Young Harry Potter had been off far worse than you could ever imagine. Beaten and abused by his cousin, Dudley stole any comforts from Harry as much as possible. Harry's Aunt neglected the smaller boy and forcing him him to work around the house as little more than a slave.

However, the worst of the lot, was his Uncle, Vernon Dursley. A man who seemed as if he were a good husband, a good father, and a good business man even if he was a little over weight. For Harry Potter, his uncle was nothing more than an evil pig who did everything inhumanly possible to hurt the young boy.

Since he was old enough to reach the counter, young Harry Potter was beaten, abused, starved, neglected, forgotten, but the worse was getting raped. Vernon Dursley had first started as inappropriate touches to the small three year old but as the years passed, the touching escalated to full intercourse. Nearly every night, the older man leave the whimpering and unconscious boy naked on the floor.

By six, Harry was as scarred as any tortured war veteran. It was finally when his uncle was teaching Dudley how to correctly carve into flesh, when Harry released a burst of accidental magic. His magic quickly destroyed the knives and knocked both Vernon and Dudley into unconsciousness. Unfortunately for Harry, the toll of using magic for the first time sent him also into unconsciousness.

Vernon awoke first and awoke his son first before throwing ice water at Harry to awaken him. "YOU LITTLE FREAK!"

Over the course of a few hours, Harry was beaten, cut, burned, and raped into unconsciousness multiple times until even Vernon was tired from the late night.

Harry was tossed and locked into his cupboard with ties around his hands and feet. He cried for a few minutes before falling fitfully asleep with broken bones and bleeding cuts.

The next morning, Harry woke up to the peals of laughter coming from Dudley and the smell of bacon. He sat waiting for a reprieve from the darkness of his cupboard and a release from the ties binding his hands and feet. Harry soon fell back asleep after waiting for an hour.

Suddenly, Harry was jerked awake as his uncle Vernon opened the cupboard door. The fat man then grabbed the young boy and dragged him into the spare bedroom. Within seconds, Vernon Dursley began violating Harry in all manners of unspeakably horrible ways. Soon, Vernon left after an hour of torturing and raping the boy.

Harry cried in a corner of the room with huge cuts and gashes riddling his body. Blood and semen flowed freely from between his legs but a gag had kept him from crying out too loudly. He sat in the corner of the room, completely violated and wishing for an escape.

He fell asleep dreaming of a scaled beast with a vague resemblance of a tiger. He dreamed of tearing into prey and being content with the simple freedom of the hunt.

As the young boy slept his magic began molding Harry into the form he had dreamed of and his magic searched for the place of freedom the boy dreamed for. Harry's magic working overtime to heal, change, and then transport the young child to the place of his dreams.

Within seconds, Harry Potter was transformed into his animagus form, the hellhound; and transported into the future on a different planet, Crematoria.

xxxxxxxxxx Crematoria xxxxxxxxxx

Garry woke up fully refreshed and unbound. He gave a yawn before registering his environment; a cage full of scaled beasts, the same beasts from his dream.

In a flash, he was up and trying to carefully get away from the tiger-like creatures that surrounded him. He carefully and slowly moved but each step was accompanied by a slight rattling noise. Harry looked down at his feet that he had been crawling on and began panicking at the sight of paws and scaled skin. He looked around even more frantically for an escape before one of the creatures lifted its head blearily from sleep and peered at his terror filled body.

A wide yawn from the creature showed viscous teeth set in a delicate pink mouth. Suddenly, a voice from behind him seemed to translate from growling into english, :You are new, youngling. Taken from your pack, sire and mother. Now, you belong with us. Rest with the female, youngling; you will get used to life here soon enough, we all do.:

The creature lowered its head back down and fell asleep again while Harry just sat there confused. He looked around and identified one of the creatures as the female and lay down next to her, curled up against her side.

Harry woke content at first but began to panic since he couldn't figure out where he was. :Hush, little one, no one here will harm you. Tell me your story.: Said a soft but still growling voice.

Harry looked upwards and stared at the glowing light figure of the she-creature. Opening his mouth to speak, all that came out were whimpers and whines. Panicking once again, Harry tried to stand up but fell on his rump since his new body could only stand on four legs, not two. Harry jumped up as if he had been wounded and soon began a crying wail that could just stop a heart with sadness.

:Hush child, you are safe for now. Calm down, and speak up.: The she-creature stated again. She leaned over his crying figure and gave a motherly lick across his head.

Harry tried to calm down and took deep breaths to succeed. :Where am I? How did I get here? Who are you? What are we even called?:

:Ah, you finally speak.: Said a voice from behind him. Harry turned around and saw through the glowing green vision that had become his sight and watched as the Mos creature from before looked over at him. :But for shame, you do not even know the name of our kind? The prey must have taken you when you were just a pup, fresh out of your mother's womb. We are at a place the prey call Crematoria, the prey call us hellhounds and we have decided to call ourselves such a fitting name. They catch pups like you and as such, all of us here were raised here from one stage or another. I am named Red Scar.:

Harry just nodded in understanding, :Will you help me until I can take care of myself?:

:Of course pup, we will allow no harm to befall you.: Harry was ready to cry but held back his sobs since this new form had no ability to cry.

Red Scar nuzzled his cheek but a voice yelled out above in the main area. "Feeding Time!" They could hear scrambling and yelling from above as an alarm went off. One of the other hellhounds gave off a roar and the rest followed. Red Scar grabbed Harry with her jaws and he went limp in her mouth because of instinct. Within seconds, she went sprinting around a corner with Harry swinging back and forth in her jaws as the cage doors swung open.

A couple of hellhounds ran ahead and screams were heard and Red Scar followed a roar. A human was running in the opposite direction of Red Scar and she dropped Harry as she picked up her pace to kill the human. She saw a man banging on bars of another cell to be let in but they had already seen her glorious form. Her scales had already turned a fire red, but she still ran down the prey and snapped his neck with ease. Once the man fell, Harry had already scrambled over to a corner as Red Scar came sniffing over to him. :I'm sorry, please don't hurt me. I promise I won't run off again!:

:Come, I would never hurt you. We must go to feed before we are called back to the cages.: Red Scar easily picked up Harry by the back of his neck while his body curled in on itself. She carried Harry to the carcass with ease and set him down in front of the body. She nudged him closer and took a large bite herself. Blood dripped on Harry's snout and he let out a yelp. Red Scar looked down and carefully put a shred of meat in front of her adopted pup. :Feed, you must eat at some point.:

Harry gave a care full sniff and then an experimental lick. Within a second, the strip of meat was eaten and Harry tore into the side of the body with relish. Red Scar chuckled and finished eating with her new pup leaving only a pile of bones behind them. With a full and taught belly, Harry yawned wide and leaned against Red Scar. She chuckled before grabbing her new pup with her jaws and walking away.

A few hours later, all of the hellhounds were sleeping comfortably within their cages. Red Scar also slept with Harry tucked protectively against her side.