Luka smiled at him, allowing him to see her full kissable lips.

She was talking about some delicious meal she had, or complaining about the lack of food.

Either one; Zoro was more focus on those wonderful red lips that moved as her words were uttered.

Zoro shook his head at the thoughts.

How dare he think about that...about his own captain.

He didn't even dare to look up anymore; or else he was be looking at her and her lovely red lips.

He couldn't allow himself to have such shameful thoughts about his own captain.

It pained him; he was only a crew member, like several others, on her ship.

"Zoro?" she questioned.

He looked up at her to see her smile.

Again, his focus was on those lips.

His cheeks became red and he looked away again.

"What is it, Luka?" he asked in his usually calm tone; none of it showed the chaos that filled the inside of him.

He just couldn't look at her anymore without picturing those lips on his.

What type of first mate was he?

If that would happen, he wouldn't be able to stay on the ship; whether they be his captains orders, or his own decisions.

"Where are we going?" she asked him; her eyes darted around the ocean

Their small boat, only fit for two, was heading nowhere since Nami wasn't with them.

It was only them two; the two with no direction skills.

It has been awhile since they lost the others, and now they were alone, on the blue lagoon; all to themselves.

It was a nightmare for Zoro.

The sunlight slowly lessened and night befall the two.

Zoro stretched out on his end, while he kept his eyes opened.

He was locked on the person on the other side of the boat.

Luka was staring at the ocean; wondering what could below, or on the other side of it.

He had a full view of her body; it's curves, bumps, and rubbery abilities.

"Zoro! Look! It's land!" she called to him.

She was pointing straight at a island ahead of them; it was close to the boat so they would be there soon.

And they would be back in civilization with others.

She turned around, hoping to caught Zoro's attention; she did.

He leaned in close to her; their bodies barley apart.

His peaked out lips were moving slowly closer to hers'.

She didn't even move when he came closer; she stood still.

He finally dove in and planted a kiss on her full red lips.

Both pairs of lips touched each other for what seemed like a lifetime.

They stay like that for a moment till Zoro's senses kicked in; he quickly moved back to look at her.

She wasn't regretting him, she was still waiting for him to make anything else.

So he went on and kissed the girl.


This story is based on the song, Kiss the Girl, from the Little Mermaid. This pairing has been the most requested out of the bunch, so I made it with this song. I thought it fit well compared other couples. Thanks for reviewing!