The Shaman Of The Skaal

Chapter 2

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"Very well, I'll take these someplace else to hide away from the common folks of Solsthiem," Valtyr said, putting the black books back in his pack.

"Perhaps you should do that, for I certainly can not have those here," said Master Wizard Neloth replied.

"Pleasure doing business with you, Master Wizard," Valtyr told him, picking up his shield.

He nodded, "Yes, yes, please, be on your way."

Valtyr nodded back, turning towards the magical 'elevator' of the tower. He stepped on a platform, and he was picked up, lowered down to the bottom, and he exited.

He closed the big doors of the fungus tower. He turned towards the barren land of chrome_find class="find_in_page findysel"Solstheim buried under ash.

"Hmm..." Valtyr said, bringing a hand up to stroke his trimmed blond beard.

"Perhaps... I can take these to Miraak's temple, I don't have the time to go through all of the crypts that I've found these things in to put them back," he said to himself.

Nodding to the plan, he made his way down the walkway of the tower.

When he hit the bottom, he pulled out his map, found Miraak's temple, and traced the path to the destination.

"Sounds good," said The Dragonborn, folding his map and putting it in a pocket.

He made sure his sword and shield was at the ready, and he begun his short journey.

Valtyr made a little bit of progress before the thoughts of Frea came to mind.

Ah, Frea...The lovely Skaal. He hasn't admitted to her yet, but he was sure she returned them, doesn't she? He hoped so.

Thinking about her took him back to after the battle with Miraak. That stare she gave him...her eyes hinted something, and he couldn't grasp what it was. He could guess, but it would take him to the wrong places.

And, her beautiful face was planted on his brain, now that he was thinking about her. Those eyes... He was mesmerized by them, whenever he looking into the light sapphires.

It took him back to their adventures. Whenever they encountered trouble, they fought like a team. If they were back-to-back, nothing will get through. Valtyr finally got to see Frea in action, and her skill was extraordinary. Equal to his! He couldn't believe it at first when he paired up her at the temple. The Dragonborn believed it then, when he managed to talk her into going with him. Seeing her in even more combat.

But, the nights together, when they were in the mountains, or the northern coast of Solsthiem, were...incredible. Even if it wasn't...romantic, the stories of what they been through in the pat, and even as far as Childhood. Valtyr really enjoyed listening to her, and it usually lasted until they were too tired for their eyes to stay open.

He considered her a...sister, someone he never held so dear in such a small time. During that little adventure, they became best of friends, BUT he knows there's something growing between the two of them.

The Dragonborn finally made it to the Temple. He remembered seeing people working mindlessly on the structure, it sat there unfinished. Better than being finished.

After what seems a VERY long time, he found the same dreaded room where he first met Miraak.

He set his pack down, and dug out the Black Books.

First, he set the 'Waking Of Dreams' on the stand, and set the rest in a star pattern.

Valtyr took a deep breath, he placed the 'Waking Of Dreams' in his hands, and opened it.

Tentacles came out and grabbed him as he was transported to Apocrypha

Valtyr looked around and found himself in the same place of highly stacked books.

"Hermanaeus Mora! I need to speak to you!" Said the Dragonborn.

"Ah, has the great Dragonborn returned to my precious place of knowledge?" Said a voice.

Valtyr took a glance up and saw the tentacles and the round hourglass eye surrounded by a dark cloud.

"Yes, I have, but not to reenter your service."

"Oh? Was interest has brought you back to my realm?" Came a question.

"I have your Black books. I do not have the time to return them to their previous places, and I was going to leave them at Miraak's temple. Do what you wish with them," he replied.

"Hmm, I see. I will take them back, re-add them to my library, and return them whenever I feel is the right time, how is that?" Said the demon.

"Good enough, as long as no-one's under the danger of them."

"Farewell, Dragonborn, may your travels bring you whatever you wish for," Hermaneus Mora told him.

Valtyr nodded, and opened the Black Book again.

The Dragonborn was returned to the world.

He backed up after setting 'Waking of Dreams' back down on the stand.

A dark cloud appeared over the books. Tentacles came out, and grabbed each Black Book, taking them back to Apocrypha.

After it was done, the dark cloud vanished from sight.

Valtyr made his way towards the shortcut to the entrance of the ruins. Now, to get back to Frea.

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