Rainbow Dash was plummeting towards the ground at a high speed, and she wished she could go faster. She was flapping her wings as fast and hard as she could, but she barely sped up. Beside her was Rarity, screeching and trying to calm down her mane and tail, which were getting all tangled up. She seemed more conscerned about her appearances than what she was supposed to be doing. Suddenly the unicorn dropped behind. Rainbow was racking up speed!

"Sorry Rarity!" she shouted back to Rarity as she disappeared through a cloud layer. A multicoloured kind of 'cone' appeared around her and she sped up more, her wings able to slow down ever so slightly. Then it tightened around her, and she couldn't hear anything but the wind from the 'tunnel' she was travelling through. Rainbow had nearly done it again! The pegasus noticed the 'cone' getting extremely tight around her, then she burst down in a flurry of a rainbow that stretched out across the sky, a loud 'BOOM' being the only thing she could hear. "AWWRIGHT!" she shouted as she zapped down, leaving a rainbow trail behind her. Rainbow then noticed that she was coming closer to the ground. She tried to slow down, but she didn't manage to. "WWWAAAAHHHHHH!" she shrieked as the ground began rising up to meet her. However, it didn't hurt - she managed to land in a deep pool of mud! "That was close..." she said as she managed to get to the surface. "I wonder if Nix is alright?" There was a large 'splat' behind her and then in the mud was Ninetales, struggling to keep afloat.

"That. Was so cool!" the Pokemon shouted as she went over to some solid land. She shivered a bit, then Rainbow followed. Ninetales shook her extremely muddy fur, then all the mud landed on the pegasus. "Oops! Sorry Dash!"

"Yeah. I'm just going to pretend that never happened." said Rainbow as she dived into a small waterhole.

"I wonder what happened to everyone else and where they are?"

"Me too. For one thing, I hope Nix and Sonic are alright."


"The blue lawyer guy with spiky hair?"

"Which one? there's the hedgehog, then there's-"



Rainbow dried her wings with some leaves and then took flight. "Where... ARE we, anyway?"

"HEEYYY!" shouted Button as she floated down. "You two get to be in a group with ME!"

"WHAT?! What do you mean 'group'?" asked the cyan pegasus.

Button rolled her eyes and sighed. "You're on a show!"

"...ANOTHER sho-"

"Yup! And you have to sleep with me tonight! Tomorrow the actual show begins!"

"...What if no-one else survived? They could have-"


"S-sorry, what?"

"Nope! They all survived!"

"How do you know that?"

"...I don't!"

"Then why did you-"

"I dunno." as Button said that, an Audino appeared out of the bush, said "AUDINO." and disappeared.

"...What was THAT?"

"It was an in-joke between me and... oh never mind. Just come with me."

Button, Rainbow Dash and Ninetales worked hard all afternoon to set up a good camp. Every now and then they stopped for something to eat. By midday they had managed to create a sturdy house out of leaves, vines and (with the help of some loose twigs) they made a fire on the ground. By the time they had finished, it was already evening. Dash went on her leaf pile whilst Button threw down the twine and vine 'door' over the gaping hole in their leaf house. Ninetales had to be careful not to burn it down! She went straight to sleep though when she went to bed. "...Night." Dash whispered as Ninetales blew out her Will-O-Wisp lantern.