The Foreigner

By: Sibby/In Fair Verona

Summary: Legolas Greenleaf is plunged deep within the flows of time, fast forwarded into another dimension, into a new world, into a teenage girl's bedroom. Welcome to Roswell, Legolas.
Pairing: Liz/Legolas
Rating: PG-13
Crossover: Roswell/Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, or Legolas, damn it all!

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Anyway, here it is, the 'Heart of Mine' chapter!

Don't be a fool, don't be blind,
Heart of mine.
Heart of mine, go back home,
You got no reason to wander, you got no reason to roam.
-Bob Dylan

Recap: Legolas has now met everyone in 'the gang' and went shopping with Maria, Liz and Alex. Since Liz's dad is returning from his business trip the night, Liz and Max have arranged it so that Legolas can stay with Max.

"And this is the kitchen. The fridge is that big white block over there, feel free to raid it any time during the night." Max said, motioning towards the refrigerator and leading Legolas out of the kitchen. "Here's the living room. Oh, and the t.v, dvd player, VCR, all the movies are in this cabinet here. We can watch something if you want."
"T.v?" Legolas asked unsurely, eyeing the black screen.
"You know, a television?"
"I cannot say that I do know a television." Legolas replied, eyeing the digital gadgets skeptically.
"I'll explain later. We should go put away your stuff in my room." Max said, grabbing a load of shopping bags. He walked up the stairs followed by Legolas who took extreme interest in every family portrait hanging along the walls. They made it up to Max's room and Max plopped down all the shopping bags. "We can make a bed on the floor for you, whenever you're ready to go to sleep. I really don't know what your schedule is. I'll be sleeping in my bed-"
"And underneath that is where you'll find all the porno." Isabel said sarcastically, leaning in the doorway. "Max, I didn't know you had a friend over- Legolas!" She smiled widely, flashing her perfectly white teeth upon seeing him. "I thought you were forced to stay inside of that restaurant while you were here."
"Liz couldn't keep him tonight." Max explained. "I said he could stay with us."
"Well, of course, we'll take much better care of him anyway." Isabel grinned.
"Liz is a very responsible person. She would make a very good wife." Legolas cut in. Max paused and bit his lip, Isabel frowned. "In the sense that she is so responsible and takes care of every chore and can solve any problem. She must be very intelligent."
"She is." Max said, herding all of Legolas' shopping bags into a corner.
"And she's already reserved as Max's wife." Isabel replied cheekily. She tilted her head flirtatiously. "But I'm not..."
"Reserved? As in betrothed?" Legolas asked, looking at Max. "I don't believe in being betrothed."
"Isabel's lying. Liz isn't reserved or betrothed to me. We're friends." He replied sulkily, moving past Legolas and towards the door. He pushed Isabel's hand off the doorframe and then closed it shut. With his hand on the handle he used his powers to lock the door and then moved away.
"MAX! OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW! MAX! UGH-GOD!" Max heard Isabel's thundering footsteps as she departed and didn't blink once.
"You'll have to excuse her. She's used to getting her way."
"I see." Legolas plopped down on Max's bed and took in the surroundings. His eyes fell upon a stiff box sitting upon a table. "Another T.v?" Legolas asked.
"Oh, no. That's my computer. They have computers in Switzerland, right?"
"Probably...? But I've never come upon it to use one."
"Well, let me show you. The Internet is a great tool." Max said, sitting down in front of his desk and shaking the mouse to rid of the screen saver. He clicked on a triangular icon and a screen popped up. After typing in a password, tons of windows popped up, all with colors and pictures, and so many words... in a long thin white box at the top, Max typed in an address.
"The Crashdown!" Legolas said excitedly.
"Yeah, this is Mr.Parker's website." Max explained. "See, you can take a look at the menu, e-mail a reservation, and even get recipes." He clicked on the recipe link, which brought up a page with many items. "How about those pancakes?" He clicked on the link and a screen containing directions to make Ms.Parker's (not Michael's though) pancakes. "We can print it out, through the printer, too." Max pointed to the strange looking boxish device to his right. He clicked on 'file'; 'print' and the machine began to make strange noises. Legolas sprang back onto Max's bed. "Hey, don't be scared, it's just the printer." Max said calmly as a piece of paper shot out of the printer. He handed it to Legolas, who looked it over in curiosity.
"It is a recipe." Legolas finally announced. "Can we make some?"
"Uh... maybe you and Isabel could do that in the morning. We could watch a movie though." Max said, shutting door the computer and standing up. "Do you... watch movies?"
"No." Legolas said simply.
"Right, well, it's time you have then." Max smiled, opening the door for him. Legolas proceeded out and the two boys headed downstairs. Max walked into the living room and opened the movie cabinet, displaying literally, hundreds of dvd's and videos of his father's personal collection. "Whatever sparks your interest..." Legolas started hard at the collection for a few moments. His eye skimmed over every thin and thick paper and plastic box, until he exclaimed-
"Harry Potter!" He pulled the thin disc out and clutched it dearly. Max chuckled.
"You, um, you like that? Fantasy, Science Fiction, and all that?"
"I suppose... fantasy, that is." Legolas replied.
"Maybe you'd like this." He pulled out another dvd and handed it to him. "Lord of the Rings?" Legolas eyed it skeptically in his hand.
"Hmm. Sounds rather fishy. Although, the elf on the cover is very good looking." Max grinned and put the DVD away. "So, have you read the Harry Potter books, or something?"
"Books? It's also a book?" Legolas asked. "Liz told me I was supposed to go to see Harry Potter. Or something, along that train of speak... Can we?" He held up the box, confused as to how exactly it worked.
"Oh, yeah." Max took the case from him and flipped it open, pulling out disc. He strode over to the thin black box in front of the t.v. Pushing the eject button, a thin section of the box moved out and Max dropped the disc in, and pushed the eject button again as it slid back into the box. He walked back over to the couch Legolas sat gracefully on, and sat down as the movie began...
2 1/2 hours later...

Max rubbed his eyes open and found his face squashed into the arm of the couch. He must've dozed off during the exciting quidditch game. Drat. He looked over at Legolas who was still sitting gracefully like he had been the last time Max checked. And the time before that. Legolas watched the ending credits with interest, the white text against the black screen reflected in the depths of his dark blue eyes.
"Why didn't you wake me up to tell me the movie was over?" Max asked groggily.
"It's not over yet. The words are still coming." Legolas said.
"It's over." Max yawned, getting up and turning off the dvd player and the dvd. "Did you stay awake through the entire movie?" He asked, stretching his arms out and letting out another yawn.
"Yes, it was very exciting. I think Liz was right, I would like to meet Harry Potter. He seems interesting. But I especially liked Hermione. Don't you think Hermione and Liz are very alike?"
"Uh..." Max put his arms down and shoved his hands in his pockets.
"Smart, intelligent, beautiful-"
"Beautiful?" Max chuckled. "I mean, Legolas, she's only 11!"
"Liz?" Legolas frowned.
"No. Hermione." Max said slowly. "Liz is 17."
"Really? She's quite young compared to me."
"Um, how old are you, exactly?" Max asked insecurely. Legolas opened his mouth to speak but Max cut him off. "Anyway, Legolas, the thing is you can't go meet Harry Potter, because he isn't real. He's a very beloved fictional character, and he doesn't really exist."
"Oh... but... on the t.v-"
"You have a lot to learn about movie magic." Max laughed, extending a hand to Legolas and helping him off the couch. "We should go to sleep, then you can wake up early and if you want, make pancakes with Isabel."
"All right." Legolas grinned, following him up the stairs. As they reached Max's bedroom door, Legolas stopped him. "Wait, Max."
"You never answered me, do you think Liz is smart, and intelligent, and beautiful like Hermione?" Max didn't see the point of the question, but Legolas was obviously new at things...
"Of course I do. I think Liz is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." Max replied simply. He opened the door and stepped inside. Legolas followed and helped Max gather sheets to make a bed on the floor. They worked in silence, and Legolas' makeshift bed was done in know time. He positioned himself on the floor and laid down to rest as Max climbed into his bed.
"Goodnight Max, thank you for allowing me to stay with you."
"Don't worry about it. Goodnight." Max replied, turning off the light. Legolas shift and rolled onto his side, peering into the darkness. He liked Max as a friend, and he knew Max was good person. There was just one unsettling thing... Liz was the most beautiful girl they had both ever seen, and there was something between Max and Liz. Legolas just didn't know what.

"Umph." Max reached his arm around and slammed the radio off. What idiot decided to put it at full volume? Even if it was Coldplay. He brought his hands to his eyes and rubbed them open, greeting the white ceiling that stared down at him. "Ah. Back cramp." Max muttered, sitting up and peering over the edge of his bed. No Legolas. Hmm. He reached his arms around and placed them on the small of his back. A white light emitted and in no time the stress and tension in the knots and muscles was relieved. Max stretched his arms out and hopped off the bed friskily, and walked downstairs to go find the guest. As long as Isabel didn't kidnap him, he was probably downstairs watching Harry Potter again. Max walked down the stairs in his usual gray flannel shirt and pajama pants. Well, maybe not usual, he preferred sleeping shirtless (A/N: and we all prefer that as well.) but having another guy in the same room... You never know Legolas could be- not wait, no he couldn't. Not with the ways he'd describe Liz, or how he plans on cradle robbing Hermione Granger. Eh. The guy was a little creepy, and then there was that whole thing with- pancakes. The aroma of baking pancakes floated into his nostrils and he headed towards the kitchen. Sure enough, there was Isabel holding a skillet over the oven in her hand and Legolas peering curiously over her shoulder. Oh, she probably enjoyed that. "Hey. You guys didn't wake me up." Max said, sitting down at the kitchen table.
"Didn't want to disrupt you from your dreams." Isabel giggled. "I know how much you and Liz value your time together." Legolas looked at Max curiously, and Max glared at his sister. She dream walked him again!
"You just wanted time to make your precious pancakes." Max said, grabbing the rolled up newspaper on the table and unrolling it.
"It was your idea." Isabel snapped.
"Heh." Max smirked and leaned back in his chair just as the phone rang. He spun/hopped out of the seat and answered. "Hello? Hey Liz..."

"Hey." Liz grinned, plopping down on her bed cradling the phone into her neck as she used her hands to pull her hair into a ponytail. "Max, I talked to my dad, and he said Legolas could stay, so whenever he wants to come-"
"He did?"
"Yeah, I was surprised how lightly he took it too." Liz chuckled, thinking back to the moment...

"Dad, he has no where else to go. The family, who was supposed to take him can't anymore, and no one else is going to volunteer, they'll send him back and he really wants to be here. I talked to him. We don't even know how long we'll have to keep him! A family that was actually on the list might be able to, but not now. He's a sweet guy; you'd like him Dad... Please think it over." Liz said earnestly, giving he father the sad puppy face. Mr.Parker looked at his wife who was sitting beside him in the booth.
"Excuse us for a second, Liz?" Jeff Parker asked politely, smiling at his daughter.
"Sure." Liz got up and walked over to the counter and began to pick the green stems off the strawbehries.
"I think it'd be a good experience, for all of us, and we can't let that poor boy's trip go to waste." Nancy said, looking at her husband.
"Where would he sleep?"
"Well, we can figure out something. We could always fix something up in the backroom, although I do trust Liz enough to let him sleep in her room. He probably doesn't know any better to try anything himself, and Liz is so wrapped up in Max, that, well, nothing that you're thinning is going to happen Jeff."
"Max Evans..." Jeff trailed off. "If, if we let him stay, Liz will be very very busy trying to make him comfortable and have a good time... she won't have time for Max & CO!" Jeff whispered excitedly. Nancy bit her lip.
"Well, that's one positive..."
"Hell, why not? Liz! Liz, come over here!"
"Yes, Dad?"
"He can stay." Jeff Parker exclaimed happily.
"Really." Mr.Parker grinned meticulously.
"Thanks so much!" Liz said, reaching over her mother to hug her dad.

"And thanks so much for taking him Max. I appreciate and I know Legolas does too. Isn't he so polite?"
"Yeah, he's an interesting guy. Definitely not from around here. I'll be sure to tell him he can go over when we wants."
"Thanks. But hey, you're an interesting guy too, Max." Liz grinned.
"Now, that might be underestimating there. Try freak of nature interesting?"
"You're like a car crash Max, you know it's wrong to look, but you just can't help it." Liz chuckled.
"Car crash interesting? That works."
"So, what did you two bachelors do last night?"
"Uh... well, *he* watched Harry Potter. I fell asleep... he said you told him to go see Harry Potter?"
"Oh. Oh! Well, he seems to be very interested in that sort of stuff. I told him he should go to that convention that was in town."
"Oh. Yeah."
"Yeah. Well, I have to go, Maria's going to come over soon to help us get ready for tonight..."
"Yeah. Well, I'll be there, at the Crashdown, tonight, on time."
"I know you will be Max... bye."

"Liz says you're welcome back whenever you're ready." Max said, hanging up the phone and looking at Legolas and his sister.
"Can I go back now?" Legolas asked innocently. Isabel shot him a slightly pissed off look but he didn't notice.
"Um, I don't see why not. Why don't you eat those pancakes and let me change, I'll drop you off." Max shrugged, walking out of the kitchen. Within a few minutes he had combed his hair and was fully dressed, just as Legolas finished his pancakes.

"I must say I prefer Michael's pancakes." Legolas said honestly to Max. Once again, Isabel glowered at him. Max could only chuckle.
"Well, Isabel tried. She always tries." Max grinned; opening the door for the other boy and closing it before Isabel could rip his head off. He climbed into the driver's seat of the jeep next to Legolas and pushed his keys into the ignition, starting the car. Max couldn't help but notice the widespread grin on Legolas' face as he drove towards the Crashdown.

"Legolas!" Liz grinned excitedly as the blonde elf came through the door. In the background she saw Max pulling out of the Crackdown's parking lot. "How was your stay with Max?" She asked from the counter.
"It was enjoyable. We bonded, and we watched Harry Potter." Legolas said, clasping his hands behind his back.
"I heard." Liz chuckled, carrying a dish over to a nearby table and then returning to where Legolas was. "I'm glad that it was enjoyable for you." Liz smiled. "You're wearing your new clothes."
"Yeah, it's no orc skin, but it's quite comfortable." Legolas chuckled, leaning back against the counter. He turned his head to the left slightly, watching Liz reach over the counter and grab an order, delivering it to the nearby table next to them.
"Um, Legolas, can I ask you a question?" Liz said uneasily, wiping her hands with a wet towel and then slopping it onto the stool next to her. Trying to hide an unreasonably flattered grin, Legolas nodded. "Last night, when we left the mall, Maria asked you to the prom..." Liz trailed off, pausing for a moment to get some input from Legolas. Legolas' grin quickly dispersed, as this was anything but the question he was hoping for.
"Elizabeth, I felt uncomfortable, and I didn't want to intrude on anything this Michael Guerin fellow may have with your friend, I apologize if I hurt her feelings in anyway." Legolas said earnestly, twiddling his thumbs nervously. Liz's expression changed to one of mild shock and she found herself stuttering.
"Oh. Oh! I, well, I um, actually I was making sure that you um, didn't feel like you had to go." Liz chuckled nervously. "I... just... didn't want you to feel uncomfortable or forced but I guess you did that on your own." Liz admitting, blushing slightly.
"I appreciate your concern." Legolas said, leaning in closer towards Liz and watching in amusement at her completely flustered attitude.
"I just didn't know." She repeated nervously, shrugging her shoulders and scrubbed a pot on the counter with the wet towel continuously. Legolas gently lifted the towel from her hands and plopped it onto the counter away from her. Liz gave him a smile of gratitude and opened her mouth to speak, when-
"Lizzie! I brought Happy!" Maria's glee voice interrupted after the soft ringing of door chimes.
"Speak of the Sauron..." Legolas muttered under his breath and turned around with a wide plastered grin on his face. "Good morning Maria."
"Oh, hey Legolas!" Maria said cheerfully, obviously forgotten about last night's events. "How was the sleepover with Max, you didn't you know... do anything-"
"Maria!" Liz interrupted with a stern voice with a hint of an embarrassed giggle. "What'd you bring?" She asked Maria curiously.
"Clinique Happy, Lucky, Ralph Lauren Romance, a TON of make-up, and my curling iron!"
"Ooh. Great. My shift ends in 5, I'll meet you up in my room." Maria nodded and proceeded to the backroom quickly. Legolas was in sheer confusion of all the names... the lucky? And the happy? And all that stuff was really messing with his heads. Something he had learned from Alex last night at the mall- 'brand names' he just didn't get it. Everyone in Mirkwood generally wore clothes of the same fashion, but it was still individual. In the malls or marketplaces or whatever, they had about 5 copies of whatever was on the rack! "Legolas, are you okay?" Liz asked, studying his concerned voice.
"Huh? Oh, yes. The various 'brand names' confused me... my head hurts."
"It can do that to you." Liz smiled warmly untying her apron from her uniform. "Me and Maria are going to be upstairs in my room getting ready for the prom. Let me show the backroom, there's a couch there and some drawers, you could unpack and stuff... sorry we don't have a guest bedroom."
"It's quite all right..." Legolas said, slightly clueless. Liz picked up some of his bags and brought them into the backroom. "I'll be down in awhile!" She said quickly, dropping the bags to the floor and then sprinting up the stairs. Legolas plopped himself down on the couch and opened up a bag. He pulled out his Elven garments, and took off the leather belt that was usually slung around his waist. Attached to the belt, was a small pocket bag, made for spare change and such, but it contained none. Opening up the leather pocket bag (made from Dragon's hide) out slipped a chain of beads; a necklace. Legolas held it dearly in his hands, and fingered the jade broach that lay in the center of the black beads. It was a gift from an old friend of his and Aragorn's. Glorfindel. Just a small token before they had headed out on their journey with the rest of the Fellowship. It was a symbol that if they ever had any need, they should just return to Rivendell and remember that the elves of Rivendell will always be there. But how do you go to Rivendell, if you're not sure you're even in Middle Earth anymore?

"Liz, you look fantastic!" Maria squealed excitedly, primping Liz's wavy coif.
"And you Maria, also look extravagant." Liz said in a polite and upper class manner. She grinned jokingly and grabbed the red lipstick from her dresser, applying it to her bottom lip and them pursing her lips together to spread the color. She grabbed the mascara and using the wand gave her eyelashes one more swish and then hopped up from her seat by the dresser, and quickly slid into two black strappy heels. Maria had curled her hair inwards to frame her face, fuchsia lipstick with a light gloss coated her lips and light pink eyeshadow with some glitter dusted her eyes, giving her angel like dress extra fantasy. Liz grabbed her little black purse from her bed and extended a hand to Maria. "To the prom?"
"To the prom." Maria grinned, taking it. The two junior girls practically waltzed downstairs in anticipation and excitement. At the end of the stairway, Liz quickly pulled Maria into the backroom, where Legolas was examining a padlock closely. He looked up quickly as the two girls stumbled into the room, both looking like pictures from a vivid dream.
"You ladies look extremely beautiful tonight. To what do I owe the occasion?" Legolas said politely, taking Liz's hand and kissing it, then Maria's. Liz gave a soft laugh and Maria blushed immensely.
"The West Roswell High Prom." Liz smiled, clasping her hands behind her back.
"You had the chance, you know..." Maria trailed off, smiling devilishly.
"And I'm beginning to regret that I didn't take it." Legolas said kindly. "But if I were to accompany you, I might as your magazines say-" He nodded to an old issue of Teen People on the floor of the back room, "Cramp your style."
"On the contrary." Liz said, "You might improve it."
"Hmm. Well, I have something that will." He turned around quickly and dove for one of his bags. Liz and Maria exchanged curious glances, not exactly knowing what he had meant. Legolas first stood up and turned around, holding a reef of white roses in both his hands, cradling it gently like a halo. "A present, for this fair maiden here, to apologize for my abstinence from the event." Legolas said, approaching Maria and lifting the reef over her head and crowning her with it. Maria smiled and felt a blush coming to her cheeks. She turned quickly to the mirror in the backroom and smiled in awe at the beauty of the reef. "Made from the finest flowers of Lothlorien."
"I don't know what you're talking about, but thank you! Thanks!" Maria said, giving him a huge hug and almost choking poor Legolas. After pulling away and taking a few deep breaths, Legolas returned to his bag. This time he stood up, but was handling something behind his back. "I'll have to ask you to please close your eyes." He said gently to Liz. Liz, seeming a bit flustered, looked to Maria reassuringly. Maria gave a supportive grin, so Liz slowly closed her eyes. Legolas removed the jaded necklace from behind his back, and carefully placed it around Liz's neck, hooking it in place behind her neck. Liz bit her lip nervously as she felt Legolas' hand touch her skin and a heavy weight fall across her neck. She heard Maria give a soft gasp from beside her, and eagerly opened her eyes. Turning to face the mirror she saw the beautiful jaded broach and black beaded necklace. Her eyes lit up magically as she turned around and gave Legolas a hug as well.
"You didn't have to do this!" Liz exclaimed softly, looking up at him.
"It's a gift." Legolas said simply. "You don't like it?"
"I love it! But you shouldn't have..."
"I want you to have it. It was a gift from a friend of mine."
"Then I definitely can't keep it from you..."
"But Liz, you're my friend." Legolas said earnestly. "At least keep it until I leave."
"Oh. All right." Liz smiled softly, removing her hands from his shoulders. The several chimes of the door to the Crashdown opening repeatedly interrupted them all.
"They're here." Maria said excitedly. Liz nodded and took Legolas' hand.
"Come see everyone." She said hopefully, pulling him towards the door. Legolas nodded and followed the two girls into the Crashdown's main area.

"Liz! Ria!" Alex said excitedly, rushing over to his two best friends.
"Alex, you look handsome!" Liz grinned, poking at the red rose in his tuxedo pocket. Alex blushed and held a corsage box nervously in his hands.
"I hope Isabel gets here soon." He said anxiously.
"Aren't we a bit excited?" Kyle laughed, walking over in a simple rented tux, with Tess in a silky satin lavender dress at his side. "Hey Mikey G!" He waved to the cook besides the greaser and walked over. "That's the strangest tux I've ever seen." Kyle said, eyeing the apron.
"First of all, you can't call me Mikey G. Secondly, I'm not going to the prom dip shyt." Michael said coldly, turning away.
"Bastard." Maria muttered under her breath. The door chimed again, and an illustrious Isabel Evans walked inside, clad in a tight curvy red dress that contoured to her body gorgeously. Alex practically gawked and drooled puddles onto the floor as he approached her and handed her a corsage. Behind her, none other than Max Evans, looking exceptionally more handsome than ever, walked in. He approached Liz and handed her a corsage, stopping in his tracks to admire her radiant beauty.
"Liz you look beautiful." Max said, looking at her like she was the very existence of his life.
"Thank you, Max." Liz smiled, taking the corsage from him and placing it around her hand. Max quickly stepped forward to help adjust it to fit and Legolas watched idly from the counter.
"Pictures! Pictures!" Mrs. Parker exclaimed, entering the room. The whole Roswell gang quickly filtered together into a group, huddling together. Mrs. Parker, with gigglish delight, snapped two quick photos. "Legolas, why don't you get in there too?"
"Oh, I could not intrude..." Legolas said quietly, keeping to himself.
"Please, Legolas?" Liz smiled, stepping side so that he could cut in between her and Tess. "Please?" She repeated once more.
"All right, if you wish." Legolas said politely, pulling his blonde hair over his shoulders and stepping in between Tess and Liz. He stood there nervously; twitching his hands together in knots and smiling like an idiot, trying to imitate everyone else. There was a great blinding flash in his eyes and then it was all over.
"We'd better hurry, the limos are waiting." Alex said, heading towards the door and holding it open. Isabel strutted past him, then Kyle and Tess, with their arms linked together, and then Maria. Liz turned towards Legolas.
"If you need anything, just ask my mom all right? I might be gone for awhile, but I think you'll be okay." She smiled.
"I'll be fine. Have a great time." Legolas said, leading her towards the doorway, where Max had now taken Alex's position at holding the door. Liz gave him one more beautiful smile and then ran to the door, where she took Max's hand and the two walked outside into the moonlight together.

*A Few Hours Later*

"Are you going to bed, Legolas?" Mrs. Parker asked curiously, as she began to turn off all the lights in the Crashdown.
"I suppose so."
"I was wondering when you would, you've been just sitting there doing nothing for the past 4 hours, it seems!"
"I've been thinking." Legolas said smiling ever so slightly.
"Well, I'm going to go upstairs as well. If you need anything, just tell me. Don't pain yourself staying up for Liz, she won't be home until much later."
"I'll keep that in mind. Thank you, Mrs. Parker."
"Oh. Your welcome." Mrs. Parker smiled, touched by the young man's politeness. She quickly turned away and headed up the stairs to rest for the night. Legolas resumed to his current position of thinking. He lost himself in thoughts, thoughts of Mirkwood, of the Ringbearer, Elrond, Aragorn, Gandalf the Grey... He had never felt the feeling homesickness before. Probably because as a roaming elf across of Middle Earth, he felt he had never truly been away from his home. Yet, now he was. This couldn't be Middle Earth; there was no possible way. Legolas struggled hard to fight off the feelings of nostalgia, but they kept bothering him. Liz had told him that she would help him find his way home, but so far she's been sidetracked with her own life. He supposed he couldn't blame her, no one put the charge on her to take care of him, but she did anyway. But even though staying here was pleasant enough, Legolas knew he just needed to go home. The apocalypse could be happening right now. His presence could've made all the difference. Or could it? He was just 1 out of 9... He was quickly pulled out of his thoughts upon hearing the front entrance of the Crashdown slam open quickly. Legolas quickly sprinted upwards and grabbed his bow and arrow, stepping out into the seating area, which was completely black, lit only by the moon through the window. He heard feet shuffling around clumsily and kept caution as he moved forward. He saw a shadow move by him and steadied his bow...
"Legolas?" Legolas lowered his bow, looking in front of him and seeing Liz standing there. The moon lit up her face and puffy red eyes with running mascara and tear shined cheeks were visible. Legolas quickly dropped his bow as the girl ran into his arms and began to sob mercilessly into his chest.
"Liz? Liz, what's wrong?" Legolas in alarm, leading her into the backroom and sitting down on the couch. She continued to sob into his shoulder for quite some time, until finally looking up at him.
"Max." That was all she said as she continued to wash out her tears onto to his chest. Confused, and startled, Legolas knew nothing else to do but to hold her in his embrace, stroking her hair gently, and just let her cry while she needed to cry. His thoughts now lingered on whatever Max could've done to put Liz in this state, but he realized that he could figure it out tomorrow. For now, Liz needed his comfort, and he would gladly give it.

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