Title: Book 1: Out of the Water

Disclaimer: I don't own A;TLA or Naruto, they belong to Mike and Bryan and Kishi respectively. This story isn't making me money so please don't sue me. I also go this idea form a story I read called Cause and Mass Effect, go read it if you haven't already.


I woke up in the morning around 10 AM. I walked out of my room stretching and towards the kitchen in our little shack. No one was there besides Temari and Sokka.

"Hey guys." I said waving and going to grab an apple.

"Hey Zero." Temari smiled as she was polishing her fan.

"Hey." Sokka said and walked over to me. "Hey can I ask you something?"

"Sure." I say taking a bite of my apple.

"I'm going somewhere with Yue today and it would make me feel better if we could double date with you and Temari."

I look at Sokka with a raised eyebrow. "She's not my girlfriend." I say going back to my apple.

"Regardless if you are or not. Can you guys just come with me?" He says looking at me with fake puppy dog eyes.

I sigh. "Fine, I'll ask her."

"Thanks." He says. "I'm gonna go get her now and be back here in a bit, be ready." He then exits the shack.

I sigh and walk over to Temari and sit down on the couch. "So Sokka wants us to come with him on his date with the princess." I say looking at her.

She turns to me and raises an eyebrow. "What you mean like a double date?"

I blush slightly. "I guess you can call it that."

She smiles slightly and nods. "Alright, we have nothing better to do."

"Alright, I'm gonna get dressed, and when I get back we can go." I say and turn to walk back to my room. I get dressed and walk back out. Temari is waiting their standing with her fan behind her back.

"Ready?" she says.

"Yeah let's go." I smile and hold the door for her. She walks through and I close the door behind us. We wait for a bit and finally Sokka and Yue arrive.

"Hey guys," Sokka says holding Yue's hand. "This is Princess Yue." Temari and I both bow to her. "This is Zero," he says pointing to me. "And this is Temari." He says pointing to Temari.

"Are you two dating?" Yue asks tilting her head.

"No!" Temari and me say in unison and both blushing.

She giggles and takes Sokka's hand. "Let's get going." She says and begins walking away with Sokka. Temari and me follow behind them.

"So they don't have palaces in the Southern Water Tribe?" Yue asks as Sokka walks along the side of the bridge.

"Are you kidding?" Sokka says. "I grew up in a block of ice, it's not exactly a cultural hub."

Yue giggles and puts her hand on Sokka's shoulder and then pulls away.

"Sokka, This is wrong." Yue says. I roll my eyes behind them.

"What's wrong?" Sokka replies. "We're taking a walk."

"I'm engaged, it just feels…" She trails off and looks away.

"I know what you need." Sokka says. "You need to meet my good friend Appa."

"Who?" Yue said tilting her head.

"Appa," I say. "He's our air bison."

"Your what?" She says still looking confused. Temari rolls her eyes.

"Common we will show you." Sokka says and we begin to walk toward where Appa is being kept.

"Appa and I go way back, don't we boy?" Sokka says walking towards Appa. Appa rushes toward Sokka and puts his paw on him. He then begins licking him, saliva covering Sokka's body.

"Looks like you haven't been giving Appa enough attention." Yue giggles. Temari and I sigh and shake our heads. I walk up to Appa and pat his nose. "Appa let go of Sokka." I say and Appa lets his paw off of Sokka. I help Sokka up and we climb into the saddle. I wipe some of the saliva off of me. "God, this is gross."

Temari and Me sit down towards the back of the saddle and let Sokka and Yue sit in the front. "So how does this work?" Yue asks.

"You hanging on tight?" Sokka asks.

"Mhm" She responds.

"Yip…yip." Sokka says and Appa begins to fly away.

"OH MY GOODNESS!" Yue says as we begin to fly away.

"Wow, I can't believe you do this everyday." Yue says looking over the edge.

"Yeah we pretty much live up here." Sokka says.

"Damn straight we spent two days total coming to this place." I say rubbing my eyes.

"That was hell." Temari says.

"Is it always this cold in the sky?" Yue asks moving closer to Sokka.

"Not when you're with someone." Sokka responds.

"It's beautiful up here." Yue says.

"Yeah…" Sokka says and turns to Yue. They both lean in slightly about to kiss, and then Sokka pulls back.

"Woo, Yeah, ahhhh, good times." Sokka says looking away.

"Oh for the love of God." I say under my breath. As we keep flying the snow begins to turn black and I stand up, my expression changing to a very serious one.

"Hey look." Sokka says pointing to the snow.

"What's happening?" Yue asks.

"It's starting…" I say with a serious expression on my face.

"Oh no." Sokka says.

"Get us down to the ground." I say to Sokka. He nods and makes Appa land on the ground. I jump off and examine the snow.

"Sokka come look at this." I say picking up the snow. Sokka comes over and picks some up as well. The snow is black in color.

"Soot." He says looking at it.

"What?" Yue says.

"I've seen it before. Right before my village was attacked. It's soot mixed with snow." He says dropping the snow.

"But why?" Yue asks.

"It's the Fire Nation. They've closed in on the North Pole, and from the looks of the stuff, I'd say there's a lot of em."

I look to Sokka. "We need to go back now." I say and climb back into the saddle with Temari.

"Yeah." He says and takes Yue's hand getting into the saddle flies Appa back to civilization.

We land and Sokka and Yue leave to go to the main building. I look over to Temari and rush to the and look off into the distance. It was suprisingly very calm and there were no boats yet. I lean against the wall and take a deep breath. Temari stands next to me and looks off into the distance too.

"So how is this going to work?" Temari asks calmly doing some stretches.

"How can you be so calm at a time like this?" I ask looking over to her.

She smirks and keeps doing some stretches. "I'm a shinobi, we are made for things like this."

"Well, Aang is gonna go and try to take out some ships, I'll go with him and you will stay here. But there are so many we won't be able to take them all out." I say.

"Whoa hold on there flunky." Temari says. "I'm not gonna wait here while you go off and fight."

"Temari listen, all I'm going to be doing is firing arrows." I sigh. "You need to wait here to conserve your energy for the mercenaries coming for us."

She looks at me intently for a couple of seconds and then sighs. "Fine…" she says.

"Trust me," I say. "It's the right thing to do."

She just nods slightly aggravated and I turn back to the ocean. "The calm before the storm."


An hour later the warriors of the Northern Water Tribe stood along the wall. Temari, Sokka, and Katara were all standing next to each other and Aang was on Appa's head. I was standing on the saddle my bow ready.

In the distance I could spot what seemed to be a ship and then a giant ball of light flew into the air.

"Everybody Down!" I screamed and the fireball came at us. It smashed right into the center of the wall hurling a couple of people out of the wall most likely killing them. Another fireball came shortly after and landed behind the wall. Then other was hurled into the wall.

"Yip Yip." Aang says from the head of Appa. We fly in the air toward the Fire Nation ship. I ready my bow, as we get closer. A fireball comes directly toward us but Aang sent averted its direction to miss the wall. "I'll take it from here boy." Aang says and jumps off of Appa toward the boat.

"Good Luck Aang." I say and sit on Appa's head. "Appa, go lower and circle above that boat so I can support Aang." Appa circles above the boat as I watch Aang take out the catapults. I ready an electro arrow and aim in through the scope. Aang is taking out the catapults at an alarming speed. Then a big guy with chain hammers steps onto the deck. He throws his hammers at Aang and they pin him to on of the catapult.

"Alright Zero all your archery training has led to this moment." I say to myself and aim in on the guy. I let the arrow lose and it hits the man in the arm, having the electricity course through his body knocking him out. The chains are let lose around Aang and Appa lands on the boat. I hop to the back of the saddle and Aang hugs Appa.

"Thanks for saving me Appa and Zero." He says hoping onto Appa's head.

"No problem." I say and then an ice spike forms into the ship breaking the last catapult. I look around and there are water bender ships around us lifting the ship in ice. We lift off and fly up toward the direction the ship cam from. We look ahead and see dozens upon dozens of ships.

"You've got to be kidding me." Aang says.

"Get ready." I say and ready an explosive arrow.


Aang and me were flying back to the city, exhausted. We had in total taking out maybe 10 to 15 ships. Appa landed in front of Princess Yue, Katara, and Temari who were waiting together. Appa landed and lay down. Aang and I slid off of Appa and lay against him. We were both breathing heavily.

"I can't do it," Aang says out of breath. "I can't do it."

"What happened?" Katara says rushing over to him with Temari and Yue.

"We must have taken out a dozen fire Nation ships but there's just to many of them." Aang says looking up at them. "I can't fight them all."

"But, you have too," Yue says. "You're the Avatar."

"He's just one kid." I say looking up at Yue. Aang puts his face in his knees and Katara comes over to him and puts his arm on his shoulder.

Temari comes over to me and kneels next to me. "Are you okay?" she asks me.

"Yeah I'm fine, just a bit tired." I respond standing up.

I look over to the sun, which is setting. 'Hmm it's almost nighttime. That means Zuko will be here soon.' I think to my self. I look to Temari, and pull her away from the group. "There's someone we need to meet at night time. We should probably head there now." Temari nods. "After you." She says and we quickly slip away from the group.

Once the night has dawned upon us we waited in some water tribe tunnel thing waiting for Zuko. "What are we doing here?" Temari asks.

"We are waiting for someone." I say and as I'm saying it a place beneath us turns red. "Back up a bit." I say taking about my bow and Arrow and pointing it at the spot. Temari takes out her fan and we wait as Zuko pops his head up breathing heavily. He looks between Temari and me not sure what to do.

"Hello Prince Zuko." I say quietly my bow aimed right at his face. "We need to talk to you. Don't try anything stupid."

He gets up out of the water and stands with his hands above his head. "How did you know I was coming?" he asks.

"That's not important." I say still holding the bow at his face. "We are taking you somewhere." I motion for Temari to stand in back of him and lead him along. She jabs him in the back with her fan. "Move it flunky." She says and Zuko begins to follow me. I lead us toward the small door leading to the sanctuary where Aang and Katara and Yue are.

"The Avatar is in here you will find him in the Avatar state with a water bender girl who will be protecting him." I say.

Zuko just looks at me weird. "Why are you helping me?" he asks very puzzled.

"I'm not helping you I'm helping us." I say pointing between Temari and me. "But there is one thing I need from you."

"What is it?" Zuko asks still mind blown.

"There are some fire nation mercs who are sent to kill us what do you know about them?" I ask.

Zuko thinks for a second. "I was playing as a soldier in my ship and I overheard a group of about five fire benders say they were going to camp out in a clearing inside the walls. They said they had a big payday if they killed them."

I look to Temari and nod to Zuko. "Go get the Avatar and if you know what's good for you, you will forget our faces, understand?" I say very seriously.

He nods and enters the sanctuary and closes the door behind him. I turn to Temari.

"Let's go, I know where we need to go." I say and rush toward the clearing. Temari follows me closely. "You ready?" I ask as we run. She smirks. "You know I am."

We arrive at the entrance to the clearing. I ready my bow and Teamri readies her fan. "Let's go."


We enter the clearing and across from us there are five mercs in fire nation armor. They look over to us and smile. "So you are the one's who we are supposed to kill?" he laughs out loud. "This is gonna be easy." He says.

"Yes…it will." I say and fire an electro arrow that hits the man right between the eyes, killing him instantly. The others look down at the man I just killed and look back to Temari and me. "Nice shoot." she smirks. "Thanks." I respond.

The four others charge at us and we split off taking two on each. One of the merc throws a punch of fire at he put I evade to the side. The other one tries to kick me put I catch his foot with my bow and make him fall over. I look slightly over to Temari and see that she is doing pretty well. One of the mercs makes fire daggers and charges at me. I evade the strikes but take a small cut to the shoulder. I then kick him in the side of the head and knock him out instantly. As I knock him out I see one of the mercs Temari was fighting fly across the sky and into one of the building in the distance. Now there were just two of them left.

The other merc I was fighting gets up and begins viciously throwing fire at me. I manage to dodge most of the blast put I was getting very tired. He continues to keep firing at me and I notice the sun has started to come out. I block a punch that he threw at my face and he grins. He then uses his foot and shoots jets of fire at both of my knees they connect and I scream out in pain as I fall to the ground since my knees have terrible burns on them. I look down and I can see that my knees have at least second-degree burns on them. Temari hears my screams and looked over to me.

"ZERO!" she shouts and swings her fan toward the merc. The strong gust of wind hits the merc sending him flying into a nearby wall. I look over to Temari and notice the merc fighting her now had an opening and went to kick her in the side of the head.

"Temari look out!" I scream over to her. I was to late, the kick connected to the side of Temari's head and she was sent down to the ground. She tried to get up but was clearly dazed from the kick. The merc went over and aimed his fist at Teamri's head. I quickly take out my bow and aim at the merc, the adrenaline of losing Temari taking over for the pain. I fire the electro arrow at the merc and it hits him through the neck, sending shocks through his body and killing him. I drop my bow and arrow and breath heavily. I look over and see Temari crawling over to me on all fours.

"Zero…" she says shakily holding out her hand and still coming toward me. I hold my hand out to her as she crawls toward me and I can feel it getting black around me. My eyes slowly begin to close and the world around me goes black.

"Zero!" she screams as she reaches close to me.

That was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.


I woke up in what seemed to be a hospital bed. I look around and it seems that it is a one-person room. I looked down at my legs and they were all bandaged up, I tried to move them but it hurt. I look to my left and see Temari sitting in a chair sleeping at the side of my bed.

"Temari…?" I ask weakly.

She immediately wakes up and looks over to me. "Zero! You're Awake!" she says and comes over to hug me. I stiffen a bit but then return the hug.

"Yeah I am." I say still hugging her. "So what happened?"

She pulls back and smiles slightly. "Well you saved my life that's one."

"Well the least I could do is return the favor." I chuckle softly.

She giggles and takes my hand. "You passed out and I carried you around the village until I found someone who could help. You have second degree burns on both your knees and they said you will have to stay in bed for at least a day."

I nod and hold her hand. "So what did you do after I was brought here?" I ask.

"I…I stayed with you until you woke up." She says blushing wildly.

"You did?" I ask now blushing myself.

"Yeah I wanted to see if you were okay. After all, you are the only other one like me stuck here." She says squeezing my hand.

I look down at my hand and squeeze back. "Thanks…" I say blushing.

She leans in and kisses my cheek. "No problem." She smiles.

I blushed as she kissed my cheek and I turned to look at her. At that moment of seeing her, something took over my emotions. I leaned out of my bed and kissed her softly. She was taking aback by the kiss at first but as it continued she seemed to relax into it, as did I. She then started to kiss me back and the passion in our kiss grew. I kept the kiss going and she put her hand on my cheek. As the kiss kept going, I was hoping it was never going to end, but unfortunately, the door opened while Temari and me were in lip lock.

"Hey Temari how is Zero doing…" It was Sokka and he froze as he saw Temari and I kissing. Temari and me both looked over to Sokka, blushing and frozen in place. I reached down next to the bed and grabbed one of my shoes, throwing it at Sokka's head.

"Dammit Sokka it's called knocking!" I shout at him as the shoe hits him in the head.

"Ow!" Sokka says as the shoe hits him. "Sorry I was just checking on you."

"Well as you can see he is fine!" Temari yells glaring at Sokka. "Now get out!"

Sokka leaves the room and grumbles under his breath. "Not my fault you can't keep it in your pants."

"GET OUT!" I shout to him.

Temari looks to the door and then back down at me. She had a very small blush still but was clearly upset. "I swear one day I am going to beat him up."

I sigh and look up to the ceiling. "Freaking Sokka killed the mood."

She sighs and rolls off of me lying next to me on my bed. "You're right…that freaking dork." She chuckles laying next to me.

"Temari I got to ask you…what made this happen? Not that I'm complaining, I'm just curious." I ask holding her next to me.

"Well when you passed out I got this…knot in my chest…and…this urge to protect you. I've never felt that way about anyone except my brothers."

"Hmm." I say looking up at the ceiling.

She looks up at me. "What?"

"Nothing I'm just thinking." I say looking back down at her smiling.

"What about?" She asks.

"Well, What does this mean now? Is this thing between us going to continue?" I ask blushing a bit.

She leans up and kisses me softly on the lips. "I wouldn't mind that…" she smiles up at me.

I kiss her back and smile. "Well that's great." I respond and hug her close to me. She hugs me back and I yawn.

"But I have one thing to ask you first." Temari said looking up at me.

"What is it?" I ask with a raised eyebrow.

"What is your real name?" She says looking up at me very seriously.

I sigh and look down at her. "My real name is Aaron."

"Hmm, Aaron." She smiles. "I like that name."

I chuckle and hug her.

"By the way don't give away my cute girl persona to those other guys. That's reserved for you." She smiles and touches the tip of my nose with her index finger.

"Don't worry, they wouldn't believe it anyway." I say and close my eyes.

Temari also yawns. "Me too."

"So what are we going to do while I am bed ridden?" I ask keeping my eyes closed. There was no answer.

"Temari?" I ask looking down at her opening my eyes. She was fast asleep laying her head on my chest. I smile and closed my eyes, slowly drifting off the sleep.