The Days After Sequel to Power of Love




The Days After Chapter 8 Proposal: Yes or No?

After many months Bit had made the decision, he was finally going to ask Leena to marry him, he felt it was right and they had been been going out for a year now and after all the trials and tribulations thay had gone through there love couldn't be any stronger now that it had been before.

Harry was put on trial and so was the Snow Wolf team for attempted murder and Harry and the Snow Wolf team were all found guilty of first degree attempted murder and they were put into jail for 50 years or more, Harry couldn't believe he was found guilty and after Bit and Leena were told that Harry was to be locked up for that length of time they couldn't be more happier.

Bit was in his room one day admiring the ring he was going to give Leena, it was the ring his mother had given him when him and Leena went to go visit his parents that one day and they way his mother gave him the ring it was as if she knew one day her son would be getting married to the girl he loved.

knock knock Bit coming back to reality "Who is it" said Bit

"It's me Leena, may I come in?" said Leena

"Sure Leena you may come in" said Bit after stuffing the ring in his dresser drawer and shutting it.

"How are you" said Leena and she kissed Bit

"Good, yourself?" said Bit kissing Leena back

"Never better" said Leena

"That's good to hear" said Bit

"Hey, what do you say we take our Zoids out for a run" said Leena

"That sounds like a good idea, Liger could use the excercise" said Bit

"Okay meet me down in the hanger in about 5 minutes, okay" said Leena

"Sure, see ya in a few minutes" said Bit

"Okay" said Leena and with that she left Bit's room to get changed to go out in her Zoid.

Leena was downstairs waiting for Bit in the hanger when she saw him coming down into the hanger, Bit helped her up into her Zoid and he went over to Liger and Liger let him on and they both waited for the hanger door to open and the both of them went outside where the sun was shining.

/Soon enough Leena you will be my wife/ thought Bit

Bit couldn't wait to ask the question to Leena and he was going to ask her on the day of there one year anniversary which was only 2 weeks away.

"Hey Leena where do you want to go" said Bit

"Well there's one place I like to go" said Leena

"What place might that be" said Bit

"River Canyon" said Leena

"But Leena that's the place where-" said Bit

"I know, can we please go there" said Leena

"You sure about this" said Bit

"I'm sure" said Leena

So both Leena and Bit went to River Canyon where Leena's mother was killed in the car crash that happened when Leena was little. They both arrived at River Canyon and the both of them got out of there Zoids and scanned the area and found it to be rather peaceful and serene.

"This place brings back so much memories, painful memories" said Leena

"I know it does Leena, and I bet your mother would be happy to know that you came for closure and now you can move on with your life now knowing that you came to the place where she was killed and finally found closure" said Bit

"Your right Bit, my mom wants to see me happy, not dwelling in the past, I know she's gone and everything but she would want what's best for her kids and she wouldn't want to see me depressed, she would want to see me happy and being with the one I love" said Leena

"That's true Leena she would want to see you happy and grow up into a beautiful woman which you are becoming everyday in my eyes" said Bit

"Thank you Bit" said Leena

"Your welcome" said Bit

"Leena, I know how much pain it brings you to remember your mom, but what was she like before her accident" said Bit and he sat down on the ground.

"There are so many things that I could say about her that I would write a book on" said Leena and she sat right in Bit's lap.

"Well what can you tell me about her, if you don't mind me asking" said Bit

"No trouble at all, where to start" said Leena and she laughed a little.

"My mom loved people a lot, and she kept Zoids close to her heart, when she used to clean her Zoid she would make sure it was spotless and clean, and when she used to tidy up the base she make sure everything was put back into it's original spot, and Leon always got into everything and she would always have to tidy up the messes he always made" said Leena

"She was gentle with everything she touched, she was always gentle to people, Zoids even me and Leon and dad, for the short time I knew her she never hit us or anything, that's why she was the most gentlest person I knew, and when she married my dad she couldn't be more happier" said Leena

"From what I saw of her she seems to be very pretty, pretty like you" said Bit

blushing "Bit stop your making me blush, oh yeah mom was very pretty, she had long auburn hair that stopped at mid back to mid waist and she always kept it in a simple yet neat style and she would make it look nice if only she was going to a special event with dad" said Leena

"Oh, did your mother ever try to style your hair when you were little" said Bit

"She tried, but my hair was so short at the time that the only thing she could do was make it into a little thing of a ponytail" said Leena

"I bet you looked real cute back then when your mom used to do that" said Bit

"She said I looked cute, did your mom ever do anything to your hair" said Leena

"Not really, all she tried to do was try to make it stay down but nothing really worked so it kind of grew on it's own and it became blonde like my mother's" said Bit

"Your mother is a very pretty woman" said Leena

"Thank you Leena" said Bit

"Your welcome Bit" said Leena and she snuggled right up to Bit while she was in his lap.

"What was it like growing up" said Leena

"Nothing much really, except I had to pretty much live on my own after my parents didn't really want me" said Bit

"That's right you were saying, so how old were you when they didn't want you anymore" said Leena

"I was about 3 when they left me on my own one day and after that day I had to learn to fend for myself" said Bit

"Weren't you scared at that age to be on your own" said Leena

"It was very scary after being on my own, I wasn't sure where I was and so I had to pretty much learn survivalness on my own" said Bit

"After living on my own for about 3 years I went to work for this guy who worked on Zoids and that was where I became some sort of an apprentice to him and so I learned everything about Zoids there and he even hired me to race his Zoids in races that gave a lot of cash money as prizes" said Bit

"That must have been a nice job" said Leena

"Yes it was, I was getting paid good and the money from what I earned from the races so I was making double of what I earned when I would be fixing and repairing Zoids for people" said Bit

"So when was it that you decided to travel" said Leena

"I was about 10 when I decided to travel the world and expand my knowledge of Zoids and meet a Zoid with whom I could be partners with or build my own Zoid" said Bit

"You must have saw some interesting things in your travels" said Leena

"Yeah I did and got to see some interesting Zoids and made quite a bit of friends along my travels" said Bit

"I bet you did" said Leena

"Leena did you ever travel when you were young" said Bit

"When I was a baby we used to always travel up to my uncle's cottage up at North Point during the summer and fall and we used to have good times up there" said Leena

"North Point that place is famous, your uncle must be one of the old families that live up there" said Bit

"Yeah we were related to the Toros of North Point they were one of the richest Zoid merchants on this side of Planet Zi and that's where my dad met my mom" said Leena

"Your mom was related to the Toros" said Bit

"Yeah she was my uncle's sister and dad's orginial name before changing it was Roster" said Leena

"Oh I've heard of the Rosters they were one of the fluential families that lived up on Rock Ridge River and made there money selling and trading Zoids altogether, so Leena you came from a very noble and respected and fluential background and I'm impressed" said Bit

"Thanks Bit, how'd your parents become what they are today" said Leena

"At first my parents went into trading then they started selling Zoids then they went back into trading Zoids then they started racing Zoids for charities then for profit then all the money they ever made was put into investment and then with all the investments they were making they started to plan for the future, and after they married they went back into the Zoid field for awhile until I came along" said Bit

"How long did your parents stay in the Zoid field until you were born" said Leena

"For about a good 5 years until my mother wanted to settle down and have children of her own, she said to me later on that it didn't matter if I was a boy or girl she just wanted to have someone who could love and cherish Zoids as much as they did, and when I was born they started teaching me things about Zoids and different pictures of Zoids and such and that's how I grew up around Zoids" said Bit

"I bet growing up around Zoids was quite the fun" said Leena

"Oh yes quite fun, but afterwards when I went to find my parents I knew that I had to forgive them and forget what happened and after I found them they saw that I had grown up and when they took me back in they were wondering what I have been up to in the span of the 13 years that were lost between me and my parents" said Bit tilting his head to the side.

"That must have been a long time without your parents" said Leena

"It was, but to be able to find them and be reunited with them was really a blessing because I was able to reconnect with my family and they were able to tell me the truth about why they didn't want me and what they have been doing for the past 13 years and they asked what I have been up to and I told them that I went into the Zoid business and after telling this they were quite pleased by it" said Bit

"After my mother died dad went into a sort of depressed state for a few years until he realized that he had children and he didn't want to set this example for myself and Leon, so one day he went to the ZBC and requested that he put a team together for the upcoming Zoid battle season and his requested was accpeted and that was how the Blitz team was born" said Leena

"How did the Blitz team do in it's first few years" said Bit

"We were terrible at it until Brad came along in his Command Wolf, he was a mercenary at the time and dad hired him for a while but Brad decided one day that he would stay permanentley and so Brad joined our team which made things a little better, but we were still missing something" said Leena

"And what were you missing" said Leena

"We needed someone with good techinal skills, someone who could make up battle strategies and carry them out and we needed someone who could also drive the Hover Cargo" said Leena

"So I take it that's where Jamie comes in" said Bit

"Yeah, Jamie's dad was good friends with Dad a long time ago and Jamie's dad was hoping that Jamie had inherited the "Wild Eagle'

from his dad and become like him when he grows up someday" said Leena

"Jamie seems to have inherited it from his dad, because he acts like 'The Wild Eagle' everytime he is up there in the raynos" said Bit

"Did Jamie ever knew what his mother was like" said Bit

tilting head to side "Jamie never got to knew his mother" said Leena

"Did his mother die when he was a young child" said Bit

"His mother died while giving birth to him" said Leena sadly

"Oh my gosh, I never knew, sorry for asking" said Bit

"It's okay, it's been pretty hard for Jamie growing up without his mother and it has been a little tough for his dad too" said Leena

"Leena, I know someday we'll be seeing everyone up in heaven and you'll see your mother again someday" said Bit

"I know Bit and I feel as if she is right here sitting next to me telling me that everything is all right and that she is happy up in heaven" said Leena

"That's right Leena and you will see her again someday" said Bit

"I'm glad that I fell in love with you" said Leena

"Me too Leena, me too" said Bit

"I love you" said Leena

"I love you too" said Bit giving Leena a light kiss on the lips.

Bit and Leena went back to their Zoids and went back to Toros Base and all the while that Bit was putting both Leena's and his Zoid into the hanger Leena was looking for something that her mother had left her before she died.

"Now where did it go" said Leena

"I can't believe I can't find it" said Leena looking through drawers and cabinets and through dresser drawers and closets.

"If I can't find it I don't know what I'll do" said Leena

"What do you need help looking for" said Bit

"Oh! Bit I didn't know you were there" said Leena

"Sorry what do you need help looking for" said Bit

"Nothing really just something of my mothers, I'll look for it later" said Leena

"If you sure cause I could help you look for it now if you want to" said Bit

"No that's quite alright, I'll look for it later" said Leena

"Okay call me if you need help,ok" said Bit

"Okay Bit" said Leena and she saw Bit go down to his room.

"I have got to be more careful, now to go back to looking for that thing from my mother" said Leena

The item that Leena was looking for was her mother's wedding veil for her to wear on her wedding day and she was looking all over for it and finally she found it.

"There you are" said Leena and she put the delicate veil on her bed and admired how beautiful it was.

"I can't believe my mother wore this on her wedding day" said Leena

"And your mother loved that veil very much" said Doc

"Dad! I didn't know you were there, did mom really love this veil" said Leena

"Yes Leena your mother loved this veil very much so much that she wanted you to wear this someday when you get married to the one you love" said Doc

"Dad I already know whom I'm going to marry" said Leena

"Whom? not to Harry I hope" said Doc

"Not even a chance, the one whom I'm going to marry is Bit" said Leena

"I thought so" said Doc

"Is that a bad thing" said Leena

"Not its not a bad thing I think it's a great thing because I would actually see him marry you rather then Harry" said Doc

"Thanks dad" said Leena

"Anytime and I hope you thought this through" said Doc

"Plenty" said Leena

"Good and now I don't want you two rushing into marriage now, wait for a while until you two are ready and then we'll talk" said Doc

"I know dad" said Leena smiling

Leena went to go put back her mother's veil in the box that she found it in and while she was doing this she didn't notice Bit had saw the wedding veil while her and Doc was talking and he knew it in his heart that he was finally ready to propose to Leena but he would have to wait one more week and then he would ask her.

Leena was outside washing the Zoids when Bit approached her.

"Leena?" said Bit

"Yes Bit" said Leena

"Can I talk to you about something" said Leena

"Sure" said Leena

"Um can we talk somewhere private" said Bit

"Sure" said Leena

"Jamie, Brad I'll be right back" said Leena

"Okay" said Jamie

Bit took Leena into her dad's office and Bit shut the door.

"Bit whats wrong" said Leena

"I heard you yesterday while you and doc were talking" said Bit

"You did then I guess you know everything" said Leena

"Is it true" said Bit

"True about what" said Leena

"That you want to marry me" said Bit

"Yes Bit it is true I do want to marry you" said Leena

"And I want to marry you" said Bit

"Bit we have talked about this many times and we both know that we do want to marry each other and I couldn't be any happier" said Leena

"Me too Leena me too" said Bit

"I saw the wedding veil too while you were putting it away" said Bit

blushes "What did you think of it" said Leena

"I thought it was very beautiful and it would look beautiful on you as well" said Bit

"Thank you Bit" said Leena

"Your welcome" said Bit

"Thats all I wanted to talk about" said Bit

"Okay" said Leena

"You need any help washing the Zoids" said Bit

"Yeah we do need a little more help, come on" said Leena and she grabbed Bits hand and they went back out into the afternoon sun.

After that little talk Bit knew it was almost time to ask Leena but he wanted the moment to be right and romantic and it occured to him that their one year anniversary was on Leena's birthday and Bit thought that this would be the perfect gift for her.

Leena knew her birthday was coming up and she wasn't sure what everyone was going to get her, especially Bit she was sure whaterver he got she would cherish.

Doc came to Leena's room one day.

"Leena what do you want to do for your birthday, it's not everyday my daughter turns 17" said Doc (A/N: Both Bit and Leena's Birthdays are about 2 weeks apart and enjoy the last chapter ja ne)

"I'm not sure, may I please get a new Zoid" said Leena

"What you have in mind" said Doc

"A Zoid like Bits" said Leena

"I'm not sure if I can find another Zoid like Bits but I'll see what I can do" said Doc

"Thanks Dad your the best" said Leena and she gave Doc a big hug.

"Your welcome and besides I think you have outgrown your gun sniper" said Doc

"I think so too but can we keep it as a spare and the extra parts along with it" said Leena

"Yeah sure" said Doc

"Thanks Dad" said Leena

"Your welcome Leena" said Doc

Leena was happy that she was getting a new zoid for her birthday and it would be a zoid just like Bit's and she couldn't be more happier.

Leena couldn't wait till it was her birthday and she was wondering what her party will be like and for some strange reason she felt like something exciting would be happening at her birthday.

Leena went outside for a while and she saw Bit sitting out on one of the rocks.

"Hey Bit whatcha doin out here it's hot out here" said Leena

"Not too hot out here because noon is over with and it seems to be cooling down and I was wondering if you wanted to go swimming with me up to Rock Lake where my parents have a house there and I was wondering if you and your dad and Jamie and Brad want to join me there for the weekend" said Bit

"Sure that would be a nice idea, it would be good to get away from Zoid battling for a couple of days" said Leena

"And we could spend some time together too" said Bit

blushing "Right Bit we can" said Leena

"So when should we start packing" said Leena enjoying the delicate breeze

"I say about thurs night cause we'll leave here on fri morning and it will take us half a day to get there seeing as how Rock Lake is pretty far from here" said Bit

"I've never really been to Rock Lake is it nice up there" said Leena

"It is really nice up there I went up there only once in my short time with my parents and I was really small at the time but I sort of remember it being very beautiful and serene and peaceful" said Bit

"Did you ever go back up there for a visit" said Leena

"Yeah I did when I was a little older and saw it had changed quite a bit from the time I was there when I was little" said Bit

"How was Rock Lake formed" said Leena

"Years and years and years ago Rock Lake used to be a crater until one day these huge boulders that were up against some huge stream had eroded away from the stream and so one day the boulders bottoms had given away and they fell down the hill and went into the crater and water from the stream flowed into the crater and filled it up and the bouders stuck out and formed some sort of ring around the crater and that's how it came to be known as Rock Lake" said Bit

"Interesting" said Leena

"Are there any hiking trails up through Rock Lake" said Leena

"There's plenty of hiking trails up through Rock Lake and there's a special trail that takes you to this one spot where you can see the stars all the way up to the heavens" said Bit

"I bet that must be very beautiful" said Leena

"It is and I'll take you up to that spot, how about sat night where it will be a cloudless night and plus it will be a full moon" said Bit

"I love too Bit will I be needing a sweater or jacket when we go there" said Leena

"Best to take a light jacket because it tends to be about 5 to 10 degrees cooler then it is here" said Bit

"Okay" said Leena

Leena was packing her luggage for the long weekend which she was spending with Bit and the rest of the team and they were really looking forward to this trip.

So the Blitz Team loaded up all their luggage and other things for the long trip and after loading up all their luggage and things they departed from Toros Base and were heading up to Rock Lake.

"So Bit where is this Rock Lake" said Doc

"It's near White Cliffs but a little past River Edge Canyon up towards Tomak Lake and near Canyon Lake" said Bit

"Wow that's really quite a ways out there" said Doc

"It is but it's really beautiful out there" said Bit

"I bet it is" said Doc

"It is" said Bit

Bit went to the back of the Hover Cargo and saw Leena was looking out of the window.

"You okay" said Bit and he started stroking Leena's hair

"Yeah I'm okay it's just that Rock Lake was one of the places that I visited when I was younger and I was with my mom" said Leena

"It was also the place where she visited with my grandma and grandpa and she used to tell me stories of what the place looked like and what it smelled like, she told me that whole place smelled of autumn and it was a nice smell" said Leena

"It's not near where my mother's accident was is it" said Leena

"It's just a few miles down from there but that's about it" said Bit

"I see" said Leena

"Leena will you be okay" said Bit

"I'll be fine it's just that going through all these places reminds me of where my parents used to go to when they were younger and it makes me feel sad that seeing all these places reminds me of my mother and I'm afraid that i'm losing contact with my mother" said Leena

"Leena you're not losing contact with your Mother it's just that she is seeing you from heaven and seeing how you are growing into a beautiful young woman and I'm sure she would be proud at the things you have accomplished in your life and I'm sure she would be proud" said Bit

"Thank you Bit, you always know what to say to make things feel better" said Leena

"Leena you look tired you want to lay down for awhile and I'll wake you up when we get there" said Bit

"Sure that would be fine" said Leena and she laid against Bit and started to go to sleep.

"Are you comfortable Leena" said Bit and he heard no response from Leena.

"Guess must be she's asleep" said Bit

"Leena has anyone ever told you that you look cute while sleeping" said Bit and still no response from Leena

"She must really be asleep" said Bit and he started stroking Leena's hair in a gentle yet kind manner.

"I love you Leena" said Bit

softly "I love you too Bit" said Leena

smiling / she must be having a dream about me or else she wouldn't be smiling/ thought Bit

"At least your getting some sleep Leena cause your going to need it for what's about to happen" said Bit smiling.

The reason Bit was smiling was because during the weekend up at the camp he was going to finally ask Leena to marry him and he wanted everyone to see it and he hoped Leena had no objections to it.

A few hours later......

"Leena, Leena, Leena wake up were here" said Bit

yawning "Bit why you have to wake me up I was having a good nap, are we there yet" said Leena

"Why don't you take a look for yourself" said Bit

Leena got up from Bit's lap and saw what she thought was the most beautiful thing in the world, trees as far as the eye can see and an endless lake stretching for miles and it turned out that the leaves had fully changed their colors.

"Bit this is the most beautiful place in the world, this is exactly as the way my mother described it to me when I was younger and it's even more beautiful that I had imagined" said Leena

"I'm glad you like it here, I wasn't absolutley sure if you liked this place or not and I was worried about that" said Bit

"Bit you need not to worry I love this place and I think it is really beautiful" said Leena

"Thank you Leena" said Bit

"Your welcome, Bit" said Leena

"How about we unpack everything and bring it inside" said Bit

"Sure Bit" said Leena and she started carrying luggage inside to the cabin from the Hover Cargo and putting it inside where it was going to be for the whole weekend while they were there.

After they settled all the luggae in Leena and Bit decided to go a pleasurable walk in the forest and they took one of the long hiking trails on the map and they took the whole trail up to the top part of the mountain and saw from what they looked on the map one of the beautiful views that both Leena and Bit had seen in their entire lives.

After Leena and Bit had taken their walk in the forest they decided to just sit by the lake and watch the geese go buy and watch the beautiful autumn filled trees sway back and forth in the light wind that was sweeping through the branches of the gold, reds and purples that had fully majested on the trees.

"Leena can I ask you something" said Bit

"Sure Bit what?" said Leena

"What do you think our lives will be like after were married" said Bit

"Well I see us as still being on the Blitz team with a house a few miles west of the Toros Base and hoping to have little ones a boy and girl and I'm hoping that we make it in the Zoid world and be really famous" said Leena

"Well I see us with two beautiful, healthy children to whom hopefully someday be great pilots and hoping to live in my parents house with the one I love and cherish for all time and to be married in a beautiful ceremony with you Leena" said Bit

"I like your dream Bit and it shows that we each need each other to reach these dreams" Leena

"Yes we do need each other to reach these dreams" said Bit

"Your right Bit, it does take the two of us to reach these dreams, together" said Leena

Leena and Bit decided it was time to go in cause it was starting to get a bit chilly out and so they folded up the blanket and brought it inside and set it on the table.

"So how was your walk" asked Doc

"It went well, the scenery up here is very beautiful especially around this time" said Leena

"Yes it is, I remember when your mother and I used to come up here during the winter it was very beautiful to see the snow falling and ice skating, good times we had up here" said Doc

"I bet those times you had with mom were fun" said Leena

"Yes those were good times, and I do miss my mom but I know she has my dad to take care of her and I can't wait for the wedding and she'll be really happy" said Bit

"Yeah she will be" said Leena

"You want to head in Leena cause it's almost dinnertime and I wouldn't want your dad to get worried" said Bit

"Yeah we better cause my dad is making something really good tonight, he's going to try to make one of my mom's recipes and I hope he does a good job" said Leena

"I think he will and besides let's get things all packed up here" said Bit

"Okay" said Leena

Leena and Bit took everything in and went inside of the cabin, and Bit went up to his room and was looking around his chest of drawers and found the one thing he was looking for, the ring and he got the ring and put it within his jacket coat pocket and went down to join for dinner.

Bit came down for dinner and pulled Leena's chair out for her and pushed her in and then he went to go sit beside her and he put his arm around her waist and that's the way it stayed for the whole dinner.

All the while during dinner Leena and Bit were conversing quietly and all the while Bit kept fumbling with the ring in his pocket and tonight was Leena and Bit's first year anniversary and Leena's birthday and Leena's dad had made Leena's favorite dish: Chicken Teriyaki.

"Happy Birthday Leena" said Bit

"Happy Birthday Leena" said Doc

Happy Birthday Leena" said Jamie

"Happy Birthday Leena" said Brad

"Thanks everyone for this, I'm just really excited tonight" said Leena

"Your welcome Leena, anything for you" said Bit

"Love you Bit" said Leena

"Love you too, Leena" said Bit

After the dinner was over with, Bit went out of the room and dimmed the lights and turned on some soft sweet music and came out of the room and approached Leena.

"Leena may I have this dance" said Bit

"Of course you may Bit" said Leena giving her hand to Bit

Bit took Leena from out of the chair and took her onto the living room floor where he took her into his arms and started to dance with her.

"Leena you look very beautiful tonight, the most beautiful I have ever seen in all of my days" said Bit

Bit took a look and saw that she was wearing the outfit that she wore when she told Bit that she loved him and she had blue butterfly clips in her hair which was fixed inot a nice and simple bun for tonight and she had a blue theme with her makeup and she was wearing pearl pink lipstick.

Bit twirled her and then he took her close into his arms and she laid her head against his shoulder and she stayed like that as they danced for a whole hour until Bit pulled her away from him.

"Leena, there is something that I want to ask you but have never gotten the chance to do it" said Bit

"And what is that Bit" said Leena

"This" said Bit and he got down on one knee and opened the ring box and Leena saw the ring.

softly gasping "Bit" said Leena starting to tear up when she saw the ring.

"Leena Toros, May I have this honor of taking you as my wife" said Bit slipping the ring onto her finger

softly crying "Yes Bit, I will become your wife" said Leena and she kissed Bit with all her heart and soul.

"Congratulations Bit,Leena" said Doc

"Bit I'm so proud of you, you take good care of her" said Doc

"Of course I will Doc" said Bit

"When shall we start planning the wedding" said Doc

Well thats the end of chapter 8 and this is the end of the story and the end of the second part of the "The Power of Love" arc and so stay tuned for the sequel "Life After" the third and final part to the "The Power of Love" arc and so stay tuned for the first chapter to the sequel. so this is sakuracherrystar saying "For Those With Wings, Fly To Your Dreams" - Pilot Candidate