You Make Me Sick

SJ 2002

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. What I do own is a Bret Hart action figure, three pens and a pad of rapidly depleting post-it notes. This is Yaoi between Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura. I'm using the characters' dub names since all I've seen is the dub. I'm open to constructive criticism, but no flames, please, I really have no idea what I'm doing.

Synopsis: Yami Bakura gets tired of Yami Yugi's irritating oozing confidence, and desperately wants shut the Pharaoh up with a baseball bat. Ryou and Yugi sense the tension, and figure the best way to get them to get over it is to lock the two Yamis in Ryou's basement. Will the two push their big egos aside and work things out?

Legend: // indicates thought talking between both Yami Yugi and Yugi or Yami Bakura and Ryou.

* * *

Chapter 1 "Broken record much?"

It was getting utterly ridiculous. I realise that Yami Yugi has enough confidence to fill a Goddamn gymnasium and sometimes that's a good thing, but in my company, with my temper, it isn't. My Aibou and Yami's were in the room beside ours, having a talk about school. I cursed mentally when I heard my Aibou mention the institution because he convinced me to enrol in the same school as he. Apparently Yami did the same thing. I can just tell the next school year is going to be oh-so-much fun.

There was a pause in Yami's rant and I sighed, hoping this was the end of it. I wondered if the idiot realised that I wasn't paying attention. I cringed when I heard him start talking again. "Are you still talking?" I asked wearily. "Your little cheerleaders might enjoy your voice but it is getting on my nerves." Yami blinked and I continued, standing up. "Ever since you got here, it's been nothing but you talking! Don't you ever shut up?!"

Yami didn't look at all phased. Are all Pharaohs this pompous? "Why Bakura, are you jealous?"

I looked at him like he had three heads. "Jealous? I am not jealous of you, Yami. I am pissed off at you. I don't know if your swelled head can understand the difference!" I stood up and walked up to him. "And if you don't stop talking about yourself I am going to wrap a baseball bat around your big head!"

Yami still had that infuriating 'I'm-more-holier-than-thou' look on his face. I snarled at the look, just wanting to knock him out cold with some blunt object. No wait, I wanted to knock him out, put his head on a pike and rotate his carcass on a spit. Yes, that's what I wanted to do. He was just that infuriating to me at the moment. "Violence doesn't solve anything, Bakura."

"Oh yes it does, someone just hasn't shown your spoilt ass how it's done properly!" I snapped, clenching my fists.

//Bakura, what are you doing? //

//Aibou, Yami is getting on my nerves. //

//Don't hurt him, Bakura! //

I gave a small scoff, and rolled my eyes. //And why can't I do that? //

//He's Yugi's Yami, and Yugi cares strongly about him. Don't_hurt_him. //

//All right fine, Aibou. // I turned back to Yami, who no doubt heard the conversation, being the prying little prick he is. "You are very lucky my Aibou is such good friend with yours, or else you would be unconscious right now."

Yami narrowed his eyes at me. "I doubt you would be able to do such things to me, Bakura."

"Are you challenging me to knock your lights out?" I demanded, straining to keep my temper in check for the sake of my Aibou. "Because if you are, I will respond to the challenge and you will not like the outcome."

"We will see about that," Yami responded, crossing his arms over his chest. "I say you're nothing but talk, Bakura."

"You're a pharaoh, what do you know about that?" I demanded, snorting. "All you're used to is getting your own way. I don't care if you are the King of Games; you mean nothing to me. You're nothing but a pest."

Yami ran his tongue over the top row of his teeth. "If I am such a pest, why haven't you exterminated me yet, Bakura?"

I glared down at him. "Believe me, Yami, I would have exterminated you, but your Aibou seemingly cares about your worthless carcass. If it wasn't for him, you would have been unconscious and bleeding by now."

* * *

Ryou sighed, and Yugi raised an eyebrow. "What's the matter, Ryou?" Yugi asked, his purple eyes clouding with confusion. "You were all right a moment ago."

"It's Bakura," Ryou confessed and Yugi blinked. "It appears your Yami is testing the limits of his patience and I am not sure how much longer it's going to last."

Yugi gave a little sigh of his own. "I don't know why Yami persists in provoking Bakura. I guess it's just because their personalities clash."

Ryou ran a hand through his white hair. "They do. Yami has a lot of confidence which could be passed off as cocky, and Bakura…he's just got a bad attitude." He looked at the other duellist. "There's got to be some way to help them get along better."

"I don't know about that Ryou," Yugi said, as he thought about it. "Those two would tear each other apart if it wasn't for us." Ryou nodded with a small sigh. "The only way for them to even bother with each other is if they were like locked in a room or something."

Ryou's eyes widened and he snapped his fingers. "I have it, Yugi!"

Yugi blinked. "Have what?"

His friend's grin widened. "I have the perfect idea to get our Yamis to coexist, Yugi! And it was all because of you!"

"Okay, now you're confusing me, Ryou. What did I do?" Yugi asked blinking confusedly. "And how it going to stop your Yami from murdering mine?"

"You said the only way for them to even consider looking at each other if it were under extreme circumstances, like they were locked in a room with no escape. I say we do just that," Ryou explained. "We can put them in my basement. The only problem is to get them down there."

Yugi then grinned. "Don't worry about that, Ryou, I have the perfect way!"

* * *

I blinked confusedly at my Aibou. "You want me to get what from the basement?" I asked again for what must have been the twentieth time.

Ryou merely smiled at me. "I want you to go to the basement and bring up my yearbook from last year. Yugi and I want to go over it with him. I'm going to make supper in a moment, so could you please get it Bakura?" He gave me this pleading look and I cursed at myself for caring about him so much.

With a grunt, I nodded, and began my descent into the basement. "Why would he want the yearbook now?" I wondered to myself, as I walked into the exceedingly large basement. It was cleaner than most basements I had seen, and looked to be another little house inside the mansion. "Where is that blasted book?"

* * *

Yami stared blankly at Yugi. "You need me to get what from the basement, Aibou?" he asked again, confusion in his amethyst eyes.

Yugi smiled sheepishly. "I left my bag down there when Ryou was showing me around. I have to help him make supper, so do you think you can get it for me?" Yugi asked pleadingly. Yami bit his lip, looking at the utter cuteness that was his Aibou.

With a sigh, Yami nodded. "All right Aibou. But you must remember to take better care of your things," Yami said. Yugi nodded enthusiastically, and Yami shook his head, walking down into the basement, not caring that door was left half-open. He walked down the steps and looked around the large room. "Where is that bag?"

* * *

I froze as I heard that voice. It was that irritating voice of Yami. What was he doing down here? Just as I was about to say something, he spotted me. "What are you down here, Bakura?" He questioned.

I bristled. "Am I not allowed to be down here? This is my house you know." As Yami went to answer, we heard the door slam and a 'click' indicating it was now locked. "What the hell?" I heard Ryou and Yugi's voices on the other side of the door.

"Do you think this is going to work, Ryou?" Yugi asked.

"It's going to have to. Those two need to learn to get along," Ryou's voice replied.

"They locked us in here!" I exclaimed in outrage.

Yami looked less convinced. He walked up the steps and tried the knob. His eyes widened as he again tried furiously to open the door. "They locked us in here!"

I smacked my forehead. "Isn't that what I just said you idiot? If your head wasn't stuck so far up your ass you might have heard me!"

Yami walked down the steps, his face still calm, yet panicked. "Bakura, we are going to have to work together to get out of here."

"Like hell I'm going to work with you," I snarled, crossing my arms. "I'd rather die again than work with a spoilt idiot like you, Yami." I pushed myself off of the wall I had been leaning on and looked about the basement. I remember Ryou telling me about what was down here. There was enough food to last us at least two weeks, some couches and a recliner; there was a TV down here somewhere, and a bathroom. But I couldn't remember what he said about bedrooms.

"Well then it looks like we're going to be stuck down here a long time then," Yami said, folding his arms over his chest. "Why don't you just swallow your ego for a moment and we can work together to get out of this predicament."

I sneered. "Is that your solution to everything? I think hanging around those idiotic cheerleaders of yours has diluted your mind."

"Then what do you propose we do then, Bakura?" Yami asked, clearly getting frustrated with my responses. Ha, not so easy when the person you're talking to doesn't say 'yes Yami' or 'that's a great idea, Yami!' is it, Pharaoh?

"Stay the hell out of my way and you just might live, Yami," I replied, an edge to my voice. "Let's see if your great Duellist mind can comprehend that."


Author's notes: Okay, what do you think? Yay or Nay? Some feedback would be much appreciated since I really have no clue what I'm doing and I've seen like sparse episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Please review and let me know. –SJ