Title: Book 1: Out of Air

Disclaimer: I don't own A:TLA, it belongs to Mike and Bryan. This story isn't making me money so please don't sue me. I also go this idea form a story I read called Cause and Mass Effect, go read it if you haven't already.

'High school blows doesn't it? At least it does for me, and being a nerd/geek doesn't help either. It seems that nerds are always treated as outcasts no matter what. Of course you have some other nerd friends and that is great. But having to be laughed at and picked on sucks. I always wished I could get out of the world as it is today, like into one of the universes of the many nerd shows I love. The main one I would have to choose would be the Avatar universe. I would love to have the ability to air-bend the people that I hate into the atmosphere. But I can't, I have to keep on keeping on with the high school b.s I have to everyday.' Those were the last words I told my self before I feel asleep, or what I thought was sleep.

Dang, my head hurts something fierce. I should get out of bed and get some Tylenol. I wasn't accustomed to waking up with headaches. I assumed this is what a hangover would feel like but I have never had enough beer to get me drunk. The only time I drank was when I was in Europe and that wasn't very often.

I felt really cold, maybe I had left my A/C on a to low of a temperature. I usually kept it at 60 degrees fahrenheit and blast the air. Man it was a chore to get my eyes open. I opened my eyes to get out of my bed and I couldn't believe what I saw and what I felt.

It was snow. Wait, snow in the middle of summer in New England? I got up and looked around and saw a plain field of snow all around me. To the east I saw some mountains and to the west I saw some black smoke.

What the hell?

Okay, maybe I'm dreaming. I pinch my arm. Fuck that hurt. Okay, perhaps I am not dreaming. What the hell is going on? There's gotta be a logical explanation for this, right?

I guessed that I might as well go and find the source of the smoke that shot out against the clear blue sky. Judging by the suns position in the sky it couldn't have been any later than 9 AM.

It felt like it was a little bit under freezing. I knew even with my ability to keep myself form getting to cold, that I was gonna get sick if I didn't make to the source of what I assumed was a fire

I ran toward the source of the smoke. It didn't seem like it could be more than 2 miles way and I had no idea of what I would find once I arrived at my destination. I was about a mile away from when I started to make out what looked like a village with what I assumed were igloos. What the hell was this village doing in the middle of a frozen tundra? It didn't matter to me anyway, maybe they had something to get me warm because my fingers were starting to turn purple and it felt like they would fall off any minute.

It was another ten minutes until I got to the the village. It was surrounded by a low, roughly circular snow wall, broken up by a snow watchtower, Inside were eight residential tents, arranged semi circularly around a communal fire pit. A giant igloo hugged the east wall, while a handful of smaller units clustered the north wall. Outside, to the right of the entrance, was a small igloo structure that I assumed served as the village outhouse. I entered through a non-gated entrance. Holy shit this wall was big, it made the snow sculptures I made back home look like child's play.

"I got find a doctor of some sort" I said looking at my purple fingers, "if I want to keep my fingers and toes." I walked up to a group of kids who couldn't be more than 9 or 10. They were having a snowball fight, I guess there wasn't much else to do in this place.

"Hey, guys, do you know were I can find a doctor." The kids all turned to me and all froze in place and looked scared out of their minds. I wasn't really surprised that they were shocked, and I was wearing shorts and a Star Wars t-shirt in freezing weather conditions. Not something they were probably accustomed to seeing in this frozen tundra.

"Who are you?" One of the kids finally asked. I could sense the fear and uncertainty in his voice.

I had to pick my next words very carefully. One wrong word would probably find me at the bottom of a icy grave. "I am a traveler, that's all I can say." Granted I wasn't lying, that was really all I knew about the situation I was in.

"What is your name?" another one asked. Well I guess I could tell them my name, it wouldn't make much of a difference anyway. Then again I didn't really know them so I just told them the first thing that popped into my head.

"My name is Zero." Really? Zero? That's what I came up with? I guess playing a poorly emulated Mega Man X on my MacBook before sleep stayed with me. Well fuck, looks like I have an alias while I am here that I have to go with. "Can you guys just please get someone to help me?" The kids looked more scared than before. One of them opened their mouth for what I assumed was gonna to be for calling for someone to help. Oh how wrong I was.

"HELP, THERE IS A WEIRD STRANGER HERE!" one of them screamed and all the kids booked it. Oh fucking great, time to run. I looked around for a place to run to. There weren't many options. I have no idea where I am or where I should run. So I just ran toward the gate I came in through.

"Hey, you, stop, don't make me hurt you!" I hear a voice say. Wait that voice sounds so familiar, but why? No it couldn't be. Before I could turn around to see the person behind of the voice, some metal object hit me in the back of the head. I fell to the ground and blacked out.


God dammit, I woke up with another massive headache. I really hoped this wouldn't become a habit. I felt a throbbing at the back of my head, I tried to reach for the back of my head to see if I was bleeding in any way, but I couldn't move my hands. I opened my eyes I looked down and saw that I was sitting in a chair. My wrists and feet were covered in ice so that I couldn't move them. I was in a dark tent, not much was in it, just a makeshift fireplace and a few animal pelts on the floor. These weren't any animals that I knew there was some sort of polar bear thing.

"For fuck sake what am I doing here. How is any of this possible? This dream must be really persistent."

"It is not a dream." a voice called out from the shadows. That voice, it was distinct like I had heard it before. A towering figure stepped out from the shadows. He had long black hair and was wearing his dark green armor, in his right hand he was wielding the Chitauri Scepter, the Tesseract glowed a beautiful light blue. Wait what the fuck was he doing here. Of all the people that I thought I would see in a place like this, Loki was the last person I would expect to see in a frozen tundra in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. This I knew wasn't real, I wasn't that crazy.

"Loki? What are you doing here?"

"Oh, so you know who I am. Good, it will save me the time of explaining." he said with a narrow smile

"Yeah I know who you are but why you are here I don't know."

"I am here to tell you where you are." he said "You are in a different universe than your own."

"What do you mean a different universe?" I had a good idea of where this was going with this.

"You are in a different place in space and time. This universe is not like the one you or I are from. Now," he said gesturing to the glowing blue gem on his staff. "Do you know what this is?"

"That's the cosmic cube, you used it to travel from your dimension to earth to enslave the human race."

"Exactly," he said "It is this little device which allows me to move between different universes."

"So Loki what does all this inter-dimesional stuff have to do with me being here with my ankle and wrists covered with ice?" I ask

"Ah, well it is simple really I put you here because it thought it would be fun to see what a human from your universe would fare in this universe."

"This is a experiment to you? Some sick game you're playing?"

"Well yes," Loki said with a mischievous grin "Do you remember what my name is?"

"Of course I do" I told him somewhat put off a little bit by the absurdity of the question "you're Loki."

"You are some-what correct, but what is my full name?"

Then it hit me, this is Loki I was talking to the God of mischief, his main goal in life was to screw with people. "You are Loki God of mischief."

"Precisely, so you can not be really surprised that I am putting you in this universe for my amusement."

"No I guess I can't" I said looking at my feet knowing he was probably capable of doing a lot worse. "So what universe is the one I am in now called?"

"This universe is the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe, a universe created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko for the entertainment of people in your world. Everything you have seen happen in the show will happen before your eyes."

"Wait," I asked kind of confused and excited at the same time "everything I have seen in the show is going to happen for real?"

"Yes but you will not be watching from a distance, I put you here for a reason, you need to join with the Avatar since you have knowledge of what is ahead he is gong to need this knowledge."

"But that doesn't make sense, I know Aang defeats Fire Lord Ozai anyway without my help."

"That is not the point, I need you to join Aang and his friends to see if this little experiment of mine can be called a success"

"Alright so where do I find Aang and the others?" I ask

"Aang has not been found yet, as for the others I am sure you have already meet Sokka and his boomerang." he said with a slight grin. I freaking knew, it the person who was yelling at me was Sokka. That's why his voice sounded so familiar and he threw the thing that hit me which is what probably knocked me unconscious. "Everything else will play out in time just like it does in the show."

"So can you get me out of this little situation I am in?" I said nodding toward my hands and feet.

"No, I am afraid I cannot help you, it would make the game of mine no fun for me."

"Perfect. So now what do I do? I can't really do anything right now in the position I'm in now."

"You need to wait" He said "everything else will come with time. Trust me." It's not like I had a choice in the matter. I wouldn't trust Loki with a sandwich, let alone my well being.

I heard footsteps outside of the tent and some people talking. Great, it looks like I am gonna have some company soon.

"Well," Loki said with a grin "it looks like you are about to have some visitors so I should be on my way." He taped his staff on the ground and the vanished into the air. "Great, just great." I said. Now I had to wait for someone come in here and interrogate me to see if I was a Fire Nation spy.


A man walked into the tent he seemed, to be around the age of 45 or 50. He had brown hair and a kinda ponytail thing and had a think chinstrap beard. He looked familiar but I couldn't pinpoint exactly what his name was or who he was. He came up to me and knelt before me so that we were at eye level. He seemed determined to get an answer out of me by any means necessary.

"Who are you and what do you want with our tribe?" well he got straight to the point didn't he?

"I don't want any trouble with you or your tribe. All I know is I woke up in the middle of this place and came to get help before I froze to death." Telling him that I came form another dimension probably would have gotten me killed right then and there.

He looked at me confused "Yes you were wearing some particularly weird clothes that I had never seen before. They didn't seem to be for the conditions we live in."

"Speaking of clothes" I said suddenly realizing that I was wasn't wearing the clothes I was before. I was now wearing a blue robe and black pants. This is what most of the people in the water tribe wore. "Why did you give me these?"

"We didn't do it out of kindness" he said firmly "we did it to keep you alive so that we could get answers from you about what you want with us."

"Oh, fantastic you're keeping me alive to be interrogated."

"Yes and if you do not tell us what we want to know we will send you back out into the snow will the clothes you came here with."

"Okay before I answer any of your questions can I ask you one thing and then I will give you all of the information I have."

He looked at me with slanted eyes " Okay I will answer one question for you." he said sternly.

"What is you name?" I had to figure out who this guy was. It would help me get an idea of where I was and who this guy was.

He has a confused look on his face. "Why would you ask me such a thing?"

"It's just something I want to know, you said you would answer my question."

He seemed put off by what I was asking him but then reluctantly said "I am Hakoda, chief of the Southern Water Tribe." Oh fuck, now I remember were I knew this guy from. He was Sokka and Katara's father, one of the greatest warriors in the Southern Water Tribe. Well at least now I knew who he was and with the knowledge I had, I could probably get myself out of this predicament I was in. Probably pulling the "I know your family card" would be a good place to start.

"Ah, you're Katata and Sokka's father." I said calmly. Hakoda's eyes shot wide with surprise. Well then, that got a reaction out of him. "How...do you know that?"

"There's a lot that I know about you, more than you could believe. I know your wife Kya was killed by a fire nation raid because she sacrificed herself to save Katara who is the only water bender in this tribe. And," I said looking at my ice covered hands. "that is probably how you got this ice around my hands and feet."

Hakoda looked absolutely stunned by what I had told him, but suddenly his surprised turned to anger. He grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me toward him. I could see the fire in his eyes as He pulled me in.

"Who gave you this information?" he growled at me.

Surprisingly I was able to remain calm and respond with "No one did I just know." I guess now I might as well tell him that I wasn't from his world. "I am not from your world, I know what is going to happen before you can see it happening and I was sent here to help someone." Hadoka looked absolutely shit faced.

"Now," well I only have one chance to play the "Other worldly powers" card so I might do it now "you can either let me go and let me help the people I was sent here to help or, I will bring some other world power down on your head." Hakoda let go of me with a shocked look on his face. I lent back into my chair and waited for an answer. It took him a while to let all of what I said sink in.

With a reluctant sigh he said "Fine, I will let you go." Wow, I was surprised that that card actually worked. "On one condition."

"Okay what is it?" I ask him, relived that he was going to let me leave here alive.

"You will be under the constant watch of my son, Sokka. I don't want you pulling any tricks on any of the villagers while you are here."

"Wait, Sokka is your idea of someone to keep me in line." laughing at the sheer irony of the idea.

"Well yes I don't really have another option besides my daughter Katara. Maybe I'll just have them both watch you."

"Oh good I have babysitters, this is gonna be fun." I said with a little smirk.

"Don't underestimate my daughter she is like you said, a waterbender."

"Don't worry I won't and I don't."

"Alright let met get you out of these ice restraints." he said grabbing some sort of blunt object I had never seen before.

"Is this gonna hurt?" I said kinda scared a little breaking this ice would break off my hands completely.

"No it won't." Hakoda said with a smile.

Fuck, this was gonna hurt.

Yea I'm done with my little experiment. It is gonna get a lot better once I actually get into the storyline of the actual show but I needed a springboard for the story.