General Roy Mustang. The Flame Alchemist. The hero of Ishval.

Undeniably brave, strong and definitely not one to surrender easily. Occasionally hot-tempered and passionate when manipulating people he didn't like.

Yet, there he was, in front of a fancy, romantic restaurant with his heart in his throat, legs shaking and ready to hide in a hole in his backyard. He could barely keep the extravagant bouquet in his hand steady-his free hand kept fingering a box-shaped bulge in his left breast pocket.

Any colleague of his who might pass by would have been intrigued (and highly amused) to see their recently promoted colonel shaking in cold sweat. Then again, no one could fathom doing what Mustang was about to do, not in a million years….

The General was left fidgeting outside in the dark for another few minutes before a cab drove up to the pavement. Upon seeing the vehicle, he immediately stood at attention-rigid, and as stiff as one of the statues that graced the Central HQ.

From the car, out came a stunningly beautiful woman dressed in a long,sleeveless, elegant black gown. Her hair was gently crimped into soft, lustrous golden waves-and her eyes were a deep chocolate brown. The woman's skin was flawless, encasing a well toned body. Riza Hawkeye looked even mere ethereal than an angel to Roy right then.

Doing his very best to regain his composure, Mustang puffed out his chest and addressed her;

"Glad you could make it tonight, Riza."

"Thanks for the invitation, General," she replied.

"There's no need for the formalities," he croaked, "shall we go in?"

Hawkeye nodded and in they went. She was curious as to why the general had invited her to dinner all of a sudden, and was no closer to understanding why he had chosen a restaurant known for its romantic décor.

Though, the gist of the whole situation could have been gathered if she had listened more closely to the rumours that were circulating HQ. It was obvious to all their co-workers that she and Mustang were more than friendly towards each other after the Promised Day. Plenty of them- Breda, Falman, Jean and Edward included- had started pressuring the General to take their relationship further (the pressure had been added when Ed recently got married to Winry). A few days back, Sheska had seen Mustang visiting the jewelry store in town, and Feury had heard him muttering a few awkward but undoubtedly romantic lines to himself. But then, gossip was never one of Riza's strong suits…

Once in, a waiter had shown the both them to their table and served them a drink of red wine. Roy was hard pressed into trying to start some small talk with his 'date' but that plan was almost immediately thrown into oblivion. Nevertheless, his efforts were valiant.

Unfortunately, it meant that he and Riza were stuck in a very uncomfortable silence until the waiter came to their rescue by serving them a pre-ordered appetizer. When the waiter left, Roy tried once again to open conversation. His hands were clammy when he started.

"Delicious soup isn't it?" he said, sipping the creamy mushroom soup.

"Hmm," nodded Riza.

If ever there were a time to crown someone for the worst conversational skills ever, it would be now and the winner was Mustang. He made a mental note to himself to give a generous tip to the waiter who was serving them that night- that was the only reprieve they got from the suffocating silence…

When dessert (a chocolate mousse cake with ice cream) finally arrived, Roy took a deep breath and blurted out;

"You know I love you!" He wanted to kick himself so badly for that foot-in-mouth moment.

To his surprise, however, Riza reddened and answered, "I know- I-I l-love you too."

Much too embarrassed, Riza dropped her fork and hid her face in her hands. Roy blushed and decided that it was now or never. It was time to be a man and prove those idiots back at HQ that he was not a coward. He was going to do it.

Getting up from his seat, he walked towards the only woman (aside from Madame Christmas- but that was different) he had ever loved and fell on one knee. Riza looked up from her hands with wide eyes.

Taking a massive breath, he proposed shakily;

"Riza, will you marry me?"

By then, half the occupants in the restaurant were staring at the couple- their breaths abated, awaiting the answer of the lovely woman. Meanwhile, in Mustang's short circuiting mind, he was envision his Risa jumping from her seat in joy, with tears of joy in her eyes saying "Yes!" and hugging him.

General Roy Mustang- despite his applaudable efforts- couldn't have been more wrong…

Instead of the fairy tale ending to a proposal he was hoping for, he got a bullet hole in his coat.

Needless to say, Riza was mad (though she was blushing furiously). She had taken out a small handgun from a holster strapped on to her thigh, and shot. The events that followed were nothing short of the word chaos.

She and Mustang earned a permanent ban from the restaurant. The panicked customers that ran out in frenzy later spread news about a crazy assassin lady who seduced men and then killed them. Mustang was arrested for apparent sexual assault- but he got out on bail. The whole of his crew wouldn't stop teasing him about the epic failure that was sure to go down the history books….

Riza on the other hand, remained high strung for the next week- he had never been so embarrassed before. However, her practical mind didn't allow her to dwell on the matter any longer tan that, so, exactly one week from that disastrous proposal, she called Mustang.

"Hello?" came a shaky voice from the other end. Clearly, he was still traumatized from the 'event' as he now referred it to.

"It's Riza." She started when she heard a frightened squeal from the general- he never squealed….

"I'm sorry for the other night," she said. "I clearly went overboard"

"N-no, it was my fault," Roy managed.

"Nevertheless, I'm sorry."

Roy felt as if he had been sucker punched by Ed's automail arm. Riza showed no hesitation in admitting that the whole 'event' was his fault. He felt his soul being sucked into the depths of despair as his plans for a future with Riza evaporated.

"General?" she asked.

"Y-yes?" he stammered back.

"Umm," though the General couldn't see it, she was blushing furiously, "w-when's"

"Yes?" he said while growing mushrooms in the corner of his office.

Gulping, and mustering all her courage she replied;

"When are we getting married?"


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