"Jace it's your birthday in three days; what do you want to do?" Clary and Jace were lounging peacefully on the red sofa, placed in what would once have been called the parlour.

"Nothing," Jace mumbled against her shoulder, (he'd been kissing the small bare patch of skin every so often for the past twenty minutes.)

"Okay let's rephrase the question: what are we doing for your birthday? I was thinking a small get together. Just family or maybe we could go for a meal, just the two of us. I could even cook for you!" She tried again, but all she felt was Jace smirk into her arm.

"The things I want to do for my birthday," he told her seriously, his lips still pressed against her shoulder, tickling the smooth skin, "should not be done in front of people. Unless, you know, you're into that sort of thing," Clary felt a blush rise in her cheeks at his not-so-subtle mention of their pastimes, and Jace's smirk became more prominent. "Embarrassed, love? There's no need to be"

"You're infuriating" she told him, pushing him away. "New question. What do you want for your birthday?" She asked him. Clary knew that the answer she would get off Jace would be dirty in someway, and he didn't disappoint.

"You. Covered in cake icing. And maybe I could be a candle, and you could blo-"

"Okay, that's quite enough of that. I need to know what to buy you, Jace, and the only thing on your brain is sex!" She shouted before covering her mouth as the word slipped out and her cheeks went warm for the second time in five minutes.

"What can I say, I'm that kind of guy. But seriously, I don't want anything. I have all I need right here," Jace kissed her to back up his point and she smiled slightly, running her hands over his hair.

"That was stupidly cheesy, Jace, and it's cute and all-"

"Don't call me cute."

"It's really macho manly and all but I need to know what to buy you for your birthday. Come on, I want ideas." Clary amended with a cheeky grin.

"I'm serious, Clary. I'll be the candle."He told her and she sighed.

"Okay Jace, we can do this your way. I'll be right back," she told him, escaping from his arms and almost running away from the parlour, which made Jace slump down onto the seat of the chair. He had no idea what was going on but watched her leaving anyway, eyes trained on her backside, sliding himself up into a comfortable sitting position. Whatever she did, he would be ready for her.

Clary had no idea what she was going to do, as she rooted through drawers of lingerie and pyjamas, all of which she had brought for occasions such as these and all of which Jace had no idea existed. Lacies, silk, and cotton thin enough to be see-through slipped over her fingers as she looked for something; an almost nauseous feeling had settled into her stomach at the thought of going through with this plan. But when her hands reached what she was looking for, a small smile slipped onto her face and she yanked out the underwear and pyjamas before locking the door so that she could change.

Jace was becoming increasingly bored with waiting for Clary to come out of her room and was beginning to think that maybe he should just give in when he heard small footsteps coming towards the room. He watched the door with anticipation as it slowly swung open, only to have his jaw drop down to his knees when Clary herself walked in, clad in tight, black, pyjama shorts with pink ribbon detail. The shorts barely covered her ass, and were sitting low on her hips, exposing her hip bones and the bottom of her stomach. 'She can't possibly be wearing anything underneath those; they're too short.' Sitting on her top half was a very, very see-through, very revealing, white vest top. The hem sat just above her belly button and Jace could very blatantly see the crimson lace bra that she was wearing underneath. The straps were so skinny they were hardly visible, and the straps of her bra had bright red ribbon weaved into them, little bows sat in the corner where her strap and her top met.

"Clary" he choked out. His voice was high and his eyes wide- the exact response that Clary wanted to evoke from her boyfriend. His eyes were raking all over her body over and over again, taking her all in, not quite believing his eyes. "If this is a dream, then please God don't let me wake up right now," he whispered, shifting himself so he wasn't so obvious as Clary placed herself right next to him, so her side pressed against his, not really helping his situation. He visibly stiffened and she inwardly smiled.

"Something wrong, sweetie?" She asked him and he shrugged, faking nonchalance.

"Nothing that I can't handle, my love" he told her, not looking at her at all for fear of taking her right there and then. A few seconds later he felt small puffs of breath on his jaw, followed by soft lips, placing a trail of kisses to his ear and her fingers trailed rhythmically up and down his thigh.

"So," she whispered in his ear as Jace closed his eyes and gulped; his Adams apple bobbing. "What do you want to do for your birthday?" She asked before going back down his jaw with her kisses.

"N...N..." Jace sighed before trying again. "Nothing." He knew this had to do with his birthday but couldn't help being immensely turned on by Clary, in her sexy clothing and her sudden want for touchy-feely time.

"Not the right answer, sweetie," she told him, patting his leg and jumping up, going over to the stereo and putting in a CD. As the first song started up she smiled and turned away from Jace. Swinging her hips slowly and smoothly, Clary trailed her hands up her body and pulled her hair up off her neck before letting it fall against her shoulders and letting her hands trail back down to her sides, never stopping the slow sensual swings of her hips.

She soon felt Jace pressed up behind her, his hands pushing her hair away from her neck as he attacked it with his lips. His hands were drawing circles on her exposed hips and occasionally gripping them, pushing his hands down until they met the exposed skin of her legs before bringing them back up again. Clary made sure to move so that he felt every part of her against him, his lips leaving her neck as he let out a small moan of approval.

"Clary..." He groaned, rubbing his hands over her stomach, "Please. Please. I'm begging here. I don't beg" he told her and she smirked.

"Let me throw you a birthday party," she said to him, rubbing against him.

"I can't let you do that," he whispered, stopping her hips from their mission.

"Sweetie...Sweetie..." She turned around, pulling his t-shirt off and licking his chest, making him close his eyes and lean his head back. "Sweetie, let me throw you a birthday party...please" she kissed the corner of his mouth before capturing his lips with her own.

"Clary" he groaned.

"Let me...throw you...a birthday party," she told him and he nodded as she ran her hands round his back and over his ass. She pushed them both so they sat on the red sofa, Jace landed first and pulled her on top of him.

"Okay. Okay. Birthday party. Okay." He said and she grinned, kissing him fiercely.

"Okay, and what do you want,?" Her lips went to his neck, letting her tounge slip out of her mouth as she left a trail of passionate kisses going down his neck to his colar bone.

"Um...a...ahh...a book would...be nice," Jace moaned loudly as Clary bit his neck. "Clary, god damn it!"

"Thanks. Now, you get what you want." Clary lifted her hips and felt Jace slip his calloused hands up and underneath the silk. Instead of pulling them down, in his impatience, he simply torn them at the seams and allowed them to drop. He had been right, no underwear could be seen; instead she was presented deliciously bare before him.

He slipped from underneath her thighs and kneeled before her on the cool wooden floor, a direct contrast to the couple's hot, flushed skin. Jace trailed his fingers along her bare thigh, his lips and tongue quick behind them. Nips and small blue bruises were left behind. Clary panted and moaned at every soft pinch of his teeth. Up and up he trailed before softly stroking her vulva, it was slightly stubbly and provided a not unpleasant sensation. His fingers softly parted her nether lips and stroked from the edge of her already soaked pussy.

Jace took a sharp intake of breath as he softly inserted first one, then two, fingers into her, slowly. She groaned and rolled her hips towards his fingers; she knelt on the red, plush couch, her head thrown back against the top of the sofa. Jace almost groaned from just looking at her pleasured form; her hair was thrown around her face like a halo on the finest angel; her face was relaxed and showed nothing but pleasure. and. wait. impatien- "Jace move your freaking fingers," she moaned pushing herself down against him. He chuckled and, still not moving his fingers, leaned towards her and swirled his pointed tongue against her aching clit. She almost shot of the sofa at the unexpected warmness that suddenly surrounded her.

"Jace, please Jace, I need you." He didn't need telling twice. He stood up and Clary whimpered from the loss of contact against her inner most folds.

He quickly removed every item of clothing on his person but made sure not to loose the stele that had been in his back pocket. Clary reached towards him, hands outstretched and grasping to touch his slightly scarred abs.

She wrapped her small arms around him and pulled him, by his face, towards hers. Their mouths met with a clash of passion and a cacophony of moans. He moved them both so he was placed underneath her thighs and sat up against the sofa. Clarys legs were spread wide; wide enough that her soaked nether lips were stretched apart, dripping her juices against Jace.

Before it could go any further and before Jace could loose his mind amongst her thighs, he produced the stele and placed it on her abdomen. Drawing the familiar lines took no longer than it did for him to pull down her sheer vest. The rune was correct and the stele no longer needed, was thrown against the cushions that had been jostled in all the fun.

Clary slowly, gently, touched Jace and guided him inside of her. Gravity pulled her down to the hilt and allowed Jace to hit just the right spot inside of her. The tightening of her muscles made him groan against her chest. He began to thrust upwards and encouraged her to push herself up and fall back against him. Jace's lips fastened around her right nipple, his teeth nipped gently, causing a loud moan to rip it's way out of her throat.

Her nipple slipped from his mouth allowing him to groan out, "moan for me; you know how much it-" a moan interrupted his speech, "turns... Turns me on." She rolled her hips and moved her hands up to her breasts. "How, how'd you like having my hard dick pressed into your warm wet-" another moan interrupted his speech for Clary's inner muscles tightened around him and a gush of wetness greeted him.

Jace pushed upwards again, he thrusted hard and fast, faster than his earlier movements. These more erratic movements brought both he and Clary to the edge faster than before. "I... I need," Clary moaned and moved his left hand to her clit. He caught on rather quickly despite the less than adequate brain capacity, given their current activity.

Within two minutes both had tumbled over the black void and collapsed back against the sofa back.