I'm on roll! Ten months gone, then starting a multi-chapter story and posting two drabbles in one day? *shakes head*

Dedicated to Sona, because, once again, I'm sorry I forgot your b'day.

I never thought that it would end this way.

Azumi Yuka and Koizumi Luna. Best friends. Inseparable.

I hated you then, Yuka.

I still hate you.

I hate the fact that we're so similar and yet so different.

Because you made the right choice and I made the wrong one.

It's your fault, you know. You betrayed me. You took away everything I had—love, respect, everything. You made new friends and forgot about me.

And you left me in this hellhole.

We were best friends.

Best friends aren't supposed to abandon each other.

"I'm sorry, Luna."

I hate you.