Chapter 1 the Prince and Servant of Evil

(Zexia POV)

"Eight…Nine…Ten! Ready or not, here I come Zexion," I said.

We're just a pair of kids, more actually royal twins. My name is Zexia and my brother Zexion. We both have slate-blue hair covering most of the right side of our face and blue eyes. We spent our childhood together. I found him this time in meadows near the castle surrounded by many flowers.

"Oh come on Zexion just try a little harder!" I said.

"Then you would lose me then," Zexion said.

"How could I, we're twins, I could never lose you," I said with a warm smile.

"Of course, oh here, for you," Zexion said placing on my head a small coronet of flowers similar to the one on his head, "always the princess."

"Thank you Zexion!" I said and we went home, finding our mom enraged by this.

"My dear Zexion, who would put such horrid weeds on you?" mom asked.

"But mother, I made it myself," Zexion said.

"No need to admit what she has done, its okay my dear," mom said.

Father never really seemed to mind her favoritism, but sometimes I just couldn't handle it myself. I just wanted to be with my brother, I just wanted some of the happiness I could have with my twin.

Today was the usual spaghetti dinner, I was happy for it and well, I made one little mistake. I slurped my spaghetti and well, Zexion copied me.

"Zexion! Don't do that, how you are following a bad influence!" mom said.

"Come on dear, their just kids, let them have fun," father said.

"I won't have her as a bad influence to my son, even if they are just kids," mom said.

Father had carried me back to my room after dinner.

"Look your mother loves you…it's just, she loves Zexion more," Father said.

"Would that explain the many times she tried to kill me?" I asked.

"Yeah, that could explain her love, just remember I will be there for you," Father said.

But sadly, after a few weeks, Father passed away; I was somewhat relieved that he chose Ansem the Wise to watch over me but mom was a horrible leader.

(Normal POV)

"Zexia," Ansem the Wise said, "Marluxia and Larxene are here for you, to take you to study."

"What?" Zexia asked.

"Yes," Ansem said, "you're studies will help you."

"But…but what about Zexion?" Zexia asked.

"He needs to stay here," Ansem said, "and fulfill his duties as the Prince of Radiant Garden."

"No, I'm staying here with my brother," Zexia said.

"Suit yourself then," Ansem said, "Aeleus help Zexia to the carriage."

(Zexia POV)

Then I felt it, Aeleus had grabbed me and was pulling me towards the carriage I tried so feverishly and Zexion tried just as hard to get to me, but our lives were separated into two separate ones, when I saw the same flower coronet fall off my head.

I was taken away and began studying and every night, I look to the sky and remember Zexion.

(Zexion POV)

Zexia, why Zexia though? Fulfill my duties, yet I want to have Zexia by my side when I do.