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Chapter 13: Please Don't Leave Me

At the morning...

"Rapunzel, good morning!" Gothel shouted very excited (well she did it only to touch Rapunzel's hair) "Uh?, Hi Gothel how was your night?" Rapunzel yawned very exhausted. "Well, I had a good night... not as good as yours, but really calm" Gothel said slowly frightening Rapunzel and leaving her without words. "What... do... you mean?" Rapunzel mumbled. "Oh please Rapunzel you know exactly what I mean, and I have to tell you something" Gothel got closer to Rapunzel that was on her bed scared. "What is it?" Rapunzel covered her mouth with the blanket really nervous. "Don't ever see that guy again sweaty, 'cause if you see him again... consequences will be your enemy" Gothel warned while she touched Rapunzel's glowing hair and left the room very angry.

"Oh my... maybe she listened all my conversation with Jack, ugh. I have to leave when Jack comes before something bad happens" Rapunzel whispered to herself, took her handkerchief and put it on her heart. "Good bye Rapunzel, I'll go shopping" Gothel stepped on the window waiting Rapunzel's help. "Bye, take care" Rapunzel threw a part of her hair down and let Gothel on the grass. Time passed and Jack didn't appeared, Rapunzel got desperate, she threw her hair down and jumped with it to the grass. "Rapunzel!" Jack ran really exhausted and happy. "Jack! Where were you? Gothel may come in any second" Rapunzel hugged really strong Jack.

"Well, it's very difficult to run with sheriffs searching for a guy with white hair. But let's go now" Jack took Rapunzel's hand and went to the exit, but it was too late... Gothel was approaching. "Come for me at night, I'll wait for you trust me" Rapunzel kissed Jack really fast and climbed the tower, while Jack was running away he crossed with Gothel. She immediately recognize the boy who was kissing and talking with Rapunzel the other night, but he thought it was only a normal woman. Jack continued running and hid; Gothel saw a sheriff and asked them for their help to chase Jack at dawn before the Sun comes.

Dawn was coming...

"Jack... soon we'll go away from this big mistake" Rapunzel murmured to the Moon. "Rapunzel, to whom are you talking to?" Gothel went upstairs angry. "To anyone Gothel" Rapunzel answered in a bad mood and went out of her room. "How dare you, why do you talk to me like that girl?" Gothel shouted. "'Cause honestly you are... crazy" Rapunzel looked at her really mad. "Please, I hate when you mumble" Gothel got closer to her face to face. "You don't let me be with other people! You are keeping me like a prisoner, don't you see that I don't belong here?" Rapunzel began to get very irritated with Gothel, she was about to push her to make her way down.

"I did it only to protect you and that's all" Gothel stood still and mad. "Aghh, now ask yourself: why anyone else would keep me like a prisoner? Oh yes my magic hair isn't it?" Rapunzel pushed her a side and went down stairs. "Rapunzel, stop now" Gothel acted innocently and tried to calm down Rapunzel touching her hair. "No, I'll never let you touch my hair again! Now I'm leaving" Rapunzel took fast Gothel's hand and walked to the window letting Gothel with no option. "So, do you want me be really who I am? Fine, I'll be your biggest nightmare..." Gothel whispered taking a chain slowly.


"Finally! I can fly... hey who is that people?" Jack stood on a branch away from the ground. "WE WILL CATCH THAT PEST FROM THE WORLD!" All the people had knives, torches and other sharp things going to the tower looking for Jack. "Oh man, I have to take Rapunzel out of the tower now" Jack murmured worried and flew to the tower's window. "Rapunzel it's time to go... Rapunzel?" Jack entered to the tower and saw a little piece of her hair on the floor. "Rapunzel!" Jack saw Rapunzel chained like a pray to a piece of wood really scared and with a handkerchief on her mouth. "Umm!" Rapunzel made noises very worried and accelerated. "What is it? There's no time let me..." Jack touched the chain and a knife instantly was on his chest.

"Look Rapunzel, what you've done all only to end like this" Gothel let Jack hurted on the floor like the knife with his blood full on it. "No!" Rapunzel took out the handkerchief off her mouth and tried to get free fighting with the chain desperate. "Stop fighting with me, it won't give any result!" Gothel pulled the chain with Rapunzel to a small door on the floor. "I won't, he needs me!" Rapunzel cried. "Stop fighting!" Gothel pulled harder. "Never, I'll always try to get away from you monster... but if you let me heal him I'll never fight, and I'll go with you like the old times, trust me" Rapunzel cried looking at Jack that was shouting of pain.

Gothel chained Jack to the wall. "Jack! Believe me you'll be fine" Rapunzel smiled happily when she was released and reached Jack. "No, no... you'll die with her" Jack talked really exhausted. "You too if I don't save you, please don't leave me" Rapunzel touched Jack's cheek, the Sun was about appear and Rapunzel's hair started shining. "Rapunzel, please wait a minute" Jack got closer slowly to Rapunzel's lips, when she closed her eyes... Jack took the knife with his blood on it and he cut her hair fast. "Jack, but..." Rapunzel said worried holding her hair that was no more blond. "NO!" Gothel hugged the hair like her own life, and instantly she became old like before. Gothel was too hesitated that she fell from the window with Rapunzel's hair on her arms, the multitude was in front of the tower when that happened, they waited to Jack very angry and they were scared by the death of Gothel.

"Oh no, Jack?! Stay, please stay" Rapunzel cried with Jack on her hands. "Rapunzel..." Jack whispered. "What?" Rapunzel stopped crying and saw him into his eyes. "I will always love you" Jack closed his eyes slowly with a tear coming out of one of his eyes. "Me too Jack" Rapunzel let some tears out too and started re-telling the legend of the two lovers slowly. "Don't leave me..." Rapunzel hugged Jack hopeless, then a tear from Rapunzel fell on Jack's left palm hand that had his birthmark, and when Rapunzel touched Jack's face a tear from him touched Rapunzel's birthmark. A little yellow spark started appearing on his hand, then it became bigger and bigger. "What's happening?" Rapunzel saw her and his hands with a different color and symbol. Rapunzel's birthmark was with a blue spark with the shape of the Moon, and Jack's one was a Sun.

"It's happening..." Rapunzel saw the sky and the Moon and the Sun were getting closer 'til the esclipse was formed. "Finally" Rapunzel murmured and saw Jack when the sparks were disapearing. "Uhh" Jack tried to talk. "Jack" Rapunzel smiled excited. "Do you know that you look pretty with short brown hair?" Jack said it gently to make feel better Rapunzel. "Jaja, you returned" Rapunzel hugged Jack, smiled excited and instantly her lips were with Jack's ones, obiously Jack smiled and grabbed Rapunzel's back to avoid falling.

Sorry, sorry

-Melody Hawkins