'Caught Short'

The institute was silent; so silent that not even Church made a sound. The stone walls echoed with long forgotten shouts and whispers, but there was not a soul in sight. Everyone was out for the night at various pastimes.

Izzy had invited herself to one of Simon's dreadful, tone-deaf bands performances. She had told everyone that she had no idea where that 'sorry excuse for a band' (as Jace had so nicely put) were performing tonight. She had not-so politely declined every request Simon had made for her to join their ear rotting band at its performance that night.

Izzy was positively gleeful at the thought of the look that was sure to be in place when he looked at her from the stage. Bewilderment she hoped or at least some sort of surprised look from his 'drop dead' gorgeous face.

Alec was also suspiciously gone from his room after telling everyone vehemently that he was not leaving and was 'definitely' not going to see Magnus tonight. They were going through a lovers tiff. Jace had assumed it was because Alec had finally had enough about the abundant amount of glitter that had permanently imbedded itself into his jumpers. But as it was, his will had crumbled to pieces and he found himself in his lover's cat eyed, glittery embrace.

The opportunity of a free institute, with no one to interrupt and no one to bother, was what the red headed female and the blonde, cocky male had taken advantage of. They crept back in from a night of lavish eating on their first real date. "A movie and a meal with the best person in the world, for you I mean; you should jump at the chance of a date with me." Jace had demanded before dragging her off, to what really was their first, ever date.

They were welcomed by the echoes of whispers, four hours after the conversation had actually happened. His rough hand travelled downward before sliding into the back pocket of her tight black, denim jeans. He never had a favourite, every pair hugged her tightly; every pair accentuated something new and exciting for him: the curve of her bum; her long, high legs; her graceful poise while stabbing raveners, and amongst other things.

She muffled her screech by biting down on the inside of his arm, leaving prominent teeth marks indented into his skin, but still the pigeons, perched high in the beams of the old church, rose with squawks of indignation.

The lift clanged on its way downwards, but that wasn't the only noises to come from the lift. Clary groaned as a thud rang out throughout the lift; seconds before her head had been violently thrown against the side of it by Jace's calloused hands (years of rough demon hunting would do that). Smoothing her hair over the bump that was now forming he guiltily whispered, "shit, I'm sorry" in a continuous cycle, his lips brushing over the top of her ear sending shivers down her spine.

Growing tired of his desperate apologies she shut him up, pressing her lips to his forcefully; so forcefully that he staggered backwards and slammed into the wall behind them. Recovering quickly he pulled back and shot her a cheeky smirk before resuming the kiss. The kissing grew frantic; Jace's hands explored downward, toying with the hem of her bright red top to feel the smooth expanse of pale skin underneath.

As the lift clanged to a halt at their destination the two still didn't separate, Jace wandered forward with Clary struggling to walk backwards. Realising that there was an easier way to make their way through the institute, he hoisted Clary up by the hips so that she could wrap her legs around his waist. He moved his hands along her thighs and ass, his lips lightly brushed the skin below her right eye then travelled down to her cheek before finding their way to her neck. He teased the skin there, sucking and nipping at it. He knew that this would leave reminders of their time together in a display of bright red and purple marks which Clary would surely hit him for when she saw them, but for now she continued to moan in pleasure as Jace sucked harder at the sensitive skin on her neck. Pulling back to admire his work a sly smirk graced his lips as he stared down at his love bites splattered all over her neck. The gleam in his eye showed just how proud of them he was and hoped she wouldn't cover them up, so that he also would be reminded of their time together. He wanted to see the look on Simons face when he realised that Clary had finally succumbed to Jace's devilish good looks.

Jace threw his back against the large door, reaching behind him in search for the brass handle that would open the door to his bedroom. At last he had it open, staggering backwards into the opening before falling flat against his bed. Clary freed her legs from behind Jace's back, as they rolled ferociously across the duvet, knocking over the bedside lamp in the process.

Her top was the first thing to come off; flung against the door, it hung limply on the brass door knob as mewls came from her throat. Jace stopped, staring intently at the teal, lace bra she was wearing. It was nothing like the innocent white bra he had been expecting. He growled louder the longer he looked at it before throwing himself against her; he licked and nibbled her through the bra before giving into her protests of: "more. Jace, more, please"

The bra went next; Clary began to think how unfair it was that he got to see her when she couldn't see him. As if sensing her thoughts he lifted off his own black shirt. She sighed at the perfection in front of her. His slightly toned chest, littered here and there with black runes for various things: One for strength below his right peck, two fading Iratzes, and one for balance. Old scars from old runes and long forgotten battles also littered his torso; but all of these just added to his appeal not subtracted like most people would have thought.

Her trousers were unbuttoned, pulled down and off while she was focusing on his chest. Again the sight of the black lace panties set him off. The mismatched underwear added to her appeal; her red hair spread out around the pillow as she begged to be touched.

She needed this; he needed this; they had both been waiting so long, scraping along with kisses and caresses in the dead of night hoping no one would hear.

Clary's mother had only just started to trust her to be in the institute over night; they had not wanted to break that trust so early on.

Clary's hand frantically tried to pry his trousers down, they needed to get a move on; what if someone came back? Sensing the urgency Jace brought his hands down from where they had been working magic on her breasts to undo his zipper. The leather trousers were soft and supple, easy to get off in a hurry.

His lips found their way to her nipple while his hands played with the sopping, wet lace. Sensing that if he didn't get on with it, she'd hit him with the toppled over lamp, he began to pull them down. Down past her knees and over her ankles, her breath hitched higher as they were lowered.

Jace moved so he was lying over her, pressing kisses over her face, tracing the bruises on her neck, over her breast; paying close attention to her nipples before slipping lower. He licked at her naval, and downwards. He leapt over where she needed him the most, down to her feet; he began to make his way higher. He nibbled softly on her inner thigh before licking the pain away. First one leg then the other; still he ignored her moans and begging for him to touch her where she so desperately needed it. "Jace, please, I need this. Jace, please." He smirked against her leg.

"Patience, my dear Clary, patience." But he himself could no longer hold out, he fell downwards and in one fell swoop; licked from her sopping wet hole to her clit before circling it.

She was close, and it hadn't even been that long, he could tell from the bunching, her hands were making of his sheets. Her breath was coming in pants, her baby hair stuck to her forehead and her eyes were tightly closed shut. Her moans became louder and longer before finally she managed to squeeze out, "Jace, I can't… Jace, please, no" He smirked as he inserted two fingers inside her dragging out the pleasure and her orgasm.

"Clary," he whispered as he dragged himself upwards, licking at his fingers before kissing her deeply. She could taste herself on him; she was surprised she was not revolted like she previously thought she would, instead she didn't mind the slightly salty taste.

Her hands grabbed at the material of his boxers before slipping inside to pump her hand slightly down his shaft. He groaned before scrambling out of his boxers and preparing to enter her delectable, tight hole. They were ready; they both needed this, "Jace…. Jace the rune. The rune, Jace." He groaned but didn't really hear her.

"Jace, the rune, please the rune." She panted out again.

"But that involves…. Finding the effing," He groaned louder as she pumped him again; fighting for concentration. "That involves finding the effing stele." He groaned louder, before prying himself away.

He searched through the piles of clothes but couldn't find one. Neither hers, nor his could be found. He pulled open the door letting soft light spill into his room, it fell softly against Clary's body highlighting and defining her body. She looked so perfect lying in his bed, naked, with a faint sheen of sweat over her forehead to which hairs stuck.

Huffing, he walked out into the hall to find the stele. He search for a good five minutes; retracing their steps to find them both laying side by side, strewn haphazardly in the lift. He smiled when he picked them up and walked back.

Jace's excitement grew the closer he got back to his room; it was finally going to happen; him and Clary. He reached the room and peered inside she still looked perfect and peaceful. Too peaceful, her snores filled the room. He huffed again before stepping up to the bed and hugging her closely to him.

Jace resolved to get everyone out of the house again in the next week; he couldn't wait any longer.

There will be a companion chapter posted soon. Just working on it now.