting lasers at her.

"Jeremie there is a pink haired girl here being chased by these short monsters," I say in shock.

"Well protect her, we need to find out who she is," Jeremie responded. I slash all three of the monsters across the heads and watch them explode.

"Who are you and why are you here," I ask the pink haired green eyed elf girl.

"I don't know who I am. I just remember waking up here and ever since I have been running from monsters chasing me," the girl responds.

"So do you know anything about this place," I asked.

"Well when I woke up I was in a tower," she questioned, "Is that of any help?"

"It is of some interest," Jeremie added, "Have her show you which tower."

"Who is that talking," the girl asked.

"My name's Jeremie, here I'll pull up a screen."

"Why hello Jeremie, it is nice to meet you."

"We can't keep calling you the girl do you remember your name," Jeremie asked.

"No, not at all," she answered sadly.

"It's of no matter, why don't we have Jeremie think of a name to call you by," I said placing my hand on her shoulder comforting her.

"How about Maya for right now," Jeremie asks.

"Sure it's a cute name," Maya smiles.

"Well, then lead the way to the tower," I state. I follow this girl to the tower and can spot one further out that is red.

"Okay so this tower is white, but the one not too far in the distance is red. Is something bad happening with that tower," I ask.

"Yes, Xana just activated a tower go to it and see if you can get inside and deactivate it," Jeremie said frantically.

"Got it…," I look at Maya running slower than I'd like to go and pick her up, "Well I'll carry you princess that way we make it there faster." I smile.

"Super sprint," I shout as I race toward the red tower hopping over a log and weaving between trees.

Finally I reach the clearing, but was immediately shot at by some weird crab like monsters. I dodged the monsters and placed Maya down behind me.

"Ulrich make sure Maya doesn't get hit and lose all of her life points! I don't know much about her and the repercussions that it might have on her," Jeremie's voice rang.

"Got it, but have you tried to check her codes or whatever it is," I asked as I pulled out my sword and blocked the lasers casted at us.

"Ulrich what are you doing kill the enemies, how useless can you get," Cal shouts.

"Hey," Jeremie exclaims, "It's my job to handle this part of the missions!"

I freeze and my brain is frozen, fixated on one thing 'useless' and now a slideshow of all the people who have called me that run through my mind.

"Ulrich watch out," Maya exclaims tugging me out of the way of a laser.

"Sorry," I mumble. Then I feel the anger I have toward the world build up and I need to vent.

I grip my sword tightly and run at the first crab slicing its legs then stabbing it in the center of a strange mark.

"One monster down two more to go," Jeremie stated.

"Maya I'll create a distraction so get to the tower and help Jeremie deactivate the tower," I order.

"Alright," she nodded.

"Okay follow me you seafood," I shout as I slide underneath one and hop on top of it to clumsily fall off in front of it where I had started.

"Uh-oh," I groan as I quickly pull myself up and run. Both the crabs followed me and I note that Maya has made it into the tower.

I trip over a small monster and two lasers hit me in the back.

"Ulrich you've lost 40 life points with that be careful," Jeremie warns.

"How many do I have in the first place," I asked as I rolled over and avoided three lasers.

"100 life points," Jeremie answers.

"Why isn't the tower deactivated yet," I complain.

"Well apparently both Maya and I can't try to both deactivate the tower it just confuses the commands and doesn't do anything…so now I have to take back my command which is a series of codes," Jeremie sighed.

"Got it," I responded and narrowly avoided the lasers being shot at me. I use super sprint and toss my sword at the crab.

It hits the crab, but it was not a lethal blow. I race to grab my sword, but the small tick like monster shoots me and I'm knocked back a few feet.

"Ulrich you have lost 30 life points," Jeremie exclaims.

"I'm trying," I argue.

I jump into a handstand and push myself over and behind the crab that has my sword embedded into it. I hop once more and rip the sword out. I raise my sword and am about to give it a final blow when a laser hits me in my leg.

I look down and see my legs vanishing and it's not long before all of me is gone.

I exit the scanner feeling sick to my stomach. My body hurts, and it hits me that I had forgotten of the state it was in.

Going up the elevator shaft every movement irritates my bruised body and I wince having gotten used to not feeling on Code Lyoko.

"Hey Ulrich do you think you can handle Xana over there? He has taken out all of the military inside the building and Cal can't last much longer," Jeremie shouts over the loud crackling of electricity.

I look over at a sweaty Cal who looks as if he is going to pass out any second and honestly, I could care less about helping him. The only thing that makes me move forward to help him is the thought that Jeremie will get hurt once this strange Xanafied person gets to him.

"Hey Cal looks like you need my help," I brag.

"Just do your job, Stern," Cal grunted.

"Yeah not for you," I say making a stupid face at him. I grab a plank of wood and smack it hard on the head of the clone or whatever that thing was.

"Great all it does is make it pause for like two seconds! Hurry up fixing your codes Jeremie," I shout as Xana launches another attack at me.

"Almost finished," Jeremie shouts back.

Xana looks about ready to kill Cal and though I don't much want to I throw myself at Cal pushing him out of the way.

"You owe me," is all I say into Cal's face. A determined look crosses my face as I have a short stare down with Xana.

Xana grabs me, pulling my feet of the ground. I swing my body weight and kick him, but he merely fizzes for a second before charging a mass of electricity in the palm of his left hand.

"Finished, Maya hurry and enter the code," Jeremie shouts into the microphone.

Xana stops a millimeter from me, before turning into black static and vanishing into the computer.

"Hey Jeremie," Maya's voice calls out around the room, "I remembered my name. I'm Aelita."

"Nice to meet you Aelita, if I remember Franz Hoper had a daughter with that name," Jeremie states.

"Do you think I'm human then," Aelita asks with some hope.

"I'd say it's very likely," I smile.

"We've got some work cut out for us," Jeremie sighs.

"I'm going to bed and since I don't know exactly where I'm supposed to sleep yet, I'll just go to the clinic," I yawn and stretch.

"Ouch," I sigh, "I shouldn't have tried to move so much."

"Did Xana hurt you badly? I can call a return to the past if it's bad," Jeremie asks clearly clueless of all the abuse I have gone through.

Well good I don't want him to know.

"I'm fine just a bruise," I force a smile.

"Alright then, I've got to figure out if it is okay to devitalize her and that requires going over each and every sequence of codes," Jeremie ranted.

"Uh, okay good luck," I wish.

I walk out of the room into the dreary hallway listening to the sound of my shoes echoing. Each breathes and step a labor that prolongs the pain in my body.

"I'm not useless," I mumble trying out the words. Why can't I believe that? I know I should, but I can't find the strength to actually believe.

"Hey Archie, I'm not feeling to good right now," I say as I enter the clinic.

"What happened," Archie asked leading me toward the chair to sit.

He felt around my rib and I gasped for air from the pain.

"Looks like your rib is not aligned properly," Archie sighed, "Did Cal do this to you?"

"No though I'm sure he'd like to, it was an attack from Xana that did it," I answer.

"This isn't good your rib isn't in alignment anymore, I'm afraid you'll need surgery to fix it," Archie said looking agitated.

"What about Cal? He won't tolerate not having me in commission to go to Code Lyoko," I asked bitterly.

"You're right he won't, but he cannot drag you to the scanners until you have gone through surgery, while you are fine now your rib is threateningly close to your lung."

"Honestly what does it matter if I die? My parents don't love me and no one else does," I say my voice shaking. I turn away from Archie and a few tears escape my eyes, trailing down my face.

"Even if that is true I care for you as if you were my own son and I'm sure Jeremie is excited to be talking to someone his age for once," Archie argued.

"Now get some sleep after eating some dinner. You will be getting the surgery done tomorrow bright and early."

"Alright, thanks Archie I think of you as a father," I smile nervously waiting for him to tell me I was out of my mind.

"Then all is well between us," Archie smiled.

Although, I had always hated riddles they seem to be the most important thing I desire to hear after hanging around Archie so much.

I'm starting to understand them and it feels as if I myself am a riddle. I am apart of them.

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