Title: Cards Against Heroes
Fandom: Tiger & Bunny
Pairings: Antonio—-Kotetsu, Baranaby/Kotetsu? (possibly hinted?)
Wordcount: 570
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: In which the heroes have discovered the game 'Cards Against Humanity'.


'Antonio! We're playing cards against humanity! Want to join us for a couple rounds?'

Antonio snuck a peak at the message on his phone. Leave it to Kotetsu to catch him in the middle of a meeting with his sponsors. The game had become a guilty pleasure amongst the heroes. It was even better when they found out it could be played online, it was easier to play with the other heroes given that their individual schedules often had them scattered about the city. The only problem with this was that sometimes the heroes would play or would call out to the others to play at inappropriate times. When Antonio was sure no one was looking he typed a text back. 'Can't I'm in a meeting. My sponsors had a new idea to improve that stupid launcher-whatever that they shoot me in the sky with.'

'Oh that has to be a lot fun.' Antonio could mentally hear the sarcasm in Kotetsu's text.

'It looks like a god damned canon. They are actually planning on shooting me out of a canon!' Antonio sighed after he sent that text and then looked back up at the presentation. He could feel his stomach churn slightly as they made comments on how they would be able to shoot him farther and higher than they were able to before. It wasn't too long before he looked back at his phone to see if Kotetsu replied. What he got made one of his eyes slightly twitch.

'There should be Rock Bison cards in this game!' The text read, it had one of those silly cat faces Kotetsu would often use at the end. 'Rock Bison's tears. Rock Bison's screams. Kronos Foods having to pay damage fines for missing their target. I wonder if you can add custom cards?'

Antonio glanced around the room to make sure everyone was distracted and typed out a reply. 'Yeah, I'd love to add some Wild Tiger cards. Wild Tiger gets princess carried. Wild Tiger breaks shit. Tabloids put out articles about Wild Tiger and Barnaby's secret hot and steamy love life.'

'Okay, okay, I deserved that one.' That was the last response Kotetsu gave him for a while.

Antonio sat through most of the meeting half wishing he'd get another text. He wondered if maybe the comment about the magazines was a little too much. But then again, that might have been just him projecting his own feelings on the situation. The meeting was starting to come to a close but Antonio was feeling a little anxious, he sent Kotetsu another text.

'How's the game going?' It wasn't what he really wanted to ask but he was too stubborn to say anything else.

'Well, we all found out that Keith is really good at this game. I can't tell for the life of me if it's just dumb luck or if he has a very twisted sense of humor.'

Kotetsu's text actually got a chuckle out of Antonio. This caught the attention of the others in the meeting. He cleared his throat and waited for the meeting to finally finish. As everyone started to leave the room Antonio texted to Kotetsu that he'd join them for their next game if they were still going to play. Maybe they could have a drink together later, maybe with a little alcohol in his system Antonio could tell Kotetsu what's been on his mind.

-The End-