Author note: okay, i just wanted to say that this came from my mind. If you see something thats in another fanfic, im really sorry! I just writting, if I copy something its obviously by accident. Pretty sure the name 'olympus High' is common in fanfics so im sorry If anyone used it!

He sighed. Great. This was exactly not what he needed.

Another day, more troubles.

Yes, Nico di Angelo was a loner but he didn't bug anyone so what gave people the right of bugging him? He hated it. And now because of that, he was in troubles. Again.

Here is the bigginning: Nico was at his school, all good. Well, good. He never felt actually good. His mother and sister had died in this accident... That depressed him a lot. He became a little weird, loner. People wouldn't really talk to him unless they felt like annoying him. Which was something usual.

Today he was at his maths class. The teacher copied some problems to solve. She started asking her students the results. The problem was that Nico couldnt get to do anything really.

"Di Angelo?" The teacher called.

"Uh?" He said, everyone turned to him. They weren't really used to his voice, he didn't speak much.

"The answer for the third problem"

Shit, he thought, "Uh... I haven't done it yet"

"Well, why don't you try to do it now?"

He grunted, "Fine".

He looked at the problem he was supposed to solve. Double shit, he thought. he was dyslexic so it wasnt an easy job. He might have stared at it a long while, but he didn't notice. Some guys snickered. The bullies.

"Well, I see you can't" the teacher said and asked another student.

One of the bullies, sitting near him turned to him with a smirk.

"You are a smart one, aren't ya?"

"The little stupid dyslexic kid can't do his work" another one said.

He frowned. "Hey, I'm still smart. And what are you talking about? Your brains are the size of a peanut"

"Stupid death boy" one of them said, clearly offended.

"Death boy?" Nico repeated frowning.

"Yes. You don't have anything good, as depressing as death. I'm pretty sure that actually your mom and sister killed themselves because they couldn't stand being around you"

Nico tightened his fists. "You better shut up"

"Or what?" He said and his friends laughed. They kept mocking him.

"That's it" Nico said before standing up and punching the guy.

They started fighting in the middle of the classroom so of course the teacher noticed.

"I'm baaack..." Nico said entering his house.

"Please come to the kitchen" his father called, he didn't sound happy. At all.

He sighed and went to the kitchen. He sat across the table and looked up at his father. He had the same mad, intimidating look Nico had.

"Anything you would like to say?" His father said.

"No... Not really" he shrugged.

"Nico! You got in a fight! Again! You went to far this time! You got expelled, again! This is like the sixth school you have been in-"

"Seventh" he correctd him, with indifference.

"That's it, Nico. You will go to your half-sister's boarding school!"

Nico sighed heavily. Well, at least he would be with his other sister.

"Okay, it would be nice to see Hazel more often"

His father stared at him. "Do you even care about getting expelled?"

Nico stayed quiet. "To be honest? No. I don't" he said after a short while and went to his room before his father got even angrier. If possible, of course.

Olympus High. Where usually parents sent their trouble makers kids to.

Nico was standing at the entry of it, looking at his new home and school. The campus was huge. There were four buildings. Two were for the dorms, one was the library and the other one was the school. "Hmm..." he said and looked at his bags. His father had left him there five minutes ago.

He sighed and thought it was time to go inside it. Jeez, he didn't want to. He opened the gates of the campus and started walking to a big building, the school, to get what his room was and his schedule. He hoped he would meet Hazel in the way, he had called her before and told her the news.

He gained some stares, but he didn't care, he was used to it. He kept walking. He finally got to the building some minutes later and went to the office. He found a fat man, who looked a bit grumpy.

"um... Hello, sir. Im Nico di-"

"di Angelo! Yes, we heard about you" the man said not really happy. "New kid, right? Whatever! Yes. We talked to your father. Im Mr D, the principal." he said and Nico just nodded "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be unpacking or something, kid?"

"Uh... I don't know which my dorm is. Plus I don't have the schedule and stuff"

"Ooh, right. Right" he grunted and looked around a desk. "Here. Now go. Dissapear from my view"

Nico frowned a little and walked out. He looked around the campus once he was out of the building again, with his bags. He looked at the paper.

"Room 1339, greek building" he read "Uh?" He raised an eyebrow confused. He looked around once more.

"Hey, newbie, need some help?" someone said behind him.