A set of drabbles for HiH drabble challenges 3, 8, and 13.

Part 3:

The wobbling door was a giveaway-transfigure the water to ice and it stabilizes instead of spilling. A quick charm clears the banana peel from the floor. Step over the rake. Minerva McGonagall learned from her mistakes. And she shot a stern look at a terrified round-faced boy.

Part 1:

The cat part of her hated it almost as much as the part of her which desired decorum. How had those two managed to make water that resisted drying charms before receiving their wands? Molly was right to have asked her here before these terrors arrived in Hogwarts.

Part 2:

"She's about to get here, clean up!" the vulture cried. Really it was the woman under the vulture, but Neville always thought it sounded like the vulture was talking. It shocked him enough to make him drop his banana, either way. Trying to find the mop, he tossed the rake out, set the soapy water down by the door, where's the mop?! Oh no, she's here!