So this is my first story and it just had to be Law and Order: Uk :)

I prefer team order for a few reasons 1) I want to be a prosecutor when Im older 2) Georgia Taylor and Dominic Rowan play my favourite characters. So this is mainly just the order side of things because we don't see enough of it...

this basically things that happened in the show and the things that might have but weren't shown. (Or I just completely made them up) we start from the end of the first episode of series 7 (tracks)

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Beth x

"Jake!" Kate called after him going down the stairs at full speed.

"What?" He turned around, what did she want?

"I know that wasn't the result you wanted's my job to defend him I couldn't not..."

"You knew he was guilty as much as I did!" He argued.

"I know, but like I said it was was my job..."

"Whatever, it's over with now..." He sighed.

"I wanted justice for those families Jake but I..."

"well nice meeting you Kate..."

"Oh lovely to see you two get on..." Henry Sharpe said popping up from no where missing the first half of the conversation.

"Huh?" Jake looked at him.

"Kate will be joining us on Monday as Alesha's replacement, you'll be partners, sharing an office...wont that be fun..." He smiled not knowing that insides Jake's head he'd been brutally murdered five times over.

He then walked away leaving Kate and Jake stood rather awkwardly looking at each other...

"I' to go...and check on Tyler..." Kate then scurried away, she got the picture Jake was not happy about this.

Kate arrived at the cells; the custody officer looked for the keys and as she went to the door Detective Sam Cassey came walking from the direction of Tyler's cell. She looked at him confusedly for a second before dismissing it.

She was stood by the custody officer as he opened the cell.

She'd looked around the cell and for a moment she couldn't see Tyler, then she saw his shoes, he was hanging from the ceiling...he had killed himself...

Her mouth dropped as she ran to the main desk where Detective Ronnie Brooks was stood with Sam.

"He's dead...Tyler's dead..."

They told Kate to go home but she didn't want to so she decided to go to the pub where she knew Jake and Henry would be; she thought it right if she told them what had happened.

"Kate..." Henry stood.

"Are you alright?" Jake asked seeing that she looked pretty shaken up.

"Tyler's dead...he killed himself...I found him..." She explained.

Henry got her up sit down "Jake buy Kate...whatever really...I have to go...this is not going to look good..."

There was an awkward silence between Kate and Jake Before Jake asked her what she wanted to drink.

"Same as you..." She simply said in a rather quiet voice.



"Don't defence barristers prefer something more sophisticated...?"

She scoffed "I'm not defence anymore am I, I work with with you now..."

Jake nodded and went to the bar "Aren't we lucky..."

Jake had gone to re-order drinks so Kate stole one of his chips and smiled innocently when he caught her as he came walking back.

His phone rang on the table but he declined the call.

"Whose Cara?" She asked seeing the caller ID; he raised his eyebrows at her "sorry, dead nosey always have been..."

"My mums nurse..." He replied.

"She's ill?"

"She's dead...died last week."

"I'm sorry..." She said softly.

"Don't be, you didn't know..." He breathed in. "So Kate, why did you suddenly change to be a prosecutor?"

"I didn't want to continue with the fake parties and politic crap..." She replied.


She looked at the menu "chocolate fudge cake..."

He rolled his eyes but went to get it for her anyway.

His phone rang again; should she decline it, or should she answer it, maybe his mothers nurse wanted something important?

She answered "Jake Thorne's phone..."

"Hey this is Cara, is this Jake's girlfriend?"


"I just wondered if he was coming to the funeral tomorrow?"

"I don't know..."

"Well can you ask him at least, thanks..."

The woman then hung up; Kate looked up to see Jake looking right at her...Busted...

Jake took his phone back off her and he walked out, Kate had to practically run after him.

"Jake!" She called after him, this was becoming a regular thing between them.

"I can't believe you actually answered my phone!" He exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, you're mums nurse just wanted to know if you were going to the funeral tomorrow..."

"She told you that?" He questioned; he was a mix between angry and confused.

"She just came out with it! She might have thought I was your girlfriend..."

"Point is I can't work with someone I can't trust!"

"You can trust me!" She exclaimed. "You can..."

He sighed "see you tomorrow Kate..." He then left her stood there as he walked away. He hadn't meant to sound horrible but he was just frustrated with her; he knew she had meant well but...ugh...he'd say something tomorrow probably...

Kate walked home, she felt bad...had she really upset Jake? She didn't know because she didn't understand much of what he'd actually said.

She unlocked her front door and kicked off the heels that had been killing her all day and sat down on the sofa.

She looked at her phone; she had one new voice mail.

She dialled the number and listened "Hey's Rachel...I just wanted to tell ya that school ends in a few weeks and I wondered if you wanted to catch up...but I know you'll be busy with the new job and everything but if you could call me back...ok ya..."

Kate sighed; her sister was seventeen years old and went to boarding school, she was right, they did need to see each other but after last time...with their parents.

She laid back on the sofa and looked at the ceiling, it had a very long day. Her client was dead, she'd argued with her new partner and she'd missed a call from her sister.

"Nice work Kate..." She sighed. "You screwed all that up in what three hours?"

She decided to go to bed but her sleep was far from peaceful; her argument with Jake and Tyler just hanging there haunted her dreams with nothing to comfort her but the darkness of an empty room.