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"Kate..." Jake murmured "Kate, you actually have to move to turn it off..."

His sarcastic comment was met by Kate slapping his chest lightly as she lent to turn off the alarm "Come on..." she said rubbing her eyes. "time to get up."

"no i don't want to..." Jake mumbled laying on his back with his eyes closed.

She looked down at him for a moment; the Jake beside her was different from the one she first met during the Tyler case. This Jake was less abrasive and more sociable. She sometimes laughed when she thought back to when they did first meet...when he'd gotten angry over her answering his phone...and all the other times they'd never seen eye to eye on well everything that they could differ on. For some reason her thoughts went to her farther, the day after the trail had finished she had been to visit his headstone.


"hey dad..." She said placing the flowers neatly "we did it...well Jake did anyway...I was thinking back to what mum said, about what you would say if you could see me now...I don't think you'd be ashamed of never were...i think that you'd be proud...that i did what you always wanted me be myself and i am..." She smiled to herself. "you know I'm rubbish at this stuff...thanks dad...and i don't blame you...never have and I...never will.

End of flashback:

she had learnt that Jake wasn't a morning person, which was odd really as he was always the first person in the office. Maybe that's why he was never the easiest first thing? Who knew, but which ever mood he was in she knew that she loved him...but at that moment she had to some how get him up...

Kate tried to prize one of his eyes open but he swatted her hand away. She laughed and seeing he was in no hurry she simply lay back down beside him placing her head on his chest. "If Henry starts it was all your fault..."

"Well I'm tired and we both know that the fault of that lies with..."

"Ok point proven..." She cut him off. She checked the time, it was half seven, she took his arm " Come on..."

Eventually she managed to somehow get him and they both got ready.

Jake came down the stairs ten minutes after Kate and found her stood at the Kitchen work top with her back to him playing flow free on her phone.

"How's it going?" He asked put his hands on her waist.

"Totally failing..." She laughed locking her phone and turning in his arms. "we better get going..."

"mmmm..." Jake agreed before they both left the house.

Arriving at the office they both greeted Henry who seemed to take no notice of them even being there as he seemed way to focused on on the newspaper he was reading that he almost walked straight into the coffee machine...the one that never worked...that was surely gathering dust.

"What's up with him this morning?" Kate asked to no one in particular.

"How should I know?" Jake shrugged as they entered their office.

It was when Kate was taking off her jacket that Jake's phone rang.

"Jacob Thorne..." He answered.

"Jake! Jacob!" The cry of a terrified female came through the other end which even Kate heard, and it didn't take a detective to tell both barristers something was very wrong.

"Who is this?" Jake asked quickly.

"Don't make the deal with the devil Jake it's not worth it! Get off me! HELP ME! What the...NO!" the line then went dead as there was a piercing scream.

"Hello..." Jake said but it was no use whoever had called was no longer there.

"What the hell?" Kate asked.

Jake quickly rang the station to have the call traced and the number was a mobile and the location of the call was in the middle of a woodlands area. Normally barristers wouldn't go to the locations in these situations because of the main point of it not being their job but Jake had just been called by someone who was clearly terrified and one of the lasts things he heard her say was her begging him to help her and there was nothing he could do.

Neither of the two knew what the hell was going off, all of this was way too confusing for the both of them. All they knew was that their was someone who had called Jake as they seemed to be under attack, but why? Jake didn't recognize the voice at all...

Arriving at the woodlands they met Ronnie and Sam.

"We have a body, female, young, we haven't turned her over...she's face down..." Sam explained as they walked over to them and giving them gloves.

Jake saw the body and he went over to it with Kate in tow.

"Turn her over..." He said.

"Jake we need to wait..." Ronnie started but Jake cut him off.

"Turn her over!" Ronnie nodded to a member of SOCO who knelt beside the body and carefully rolled the young female onto her back and she shocked them all.

"She's just a kid..." Kate gasped seeing the girl was no older than thirteen.

Jake also knelt down beside the girl "The last thing she did was call me...Why?"

Ronnie handed Jake the girl's wallet which contained her school card.

"Brinley Cole, thirteen..." He read "Kate...she goes to the same school as your sister..."

Kate looked at the card then down at Brinley "Any thought on how she died...?"

Sam shook his head "She has no wounds, no marks and just look at's like she's just sleeping..."

Kate ran her hand through her hair before putting his hand on Jake's back; who had scared this girl so much? How had she even been able to contact him when Jake knew nothing about her?

This was a mystery that would be one of the hardest to solve; they had a child who had no wounds to say how she died, and a warning. Don't make deals with the devil because it's not worth it. Well what did that mean? Surely there was no such thing as the devil...could Brinley have meant the actual devil or something far more...human?

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