Dedication-To everyone who's been on the receiving end of my rants this week. (Erika, Alice, and, to a lesser degree, Athena) Thank you, guys, and sorry.

Set somewhere during the period when Natsume was believed dead.

He is dead.

He is dead.

He is dead.

That can't be possible.

He promised, didn't he? He promised that he would save me. He promised that he would escape with me, escape to the outside world.

But he didn't.

I can't believe it. Natsume always keeps his promises. He promised to marry me. We were engaged. And then he goes and dies.

Damn you, Natsume.

Damn you.

Why can't you stop protecting others, and be selfish for once? Why can't you stop using your Alice? Why can't you keep your promises?

You left me, Natsume.

And I hate you.