Hey guys. I thought how cool it would be if I wrote about them and when they were children. I like to say that, in my story, Donald and Douglas know how to build inventions but not as good as the future. So, I hope you will love my story and hopefully reviews. see ya

Donald: 10 years old

Douglas: 8 years old

Douglas was in a room, which the door was filled with posters like "Keep out" or "secret lab". It was Donald's and Douglas's room/lab. Douglas was working on his skateboard attaching two rockets behind them, suddenly Donald came running startling Douglas.

"Hey Donald, you scared me. Look at this, Im building my very own jet pack powered skateboard. It's gonna be awesome." Douglas explained

"I dont think thats a good idea. Mom will kill us." Donald warned.

"We always build stuff like this, and mom see's us and doesnt say anything." Douglas argued.

"Yeah, but she's in her angry mood. You know those letters we made that self destruct in 5 seconds after you read them when we played spies?" Donald asked

"Yeah." Douglas answered

"Well, she was reading them, and lets just say her face is not in a very pretty form right now." Donald explained

"It blew up in her face? Awesome!" Douglas exclaimed

"It was, but now Im afraid that she will punish us. Why do you think I came running here? I was trying to hide." He mentioned

"Well, Ill try my skateboard outside when she's not here. Now I gotta go make a peanut butter sandwich." Douglas told him. Douglas his jet pack powered skateboard down and went to the kitchen. As Douglas left the room, Donald looked at the skateboard.

"Hey, this looks cool. Maybe Ill just try it before he comes." Donald talked to himself shutting the door so Douglas wouldnt see. He got on the skateboard, and pushed the button which activated the rockets, suddenly when the rockets activated, It went crashing into the wall with Donald on it. He lied on the floor with pain and then got up.

"Maybe I should have done this outside." He said to himself. His eyes widened as he saw the skateboard was broken into two and the rockets were disattached from the skateboard. "Okay, now mom and Douglas are going to kill me." He panicked.

Douglas came running into the room with his peanut butter sandwich in a panic way.

"I heard a crash!" He said looking at what happened. When he saw his skateboard was broken, he dropped his sandwich on the floor.


"No, you cant." He shouted back. But it was too late, Douglas left the room to tell his mom.

Douglas starting running the whole house searching for his mom while Donald was behind him trying to stop him. Douglas stopped as he noticed the paper on the fridge. He couldnt reach it so he brought a stool from the lower cabinet and took it from the fridge. Douglas tried to read it but he couldnt read it as Donald snatched it from his hand.

"Leave this to the 5th grader." He said bragging. "It says that mom is at the supermarket getting some groceries and she says dont break anything or blow up stuff. And she says not to worry, she turned on the home alarm" He stopped reading. "Looks like you cant say anything to mom now, Douegy" Donald said

"Well, shes not gone forever, Donny" Douglas argued

"I hate it when you call me Donny." He argued more

"I hate it when you call me Dougey" Douglas said

"Dougey" Donald teased

"Donny" Douglas teased more. "You know what, Its bad enough you broke my toy, but you have the nerve to tease me. Your the worst brother ever." Douglas shouted and ran to his room. Donald folded his arms but then unfolded them and felt guilty. He felt the feeling he had to do something to make this up to him. He ran to the closet which he kept his tools and built something for Douglas. After a good 15 minuted, he ran to their lab/room. Douglas was sitting on the floor trying to reassemble his skateboard back together with glue, but it was no a few tries, he saw it wasnt going to be fixed, so he threw it on the wall, starting to cry. Donald came to him with his hands behind him. Douglas looked at him in a "what do you want?" look.

"Look Douglas, I feel bad for breaking your skateboard, but I made something for you." Donald told him trying to cheer him up. Donald showed him a small robot which he was hiding behind his back. "I call it an exoskeleton. This is just a toy of the real version. I thought it would be cool to build the real version when were bigger" He explained handing the small robot to Douglas

"Wow, this is so cool." He exclaimed

"Yeah, and i will buy you a new skateboard from my allowance." He added

"Your the best brother ever!" He exclaimed running to Donald and hugging him. Donald smiled hugging back.