Tasha/ Eddie

(arriving at her house)

Guys, I am home! I came back from Canadaa!


Eddie, where is everybody?

Tasha thanks God you are back, Mr Davenport and everyone were captured by Douglas! -Eddie

Okay okay, wait.

First, are you happy that I am here? what? you hate me. Second they were captured? why? and third who the heck is Douglas?

It is a long story I will tell you later-Eddie

NO NO NO! you are going to tell em now, that is how I can help.

well, Douglas is Donald's brother-Eddie

wait what? wasn't he dead?

you knew about him? -Eddie

Yes, Donald told me something, but I didn't really knew exactly what happened. And why does he captured them?

Douglas is Adam, Bree and Chase's real father!-EddieD

WHAT? okay I am not understanding, wasn't Donald the one who created them?

Not exactly, he stole them form Douglas, because he was going to use them as things and not as humans, BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT HERE, Now Douglas wants them back.


I don't know, they leaved the house like 6 hours ago, and I haven't heard nothing of them.

But aren't you a computer? you are supposed to track them and hear what they hear?

I tried, but there is something that is interrupting the signal.

Where do they went?

To Douglas lab.

Where is it?

72 Ferras street!

I gotta go!



I wanna go!


There is a watch in the lab I can be in!, now go for it and let's go!

What do you think? Is Tasha going to be able to save them? I will try to make the chapters longer, sorry you have to wait.