The Foreigner

By: Sibby/In Fair Verona

Summary: Legolas Greenleaf is plunged deep within the flows of time, fast forwarded into another dimension, into a new world, into a teenage girl's bedroom. Welcome to Roswell, Legolas.
Pairing: Liz/Legolas
Rating: PG-13
Crossover: Roswell/Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, or Legolas, damn it all!

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If you need love,
you can buy love,
from a pay phone,
I don't need love.
-The Vines

"RUN!" The roaring king's voice echoed and bounced off the collapsing rocks and walls of the mines, seeming to bring them down faster. Legolas spun on his heels, concern scribbled across his pale face, as he looked back at his comrades. They were about 20 feet behind him, now that he had stopped, all running across the falling bridge as fast as their feet could carry them. He watched as Aragorn, the last of them all, scooped up Frodo, the dark haired hobbit and ring bearer, into his arms and ran swiftly ahead carrying him, cradled like a baby. The hobbit fought against the king, reaching his arms out over Aragorn's shoulder, towards the fated bridge where their leader and Gandalf the Gray had parted them. Legolas' eyes flickered to his side as Aragorn ran past with Frodo. "RUN LEGOLAS!" He shouted, following the others towards the exit. In all their haste, they had overlapped Legolas and were far ahead of him now. Legolas spun on his heels and ran after them with light ease. He had no worry, he was the fastest of them all and would surely make it out okay. The crushing sounds of rocks cascading into another drummed in his ears as he ran through many twists and turns, and finally caught sight of Aragorn's fleeting back and Frodo's sobbing face. They reached the exit and Aragorn pushed Frodo through and turned back to see Legolas running at full speed. "HURRY, LEGOLAS!" He yelled, extending his hand to the elf. Legolas ran across the rocky path, it was incredibly thin and fragile, one wrong move would send him into the dark unknown that surrounded it. He sprinted quickly and was only some 15 feet away from Aragorn, when it shot him in the arm. A quick sharp pain, not destructive, not fatal, but enough to make him wince and trip off course, his feet slipping from under him and diving into the floating darkness. Instinctively and quickly, he swung his arm around and caught onto the edge. "LEGOLAS!" He heard Aragorn's feet running back towards the path towards him. The pounding boots were closer and closer, but the pain was making him weak and Legolas' fingers were sweaty, he was going to slip on this thin ledge. Like an angel, Aragorn arrived just in time. "Give me your hand!" He said, bending over. Legolas moved his uninjured arm slowly upwards towards the king, and as their fingers touched, the pain struck his held up arm, and he yelped in pain as it forced him to draw his hand back, and with both arms handicapped and bloody, he had no choice and slipped, his hands limp and aching infront of him as he dropped into the darkness. Aragorn's face becoming smaller and smaller, and his distant call and shout becoming fainter, and fainter.
"Good-bye, my king." Legolas whispered to himself, before closing his eyes and awaiting the fatal crash of death into the floor of the Mines of Moria.

"Liz, you won't believe this." Maria said, throwing off the plastic silver antennae headband onto the counter, and hopping onto a revolving stool. Liz put some cash into the Crashdown Cafe's register and looked up at her expectantly. "Michael won't go to the prom with me."
"No..." Liz frowned. "Does he know that I'm going with Max?"
"Yes, I told him what you told Max, this is how we always wanted it-the four of us to go together, but he wouldn't have it. He said proms were stupid and he'd rather be working."
"I'm sorry Maria." Liz said, giving her friend a sympathetic smile and hug across the counter. "Maybe you could bring Brody." She smirked.
"Ha!" Maria laughed. "Right. I think Brody would rather be working as well. I'll just go stag... promise you won't get caught up in Max and all that twinkle toes stuff, and leave me there to linger?"
"Maria! I would never do that!"
"Oh. Really. Do I need to go get your old diary from your room? The one with all the 'Max is the love of my life!' doodles all over it?"
"Hey! We're just going as friends, anyway." Liz blushed. "I promise I won't forget you Maria, how could I? It'll be great, I promise. We can have fun without Michael." Liz grinned. Maria nodded and grinned back.
"Thanks." Maria began to hop off the stool when there was a loud thud from the roof above her. "Whoa. What's your dad doing up there?"
"My dad isn't here, he's on a business trip promoting the Crashdown." Liz frowned. She glanced up at the ceiling.
"It came from your room." Maria muttered.
"I'll go see what happened." Liz said, taking off her antennae headband and untying the alien head apron and placing them under the counter, as she walked towards the back of the Crashdown and to the stairs leading up to her room. She put a hand on the railing and climbed the wooden steps slowly, her doe eyes were ready and careful as she turned up the stairs and step by step, reached her room. She reached out towards the door knob but drew back when a low moan erupted from the room. She furrowed her brow. "Max." She whispered, her voice set and determined as she flung the door open and ran in. Liz saw a figure on her bed, moaning in pain and her first instinct was to go help the love of her life, when she realized it wasn't him. The figure lay on it's back, dressed in strange garments and clothing, including heavy boots, propped up on her bed and he had long silvery blonde hair cascading over his shoulder. Liz approaching cautiously and the man laying on her bed turned to face her, his dark blue eyes seemed confused and weary, and- "Oh. My. God." Liz said quickly, turning back on her heels, and running for the door.
"Wait! Please!" Legolas called after her, trying to sit up, but without the use of his hands, it was useless. "Wait! I come in peace!"
"Yea, that what the aliens said." Liz muttered, struggling to open her own door, but in all her fright, it proved difficult and it seemed like Liz was going to have a spastic attack soon. She frantically grabbed an umbrella on a hangar next to her door and pointed it at the man. "Who are you!?" Liz cried.
"L-Legolas, son of Thranduil, Prince of Mirkwood!" He cried.
"What!?" Liz breathed out, holding the umbrella shakily. "W-who?"
"Legolas. My name is Legolas Greenleaf. My father is Thranduil, he is the king of Mirkwood and you are mistreating a royal elf." He swallowed.
"A, royal, a royal elf?" Liz laughed. "Allright. What type of sick joke is this?" Liz said, glancing around. "First the royal four, now a royal elf. Ha!" Liz laughed. "Kyle, is this your idea of a joke? Kyle? Did Tess put you up to this!?"
"Who, who is Kyle?" Legolas asked.
"Nice try. Now, really, who are you." Liz said, coming closer towards him. She neared the edge of the bed and looked at him steadily and then her gaze dropped down to his arms. She dropped the umbrella abruptly. "Oh my God!" She extended her hand slowly, pointing at the arrow stuck inside one of his arms, and glancing over at his other arm where an arrow was pinned to his shoulder. "That is so sick!"
"Could you take it out for me?" Legolas asked uneasily.
"Take it out?!" Liz repeated.
"Please! I can't sit up if I can use my arms, these arrows are hindering me, and in this position I am squishing my bow." Liz glanced at the bow and arrows in the roundish sack behind his back. She approached slowly and bent down on her knees at the edge of the bed so that she was level with the so called Elven prince. Moving both hands toward his arm and circling them around the thin wooden pole of the arrow. "Just yank it out, the quicker it is, the less painful." Legolas instructed. Liz looked up at him, unsure and meeting his dark blue eyes. He nodded, as if he could read her mind and knew exactly what she was thinking. Liz glanced down at the arrow in her hands, closed her eyes slowly and thrust upwards. She heard him gasp slightly and peeled her eyelids open, looking at the bloody arrow ends in her hands. "The other one..." Legolas muttered, looking at the arrow lodged in his shoulder. Liz dropped the other arrow onto the floor and kicked it slightly under her bed and then crossed over to the other side of the bed. She bent down and this time only used one hand, placing it around the arrow, and the other she laid softly on his shoulder for support. Once again, he gave the affirmative nod, and this time Liz took her time and eased it out of his shoulder slowly. She glanced up at Legolas who was biting his lip and watching the arrow slide out of his shoulder. Once it was out Liz quickly dropped it and let it join the other arrow under neath her bed.
"Can, can I ask you a question?" Liz said breathily. Legolas nodded.
"Why, why were there arrows in your arms?"
"Orcs were trying to shoot me down."
"I'm sorry, what? If, if someone were trying to shoot you down... wouldn't they use a gun?"
"A what?" Legolas furrowed his brow in confusion.
"Where are you from!?" Liz cut in.
"I told you! Mirkwood! I wouldn't be the Prince of Mirkwood, if I wasn't from there!"
"True." Liz said softly. "Who was trying to shoot you down?"
"The orcs. They were either slaves of Sauron or Saruman, I didn't bother to check."
"Sauron, or Saruman. Oh, don't tell me you haven't heard! I'm sure all of Middle Earth knows, I mean, how could you not!?"
"Listen to me, and try not to get too scared and afraid." Legolas said slowly. "The dark lord Sauron is rising again, and he wants the ring back. The one ring. Saruman, the wisest of the wizarding council, has betrayed us and joined allegiance with the dark lord. A fellowship of 9 has been chosen, to aid the ring bearer in his journey to destroy the one ring, in the fires of Mount Doom. In the land of Mordor." Liz stared blankly at Legolas for a few moments, and blinked twice. The corners of her strawberry lips curved into a smile and she let out a light chuckle.
"I see. You're in town for the Harry Potter convention." Liz smiled.
"What's Harry Potter? And what town am I in, exactly? You're not an elf so I might even be in Gondor or Rohan, but I have no idea as to how I could've gotten hear. All I remember was falling..."
"That's right... you fell, and hit your head, and you can't remember anything, and you must've poked yourself with your own arrows." Liz said sympathetically.
"What!? I would not poke myself with my own arrows! That's insanity!"
"You know what's insanity? All of this Gonzor, and Orkz, or whatever." Liz chuckled.
"No! Don't you believe me!? I am Legolas Greenleaf!"
"Actually, I am an elf-man, I'm well out of the child elf years, that was some thousands of years ago." Legolas replied. Liz blinked, and kept her gaze on him.
"How did you get into my room?"
"I honestly don't know. All I remember was falling, and darkness, and I landed here on this bed ... and...Aragorn! I remember Aragorn!"
"Aragorn. Is that your friend?" Liz smiled.
"How can you not know Aragorn, I know he declined the throne, but surely the people of Gondor know his name! He's your king! Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir to the throne of Gondor!"
"I think you need to rest. Lay down." Liz cut in.
"Well, ... could you help me take this off then?" He motion to his little satchel containing his bow and arrows. Legolas shifted, with use of his aching arms into a sitting position and Liz leaned over, listing the satchel over his arms and head and placing it on the end table. "Thankyou."
"No...problem. Just stay there, I'm going to be right back..." Liz said slowly, heading for her door. She placed her hand on the brass knob and rotated slowly, pulling the door open, stepping outside and then closing it. Once the door was closed, Liz pranced down the wooden stairs, her long brown hair flapping after her. She skidded out of the backroom and headed over towards Maria. "Maria!"
"Hey Liz, look who's here." Maria moved aside, revealing Max. Max smiled and waved at Liz. Liz flashed him a smile back, not about to reveal that now was not the time. Any time with Max, was good time. "Liz, what took you so long, is everything okay up there?" Maria asked, her eyes flickering up towards the ceiling. Max looked at Liz, his face full of concern.
"Something happened? What happened?" Max frowned.
"It was nothing, just something fell down from my bookcase, I cleaned it all up. Don't worry about it. It's nothing as crazy as an alien king showing up in Roswell." Liz said with nonchalance. It was only the first, in a series of lies about to come.

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