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Tony couldn't see her target, but he could tell by the look on Kate's face that she had not done as well as she had throught she would. Tony pressed the button to bring Dennis's target forward. He looked at it…three shots, center bull's eye. He and Beverly finished up their session. They returned their headphones and signed out, after showing their individual targets as proof of passing the evaluation. Tony then walked over to Kate, grinning.

"Maybe you should use your PDA, Kate." Tony laughed. "It worked last time."

Kate blushed involuntarily. She remembered, very well, that particular outing. And she had hated the fact that she had destroyed it. She glared at Tony.

"Police Academy weapons training, is probably not, at all, like Secret Service training, Kate." Tony replied. "But it gets the job done."

Kate opened her mouth to speak.

Gibbs shook his head. "Don't say it!" He warned. "Not one word, Kate!"

Kate looked at Gibbs, shocked. She then glared at Tony again.

"You started this...wanting to show Agent Dennis up." Gibbs replied, holding out his hand.

Kate turned and looked at him. He gave Gibbs her PDA. and he taped it to her target. And, again, she destroyed it.


Tony's Team was back in the field, all their evals successfully completed.

Kate was still smarting from her confrontation with Tony. She hated to be shown up. True, she had started the whole thing with Agent Dennis. But she had expected to come out on top. She had been shocked she had been shown up. It bothered her that Tony had gotten the better of her.

Kate looked in the direction of their bullpen. She saw how well his team liked him. She had been watching them interaction, closely. She, well, pretty much the whole office, had his team under a microscope, they were just waiting to see Tony screw up.

When Tony had actually proven himself to be a competent leader, they were confused. Was there actually more to the clown than they had figured? They were mystified, that Gibbs had picked him to be on his team. Gibbs reputation was one of a man who didn't put up with a lot of foolishness.

Tim had done a lot of thinking since Tony had gotten his own team. Tim had not, like many people at NCIS, thought Tony could handle it. He didn't think Tony capable. But Tony had always managed to surprise him. Tim had been amazed at his computer knowledge. He had been surprised at the commendations Tony had gotten. Those since he had been at NCIS, and the ones he had received at the police departments where he had worked. And the detective thing had surprised Tim also. Tim was realizing just how capable he was.


"Teams here work together all the time, Kate." Tim replied. "What's the problem?"

"It's his team." Kate replied looking toward Tony's team.

Tim nodded. "It should be interesting."

"It should be annoying." Kate snapped sarcastically. "All those stupid, childish jokes, all the movie references…."

Tim wasn't sure what it was, but he was suddenly very annoyed at Kate. "Get a room!" Tim was shocked. It was out of his mouth before he realized it. He turned a bright shade of red.

Kate looked at him, stunned

"Look," Tim said, finally just letting go of it all, in his mind. …I don't know what it is, jealously…. Maybe you think you deserve your own team, and he didn't. Maybe you really just miss him…deep down. Maybe you…want him, I don't know. But this…whatever it is, it has got to stop! You've here! He's there…whether you think he deserves it or not. Just deal with it and move on. You're driving me crazy! Tim wanted to say it so bad he nearly just blurted it out. But thankfully the boss man returned.

Kate started to speak just as Gibbs rounded the corner into their bullpen with a fresh cup of coffee.

Gibbs paused for a brief second. All he had to do was look at Tim's expression to see what Kate had been saying. .

Gibbs then turned his attention to Kate. "Kate, I won't have another display like at the shooting range." Gibbs said. "So, whatever your problem is I suggest deal with it, and that you do it fast. You've got till we get to the elevators." Gibbs paused. "Grab your gear."

Both Tim and Kate followed Gibbs into the elevator and into the waiting car.

Tony and his team had already arrived at the scene. Tony made his assignments. But he told his team to wait for Gibbs to arrive so that they could coordinate their efforts. And they didn't' have to wait long. Gibbs was pulling up moments later.

Tony's team was very nervous about working with Gibbs. None had worked with him, personally. But his reputation preceded him, and it was hard to get passed the image created by it.

Tony smiled when he saw his former boss walking up.

"I think Agent Martin actually drives faster than you." Tony replies.

"I raced cars in my twenties." Martin supplied.

Gibbs nodded and grinned.

"This is gonna be fun." Tony replied.

Both teams stood, just looking at one another as Tony and Gibbs discussed the division of duties. The crime scene was so big there were essentially two crime scenes. A sailor and his wife had been in the blue sedan that had been pushed out of the way by another sedan. The sailor had passed away in the car. The wife had made it to the hospital, only to die a couple hours later. One sedan rested on the roadway, it had contained a deceased 50-year-old banking CEO. While the sailor's car sat on its roof, down over the bank.

"You take the sailor's car." Gibbs said, wanting to give Tony the more complicated scene. He wanted to see Tony's team at work.

"Your knee bothering you again?" Tony asked, grinning.

Gibbs glared at him. "My knee is fine, DiNozzo." He growled.

"Its okay, Gibbs, you can admit it." Tony stated.

"I can still head-slap you." Gibbs warned.

"Don't think so, Gibbs." Tony replied. "I'm not your subordinate."

Gibbs growled at Tony. Tony just grinned bigger.

"You miss me, just admit it."

"We have work to do, Agent DiNozzo." Gibbs looked up at the noon sky. "I don't plan on being out here the rest of the day."

"I miss you, too, Gibbs." Tony admitted before he and his team headed off to their crime scene.

Kate looked at Gibbs. She started to speak just as Ducky and Jimmy drove up.

"I thought this was our crime scene…" Kate replied. "…the whole thing."

"I called another team in, Agent Todd." Gibbs said, irritated. "And I was not aware I, as Team Leader, had to run my decisions by you." He snapped.

Kate took the hint and didn't say anything else. She knew she had pushed just a little too far.

"I…I just…." Kate started.

"You just…you weren't thinking, Agent Todd. This crime scene is too big for us to handle alone. Whether it was Tony's team or any other team, somebody would have been called in." Gibbs stated, irritated at having to explain himself to her. "All you need to worry about is processing the scene. Get to work!"

Kate walked over to the scene, but she watched Gibbs as he, once again talked to Tony.

"Hey, Kate…" Tim called, he didn't get her attention. "Kate! Agent Todd!" He said, finally getting her to turn her head.

Kate went over to where Tim was. "Are Jason and I the only ones working today?"

"I was just…." Kate replied.

"I know what you were just doing." Tim replied. "Tony's got his own team, Kate. Deal with it!"

"It's just…." Kate started.

"Tony's proved, to me anyway, that he deserves it. He's a very good time leader. I've talking to Martin and Antonelli. They really like him, and they both have a long history of law enforcement." Tim paused. "Tony's got a long history too, if you think about it." Tony had a decade plus, if you added up all the individual jobs, plus the fact he had made detective in Baltimore.

Kate opened her mouth to speak.

"Look, whatever this is, I don't want to hear it." Tim snapped. "You're not ready for your own team, if that's what you were thinking. You were in the Secret Service, Kate. It didn't teach you how to do every other law enforcement job there is. And it doesn't mean you qualify for every other job. You need to be evaluated and hired, just like the rest of us."

Kate was shocked. She had never heard Tim talk like that before.

"A beat cop taught an MIT grad and member of the Secret Service how to their jobs, Kate. Deal with it and move on." Tim replied.