His Son

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Summary: What if Snape was Harry's father? What if Dumbledore informed him just before Harry came to Hogwarts? AU.

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Snape scowled at Dumbledore. "You can't make me like the boy, Albus. He's the living replica of his father. I'll treat him like the other students, nothing more, nothing less."

"All I ask is that you give the boy a chance, Severus." Albus sighed.

"Why should I give that arrogant, attention-loving brat a chance? Tell me, Albus." He snarled.

"Severus…" Albus grimaced. "I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. After all, I promised you and Lily."

"Promised us what?" Now Severus was curious.

"I don't quite know where to start, Severus…"

"I always found the beginning to be the best place."

"I suppose you're right, though maybe not the first thing. First, you need to realize this, Severus. 10 years ago, you were obliviated."

"Impossible." Severus sneered. "Even you couldn't access any of my memories without my permission."

"It was an event you willingly took part in, Severus. As I recall, you were the one who asked me to do it."

"And why would I do that?"

"Because your family was in danger as long as you knew they were yours." Albus said sadly. He pulled out a small glass vial from his turnaround. "You asked me to extract the memories before I obliviated you in case I felt it necessary to inform you." He held out the vial to Severus. "They're yours."

He took the vial, unstoppering it and then hesitating. Just what did they hold? "Accio memories." He pulled the long silver strand out with his wand, his hand shaking as he pressed his wand to his temple and the silver strand disappeared.

Albus felt sad, seeing the tortured look on the young man's face as the memories hit him.

"He… he's…" Severus could feel tears in his eyes for the first time since that Halloween night.

"Yes, Severus, Harry Potter is your son." He said gently, helping him into the chair.

"But… I… why, Albus? Why did I want those memories gone? All these years… I thought she died hating me."

"Lily loved you just as you loved her all those years ago. Why did what she thought matter, anyway? Your love for her should have disappeared with the memories."

Blinking back tears, Severus thought of his newly restored memory of his and Lily's wedding day. "Expecto Patronum." A silver doe shot out of his wand.

"You still loved her? Even without your memories?" Albus asked in wonder.

"I've always loved her." Severus said softly.

"I wish I had known. I would have told you sooner." He said.

"What am I going to do, Albus? I don't even know him."

"Severus, no parent starts out knowing their child. They grow and learn from one another."

"But he'll hate me. I abandoned him and left him to his relatives."

"As I said, just give him a chance. You might be surprised at what you find."