Hello, it's me Melody Hawkins. Today you'll see my new story, about Jack Frost and Rapunzel, this is for you Fans of Jackunzel.

DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN "The Rise of the Guardians" from Dreamworks, and "Tangled" from Disney.

Chapter 1: Without Memory

Jack Frost

I don't remember a lot of my life, I don't know if I had childhood, or family. The only thing I know is that my name is Jack Frost and my hair shines like the Moon and seems to be made of stars; I try to remember "Who I am" "Where did I come from" but the truth, I don't know. Some people say that I come from a tribe of the Moon (You'll see in the next chapter "the tribe of the Moon" is so bad) and dark places and that's why I painted my hair of white, and other people believe I am an orphan and people hit me until losing my memory.

I hate people that always judge before meeting me, or only invent rumors about me and when they hear them people stop talking with me. But now that I have the opportunity, I will tell all I know about me; I only remember that I woke up in a mountain, and luckily someone found me before my death, he took me to a village near the mountain and he gave me a temporally shelter there. That day he asked for my name and I told him that I didn't have one, then he told me that my name could be Jack Frost: Jack because I had face of that name, and Frost because I was on a mountain and survived.

From that day all called me Jack Frost, but others call me "The one fallen from the sky"


My name is Rapunzel, the girl with golden hair that shines like the sun. Unfortunatly I don't know why my hair so long and of this color, because the only thing I remember is that I woke up in a field and walked to a village for shelter. Some people ask about my golden hair, but the only thing I can say is that grows a lot every year and I have to brush it for an hour. People only look at me and my long hair and sometimes they murmure while I walk infront of them, so I had to comb my hair in a big braid and with that I can walk more comfortable, but the people still being the same.

The good thing is that I live in a village, I am an independent woman of 18 years now. My life is now not too perfect, but at least I have a home and friends here in the village. Sometimes I ask myself where I come from, or why I woke up alone in a field with any idea about my family... but the weirdest thing is WHY MY HAIR SHINES ALWAYS AT 8:00am-9:00am? When that time comes my hair shines and when the 9:00am comes my hair stops shining. I have never told this secret to someone, because here in the village all the people turn crazy when someone has magic or something like that and they kill you.

I want to meet someone like me well not specially with a magic hair, but a person that has a secret like mine. Where is that person? Because if I find him, he could tell me why my hair shines and why I have no memory about my childhood. Until then I will live with my magical secret, and try to find answers about myself.

I hope you liked it, I will write new chapter every day. If you have any question, idea, or comment don't doubt on sending it. You may see gramatical errors and I'm trying to do my best effort, but out of that I think you will enjoy the other chapters. Goodbye guys :)

- Melody Hawkins