Your rooms will be just over here." Vaako said to both Riddick and Kyra as the former held the injured hellhound in his arms.

Kyra looked over to the necromonger and gratefully said, "Thank you." they finally came to the end of a hallway and Vaako pressed his palm to the scanner next to the door which beeped allowing entrance to the four.

Riddick set the now unconscious hellhound on the giant sized bed and easily ripped sheets for bandages. They all rushed around to help the injured beast but Kyra and Vaako backed away as soon as a deep keen came within the throat of the hellhound. Riddick gripped his chest as he felt he was going to die even though he had no wound to kill him at the sight of his hellhound writhing in agony.

Kyra gripped Vaako's arm in a tight hold as Riddick tried to sooth the pain of the hellhound even though they all knew nothing would help. Kyra gasped as they all watched the hellhound began to self mutilate itself as bone popped out of place.

They popped the bones back into place and held clothe to the wounds since wrapping them was futile since the scales would shred through the bandages. Kyra and Vaako backed off when they finally stopped the bleeding and Vaako went off to help spread the proper tales of the new Lord Marshal. Kyra followed behind the other man and Riddick stayed behind to hold the hellhound gently.

Shadow had long since fallen unconscious and Riddick raked his fingers through the thick scales. Riddick finally fell asleep after a while comfortably resting the hellhound's head on his stomach.

Riddick woke up with a start since the weight on his stomach wasn't the heavy weight of a hellhound head but was much lighter. He looked down and nearly gasped in shock at the beautiful man that was lying on his stomach with makeshift bandages on the same wounds as his hellhound.

The black haired man seemed feral even as he slept peacefully on his stomach. Riddick made to slowly sit up without harming this precious creature sleeping on him, but as he made to move the other's head, the black haired man's eye's shot open. Riddick nearly gasped again at the sight of the beautiful eyes that were exactly like his own save they were green tinted even threw his violet eyesight.

The smaller lifted a hand in front of his face and thought out loud to himself, "It's been a long time since I've been in this form." He then looked up to Riddick who had grabbed a knife and held it to his throat.

"How did you get here, and where is my hellhound?"

Light laughter erupted from within the black haired boy's chest, "I am right here, where else would I be?"

The blade just pressed harder against his throat, "Do not lie to me." He growled out in anger.

Silvery greened eyes looked up at Riddick's face as the other replied, "I do not lie, and I have chosen to be by your side until I can no longer. Do not test my loyalty to the one I have chosen above all others."

The blade was lifted from his throat and sheathed in Riddick's boot. "Who are you?"

"I was called Dark Shadow within my pack." Shadow yawned and then said, "I must rest some more; my wounds heal rapidly compared to anyone else, but I have to rest more. Wake me when you need me."

Shadow fell asleep resting his head easily on Riddick's stomach and Riddick was slightly confused before gently pushing off the other's head and standing up. Riddick pulled on a new muscle shirt and fit on all of his blades before setting out to find the Lord Vaako