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*ring ring*
Logan woke up to the sound of his phone. The sleepy boy groaned while rubbing his still closed eyes. He extended his arm out to the the small desk beside his bed trying to feel for it, missing every time. Once he finally found it he placed it on his ear too lazy to hold it at the moment.

"Hello?" The sleepy boy answered lazily.

"You ready?" James asked

"What are you talking about?"

"Hello the mall! Carlos called Kendall to tag along and Kendall told me to come too."

"Well I kinda just woke up." Logan sat up stretching his limbs and yawning.

"Well get up Lazy butt! Dont you usually wake up earlier than me? im surprised you're even still sleeping."

"Hey Ive been studying a lot so a good sleep was in order till you had to wake me, thanks a lot." Logan swung his legs to the side of the bed not ready to leave the comfort of his bed just yet.

"You're welcome. Now get ready cuz I wanna spend as much time with Kendall while at the mall." James said sternly

"Okay your majesty" Logan said sarcastically finally placing his feet on the ground and standing up to walk out the door. The pale boy rolling his
eyes hanging up the phone. Logan walked to the bathroom opening the door to see Carlos just getting out of the shower butt naked and wet with a towel still in his hand. His body shimmering, his defined pectorals and abs looking delicious.

"Logan!" the Latino yelled covering himself, Logan seeing a quick glimpse of the tan boys penis and balls.

"Holy Shiznuts!" The pale boy backed out but tripped on his own foot, falling on his back. Logan scrunched his face in pain and tried to massage
his back as he got up.

"Im so sorry! The door wasnt locked so I thought no one was inside I should have knocked, i know how stupid of me! Im so stupid I didnt mean to see you naked i just-"

"Calm down, it's okay you just caught me off guard." Carlos spoke cutting off logans rambling, the towel now wrapped around his waist loosely. "I mean hey we're both dudes so its not like we never seen a dick before right?" Logan just nodded his head not knowing how to respond after that awkward and embarrassing moment. "Anyways you should get ready. I invited Kendall along too and he said he invited James." Carlos said as he walked passed Logan to go back to his room to change. Logan watched Carlos retreat to his room before he sighed, his morning wasn't going well so far.

Eventually after all the boys got ready they drove to the large mall not too far from the college campus. The mall had 3 floors that consisted of
many restaurants, boutiques, shops to buy clothes, shoes, hats, accessories, toys, electronics and a game arcade. The mall was very spacious even with so many people wandering around and there was many wonderful decorations one attraction being a large indoor koi fish pond that attracted many kids to gaze at the fishes swimming peacefully.

"So first we hit the arcade! Let's go boys!" Carlos clapped his hands together and made his way to the arcade with the other boys following in
suit. Once they paid for the tokens they were all ready to have some fun.

As they walked around the arcade the first game they all played was ski ball. "Get ready to lose guys! I own at this game" the overexcited Latino announced to his three friends.

Kendall rolled his eyes at Carlos, "Must I remind you who kicks your ass at this game?" The blonde boy raised an eyebrow with a small grin on his face. The bubbly Latino stuck his tongue out at Kendall.

"And watch me kick all your asses" James chimed in cockily. Logan on the other hand was just focusing on not making a fool out of himself.

Once the game started Logan was off to a bad start. He swung the ball a little too hard than expected making the ball hit the scoreboard and bounce back, almost hitting James in the head. Logan apologetically smiled shrugging his shoulders James' way and the tall brunette glared daggers at the pale boy. Both Carlos and Kendall also saw what happened and laughed at their expense.

"You are lucky I dodged that" James sharply pointed at Logan before going back into the game.

"Sorry" Logan whispered and scampered to grab the ball that now laid on the floor. When he got back he could see he was way behind and carelessly rolled the balls in which ever cup they went in, there was no point considering how much points the other guys racked up already. At the end of the game James was the winner followed by Kendall, Carlos and Logan.

"See told ya so I'd win" James said proudly.

"Oh whatever I was just off my game that's all" Carlos excused.

"It was just sheer luck" the blonde boy huffed with a pout. The thing about Kendall was that he was very competitive and didn't like losing. "How bout I challenge you at-" Kendal looked around the arcade before turning back to James "dance revolution?"

"You're on! If I win you buy me something from cookie corner" James offered a deal that Kendall agreed to.

"Me and James are gonna play dance revolution." Kendall told Carlos and Logan before pulling James by the hand to the next game. Logan smiled at his best friend after seeing James blush as Kendall grabbed his hand tightly. He was glad that James found someone he really liked, plus those two looked perfect for each other.

"Well since they are gonna go dancing how bout we play some basketball?" The tan boy asked Logan once James and Kendall were out of sight.

"Ummm I-"

"Great lets go!" Carlos yanked Logan to the basketball game making Logan blush at the warmth of Carlos' hand. Carlos' big strong hand felt great, it just felt so comforting and Logan tried his best to calm himself down at their skin making contact with one another.

Kendall finally let go of James' now sweaty hands when they reached the dance machine, James wanting to hold the other boys hand again. "Okay get on" Kendall said putting in the tokens to play. James stepped on to the platform that was embedded with lighted up arrows while also watching Kendall slightly hop on the balls of his feet, probably anxious to start the game. It was cute to see how focused Kendall was on the screen in front of them. Soon Kendall turned to face James and smiled at him, James naturally returning the smile back. "Let's see how good your dancing skills are" the green eyed boy said.

Finally the game started and both boys hit each arrow with perfect timing. Kendall glanced at James' screen and James did the same seeing that they were evenly tied.

"Left applesauce right potato down up up and away" Kendall shouted giving very misleading information to try and screw James up but with no success except making the hazel eyes boy laugh hysterically.

"Is that all you got Kendall?" James challenged.

"Nope" Kendall said and reached a leg over and hit one of James' arrows.

"Hey you cheater! Too can play that game" James laughed and stepped on Kendall's platform to get even. Eventually Kendall decided to jump on James' side and started shaking his butt, Kendall's butt rubbing against James' hip. "Hey there's no twerking in dance revolution" James couldn't stop laughing as he tried to push Kendall away but it was futile.

"There is now. It's my butt I can do what I want to" Kendall sang now shaking his butt in front of James' groin. James felt blood rush down to his dick feeling Kendall's clothed ass rub against him. The tall brunette bit his lip trying to sustain a moan daring to come out. All he could picture is Kendall riding him with that shaking ass of his.

"Heck Kendall could twerk his way onto my meat stick." James thought. As much as he loved it, James had to hold Kendall's body away before he would start to feel James' growing boner.

"Kendall there's kids here this ain't no club." Kendall finally stopped and started laughing holding on to James for support thinking about how ridiculous he probably looked. James wrapped one arm around Kendall's shoulder smiling that Kendall was practically laughing into his chest.

"You win" the game announced on James' side. The blonde pulled away and turned to look at the screen.

"Well looks like you win" Kendall smiled not caring that he lost. For some reason, he didn't mind losing to James now. "Guess I'm buying you a cookie" The blonde boy smiled still panting.

"You don't have to" James shrugged his shoulders and put his hands into his pocket shyly.

Kendall shook his head, "it's okay you won the bet and you deserve it after witnessing my twerking."

"I mean it was pretty sorta kinda good" James complimented.

"Thanks, I am good aren't I" Kendall joked pretending to look proud and nonchalant.

James smiled again for what could have been the hundredth time. "mmhmm Real good."

"Logan have you never played basketball before?" Carlos asked after seeing Logan miss almost every shot.

"No. Clearly sports are not my thing litos" Logan threw the last ball before the game ended.

"Here let me teach you then." Carlos put another token into Logan's machine and gave one ball to Logan. "Just focus of the basket and flick your wrist with the appropriate amount of strength. Try it" Carlos advised with hands on his hips as he watched Logan.

Unfortunately Logan was distracted by Carlos eying him that he ended up hitting the plastic wall making the ball rebound back to hit Logan. The pale boy shielded his face but felt nothing hit him. He opened his eyes to see Carlos caught the ball just before it hit him. "thanks" Logan said softly.

"Here let's try it this way." Carlos gave the ball to Logan and stood a good couple inches behind him. The Latino adjusted Logan's hands making Logan blush red. The smart boy didn't realize but he started to lean into Carlos feeling comfortable in his warm embrace. "Comfy?" Carlos joked noticing Logan's head on his shoulder.

"Oh my god I'm sorry!" Logan apologized. Carlos just laughed it off before he placed his hands on top of Logan's and successfully guided him to shooting the ball into the basket just before the buzzer.

"See just flick your wrist." Carlos stepped back, Logan nodding silently still feeling embarrassed "How bout we go find Kendall and James?" Carlos spoke up again.

"R-right" Logan nodded. "I`ll text James" he said while taking out his phone.

L: James where u guys?

Logan glanced up looking at carols and gave a tight closed smile, Carlos smiled back, his hands buried in his pockets while rocking back and forth waiting for James to respond too. Thankfully Logan's phone beeps with a new text from James.

J: Going to Cookie Corner want anything?

L: k we`re coming and no im good.

J: Okay and im still gettin you a cookie since im in such a happy mood :)

L: Oooh What Happened?

J: Tell ya laterrrr ;)

"So are they still playing?" Carlos asked when Logan put away his phone.

"No. They're at cookie corner now" Logan pocketed his phone.

"Alright, lets get going then." The Latino led the way walking out of the game arcade. As the two boys were walking passed the popular clothing's store TK Simmons, Carlos bumped into three girls that were walking out.

"Oh Im sorry ladies." Carlos apologized.

"It's fine." the three girls said in unison. One girl had curly brown hair, the other had straight brown hair, and the third girl had blonde hair. All three were well dressed and wore big sunglasses. Logan watched from behind Carlos seeing the girls take off their sunglasses to examine at Carlos.

"You're lucky you're cute." The blonde girl said with a smile. Carlos smiling back at her.

"I don't know about that, I think you take that award." Carlos said smoothly and gave a little wink. The three girls giggled and Logan started to have a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Umm Carlos aren't we gonna go-" Logan began trying to pull Carlos' attention away from the girls.

"Hey how bout you go on ahead and find the other guys okay loges? I'll catch up in a bit." Carlos said eyes still on the girls. Logan was about to speak but deemed it useless and slowly walked away glancing back a few times at Carlos. The pale boy looked back one last time seeing both Carlos and the blonde girl take out their phones and Logan looked away full of jealously storming to find James and Kendall.

"How's your snicker-doodle?" Kendall asked James. They were currently sitting down on a couch near the cookie store as they ate their snacks.

"Delwicious" James mumbled with a piece of the cookie in his mouth. Kendall laughing at how James spoke similar to a baby. The tall boy swallowed the cookie before speaking again "How's your oatmeal cookie?"

Kendall smiled and quickly took another bite of his cookie stuffing his mouth "I wuv it."

"Are you teasing me?" James laughed before seeing Logan walking towards them.

"Where's Los?" Kendall asked, Logan jaw tightening at his name. James noticing this.

"He's talking to some girl he bumped into." Logan said blankly sitting on the couch next to James.

"Here, I got you a chocolate chip cookie" James handed it over to Logan with a soft smile.

"I bet you Carlos is trying to ask her for her number" Kendall said taking another bite of his snack. James glanced at Logan seeing the boy trying to maintain a straight face.

"Probably" Logan said.

"Oh hey Logan guess what Kendall did during dance revolution" James changed the subject knowing Logan didn't want to dwell on the topic any longer. The pale boy hummed looking at James with curious eyes

"He twerked!" James laughed placing a strong hand on Logan's shoulder, the main reason being to try and comfort his best friend. Logan felt James squeeze his shoulder and it helped him ease the jealously and sadness, replacing it with laughter about what James just told him.

"Oh god Kendall you seriously twerked? Logan chuckled, Kendall nodding and all three boys were soon in a fit of laughter. However that soon died down when Carlos finally caught up.

"Sup guys! Guess what?!" Carlos said happily jumping around, Logan's face went tight once again but was able to hide it.

"What's her name Carlos?" Kendall rolled his eyes playfully.

"Her names Jennifer and surprisingly she goes to the same college as us." The tan boy smiled.

"Well...good for you Carlos." James said slowly. He felt really bad for Logan but he still had to show some kind of support for Carlos since they are friends too. Logan just giving his best fake smile he could muster.

"Thanks guys" Carlos flashed another smile before eying Logans chocolate cookie. "Aww Loges can I have a bite please? You know I love chocolate chip"

Logan looked between Carlos and the cookie in his hand before stretching his arm out for Carlos to take a bite. The short brunette just couldn't refuse the Latino. Carlos bent down to bite the cookie in Logans hand, munching with a soft satisfying moan.

"Mmm thanks Logan you're the best!"

"You're welcome. But can we go back to the dorms now? im tired." Logan asked now in the mood to just lay in bed and try to get over his pointless crush on Carlos.

"Ok finnnne. Are you guys okay with that?" Carlos motioned towards James and Kendall who both nodded in approval as they got off the couch getting ready to leave the mall.

When they finally made it back to their dorms all Logan could think about was having to deal with his crush fall for someone else. Surely he is bound to see that Jennifer girl again being all cutesy with Carlos, and he doesnt know if he could handle that kind of pain. James was right to say he has fallen hard over Carlos. He was suppose to make Carlos fall for him, but how can he do that now that there is a girl in the picture?

"Today was a great day dont cha think logie?" Carlos broke Logan out of his thoughts.

The first thought that came into Logans mind was "Hell no!" well it was good until the whole Jennifer thing happened. Although Instead of disagreeing he agreed with the Latino.

"I still cant believe I got her number. She seems so awesome" Carlos rambled on to Logans dismay.

"You barely even know her though." Logan blurted out, Carlos now looking at him

"I know. But shes pretty and seems real nice."

"All im saying is dont assume someone is all awesome based on face value." Logan said restlessly getting annoyed by each passing second they talked about jennifer. "Anyways im gonna head to my room and rest for a bit." He quickly stalked to his room closing the door behind him.

Logan crawled on his bed, grabbing a pillow and burying his face in it. A second later his phone goes off seeing that James was calling him. He deeply sighs before answering "What is it James?"

"Are u okay?" James said in a concerned tone.

"Not entirely"

"Hey cheer up bud. You could still have a shot, just have to step up your game to the next level." James encouraged

"I've reached game over James." Logan spoke into his pillow but James was still able to make out what he said.

"All you gotta do is make him like like you more than Jennifer. Show him you can be fun or something. Plus you already know Carlos is the type that likes being physical with all his hugging and stuff. Take advantage of it."

Logan thought for a second. Carlos really was physical when showing affection to his friends and the pale boy supposed he could show him he was fun- "Wait a minute, what do you mean show him I can be fun? Are you implying I'm not?" Logan said somewhat offended

"Wellll" James started

"Im fun!" The smart boys said in a high tone

"I mean sometimes, but you're usually doing school work so.." James confessed

"Rude. I can too be fun" Logan huffed with a pout.

"Prove it" James challenged knowing all too well that Logan liked a challenge and proving people wrong. It was just part of his nerdy nature. As James expected, Logan accepted his challenge. "Well I'll just leave you to ponder about that. See ya" James hung up the phone. Logan dropped his phone right next to him then dropped his head onto the pillow and began thinking. He could be fun. He can still win Carlos' heart right? It's just a little competition is all and yes he plans on winning.

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