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Rachel Roth's Point of View

When the alarm on my phone informed me that it was time to get up a couple hours later I checked to make sure that my brother was asleep before I left the house. I prayed a silent thank you to the fact that Gar had forgotten to put the boat in the boathouse last night as I didn't have the keys to that particular building.

Sure I could easily break in and have no one even know that I was there but it just seemed wrong to do that here in this peaceful place. I did however steal the keys from Gar's pocket last night to start the vessel. He hadn't even flinched as I reached in while he was distracted, and if I profiled him right he wouldn't even notice that they were gone. My hope was that he would just assume that he gave them back to Jason already.

Jason doesn't know this but we didn't need Gar to drive us home last night. I had been trained to pilot everything under the sun since the day I turned 12. As I turned the engine on I counted how many hours I would have before someone noticed that this boat was missing, to be safe I decided I had to be back in two hours tops.

As I pulled into the dock connected to a small town half an hour later I saw the man that I was looking for. Daddy wasn't the only one who could rub elbows with the influential.

"Ms. Rachel Roth, I presume?" I nodded and shook the hand that he had held out to me. "Detective Samuel Jeroe, it's a pleasure to meet you. I understand that you have some information to us about your father. As you know we have been trying to catch him for years so it really is an honor to be working with the person that might finally put him behind bars."

Oh my gosh, I got the rookie. He was rambling on and on about this was the case of the century and my father's trial would be the trial of a century. The police all over the countr suspected my father but not a lick of proof has ever been found and the case against him always was shot done within the day of it opening.

"Detective, I really don't think this is the place to be discussing this."

"Oh yes I quite agree, I'm sorry I just got so exited! This is my first year on the job and I am very nervous."

"Yes well, we don't you to be the one who makes the mistake that leads to us all getting killed now would we. So I suggest that you follow my advice and go fishing with me, I hear that at this hour the fish will be biting like mad."

"What a great idea! I assume you brought the poles and such?"

I nodded and lead him onto my boat and drove away. I had no such intentions of following this silly mans genius plan of how my family will be put in protective custody and we could even go in the witness protection program. I knew that this case wouldn't stick and even if it did my father would simply vanish without a trace. No, this wasn't my master plan to protect my family. It was my plan to make sure that Daddy knew that his little girl had spilled the beans. After he found out who testified against him, none of his attentions will be set on Jason or my mother. It will all be on me, which is exactly what I want to happen.

Gar Logan's Point of View

The boat and keys were gone. Let me rephrase this, the boat and keys were gone! The keys were given to me by Jason to be returned and I had spit the trust right back in his face. Not only did I lose the keys but I forgot to put it in the boathouse last night.

To make matters worse I was the only one around who was around, so no one could help me look for it!

That's when it hit me. There was no one here to steal the boat. The only people that came to this part of the lake where the people who lived here, and that list was short. In fact it only had 6 names on it.


She was the only one who would have the guts to go into my pocket to steal a set of keys, and the way that she was while on the boat yesterday proved she was familiar with being on boats. Her brother Jason had been rocketing all over the place and tripping over the ropes, but not Rachel.

She was up to something and the thought of that put unbelievable theories in my head. Was she a secret government spy trained not to ever show emotions? Was she the secret general of an army of mutant ninjas that the government was hiding away? Was she part robot?

The last theory made we want to laugh. I had looked into those eyes of hers and however emotionless they were, they were definitely human. Every feature was too perfect to be made in a lab. We humans can't think up that much beauty; it has to happen by accident, all on its own.

Back to the incident at hand, as the boat was put under the name Roth and her last name was Roth it technically wasn't stealing, but still! Didn't she know that her brother had made me responsible for it? Didn't she know that stealing keys from a guy's pocket was wrong? Of course she did, she just didn't care.

To say that I was mad was an understatement. I mean, seriously, who does that? Oh she was not about to get away with this! It may have been childish but I sat down on the dock with a little huff in hopes that she would get here soon. Ignoring the splinter I just got in my hand I scanned the dark horizon.

I don't know when I fell asleep but I did.

The next time I woke up I was in my bed with the clothes I was wearing from the night before on my floor and when I checked the pocket, sure enough, the keys were inside. Did I dream up the whole thing?

When I looked out my window the boat was exactly where I left it on the docks. I had to be going crazy! As I ran my hand through my hair a sharp pain was brought to my attention. I looked down and the splinter I had gotten a few hours previous was right there.

Every single little thing she had taken care of, except for the hand. Rachel Roth I have to admit that you are good, just not good enough.

Rachel Roth's Point of View

After meeting with the detective I put just enough gas in the boat to look as if it hadn't moved all night, put Gar back in his bed, and put the keys back in his pocket.

Goodness he was a heavy sleeper, and heavy. Let us not forget heavy. The next day that I have to lift Gar Logan into his bed will be the day that pigs fly. Thank goodness that his room was on the first floor, I would have never made it up those stairs.

I walked over to my house where Jason was sleeping peacefully and made myself a cup of tea and started working on my paper, just like I do every single morning at this exact time.

No one would ever even know I was gone.