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Last time after the spies and ninja of Konoha had graduated from Bev High, the spy girls were registered as full time ninja of Konoha, and it was time for the Genin ninja to return to their home village. Up in the sky was the Sky Fox with Naruto driving, and the passengers included the girls, Fido, the Sandaime, Sasuke, Kushina, Mikoto, Jerry, Rin, and Kakashi. Parked in the cargo hold were Naruto's two race cars, "We're nearing the portal boss." A clone Naruto said while operating the navigational system.

"Ok, time to make this portal big enough, activating vortex generator." Naruto flicked a switch which fired a beam at the portal expanding it to become bigger as the Sky Fox was able to fly through it with ease.

The Sky Fox suddenly appeared above Konoha and the ninja girls look out the window looking down, "We're home." Sakura gasped.

"Feels like it's been forever." Ino said.

"Looks the same as it was when we left." Hinata added.

"Ok, where do I land now?" Naruto asked not seeing a spot to land in the village.

"Don't worry Naruto, land at the open area by that training ground." Jerry instructed.

"Ok Jer, I'm trusting you on this." Naruto said as he landed the Sky Fox in the open spot at the training ground. Naruto dispelled all his clones operating the other systems of the plane and they all exited.

"So now what?" Clover asked.

"Behold." Jerry said clicking on a remote and the ground the Sky Fox was on top of started sinking into the earth revealing it to be a launch pad, a new piece of land was brought up while the Sky Fox was parked below surface level.

"Jerry where'd it go?" Sam asked.

"Why in Naruto's new parking garage, Sam." Jerry answered.

"Parking garage?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, while you and the girls were running missions I had several WOOHP agents and architects construct a new home for you and Kushina, Naruto." Jerry explained.

"Wow." Naruto gasped.

"So where will we be staying?" Alex asked curiously.

"Ah I was about to get to that," Jerry replied, "You Clover, and Sam will be staying with Naruto and Kushina. Rooms have already been prepared for you."

The spy girls' eyes lit up happily, "You rock, Jer." Sam said.

"Well good luck in getting settled in. Right now I have work to do." The Sandaime said as he headed back to his office.

"Yes I better go to." Kakashi added taking his leave.

"Yeah I got a lot to catch up on here in the village." Rin said as she hurried off as well.

"Well we better head home to, come on Sasuke." Mikoto calls her son.

"Coming mom, see you all later, when I do there's someone I want you all to meet." Sasuke said as he followed his mother.

Sakura, Ino, and Hinata were ready to leave, "Well we better check in with our parents." Sakura said.

"Yes." Hinata agreed and they turned to Naruto.

"Thanks for the times Naruto, and we'll be certain to have more fun now that we're home." Ino said as she kissed Naruto followed by Sakura, with Hinata giving him the last one before the three left.

Naruto blushed in several shades, before snapping out of it, "So where's the entrance of this new lair located?" Naruto asked Jerry.

"Right this way." Jerry escorted Naruto, Kushina, and the girls to a totem pole with nine totems; all nine represented the bijuu with first tail at the bottom, and Kyubi's head up top. Jerry approached the totem and opened a side panel on the fifth totem in the middle which looked like a whale-horse; the side panel revealed a thumbprint ID scan, "Naruto put your thumb on the scan."

"Ok." Naruto said doing so as the scan read the print of his thumb. When the scan was complete a section of the ground opened up revealing an elevator chamber large enough to hold everyone.

They entered the elevator and it went back into the earth going down a regular elevator shaft, until they stopped at one floor revealing a shoe locker room. So they removed their footwear placing them in lockers before going back to the elevator going down another level. The elevator door opened revealing the main lair where they first noticed the living room, which had numerous long couches pullout and non-pullout and three arm chairs. The dining room had a large table set up for family dinners, with a glass chandelier hanging above it. Right next to it was the kitchen with black and white checkerboard tiles, a walk in fridge and freezer, an oven next to the sink, and a microwave close to the fridge. Below the cabinets was a food and water dish for Fido, "Nice digs." Naruto gasped.

"I'm about ready to retire." Clover smirked.

"You guys, check out the wreck room." Alex called as they looked inside.

The wreck room was composed of red shag carpeting, a pool table in the center of the room, an electronic basketball arcade in the corner, table tennis, foosball, pinball, and air hockey table in another part, a karaoke machine with loudspeakers set up on a small stage, a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, a huge flat screen plasma TV with surround sound set up in a corner with a videogame station hooked up to it, along with a huge couch set up, two arm chairs, and a couple of bean bag chairs, "This is living." Naruto gasped in delight.

"Guys look this place comes with a pool and a spa!" Clover called as they rushed to the pool room. The pool was giant sized with a diving board, slide going down to it, off to the side was a Jacuzzi big enough to hold them, a sauna next to it, followed by a tanning room.

"You'll also find this lair comes complete with a state of the art lab, dojo, med room, nursery, and a test track so Naruto can practice his racing skills." Jerry explained.

"Jerry your WOOHP architects are miracle workers." Naruto gasped from all of this in one underground lair.

"Well they are experts when it comes to their jobs," Jerry explained, "Now here's a room you'll be most anxious to see." Jerry escorted them into a recording studio. "In this room you can practice your band and record your music for music videos and to ship to record companies. In fact I've already set you up with a record company 'Foxstar Records'."

"Foxstar Records?" Naruto and the spy girls gasped.

"That's one of the hottest record companies out there." Sam replied.

"I take it you're satisfied?" Jerry asked.

"Very much!" They replied.

Soon enough they were looking at bedrooms starting with Naruto's which had a huge king sized bed with tall bed knobs and red curtains hanging by them, the bed sheets were silk with black and white design like a white tiger's body, had about five pillows with the same design as the sheets. The walls of the bedroom were colored in sunny yellow like Naruto's hair, with pictures of sceneries like a forest, an ocean, a beach, and mountain landscapes hanging up. There were a bedside table on the right side of the bed with a golden handle while the top was covered in crystal clear glass; on the left side was a mini-bar with a few energy drinks. In his room was also a couch, a desk, a coffee table, and a red carpet. There was a door that led to Naruto's private bathroom which was luxurious and spacious.

"This is my room?" Naruto gasped while hyperventilating from all the hype.

"Yes, like it?" Jerry asked.

"I love it!" Naruto cheered.

"I thought you might, now ladies let me show you your quarters." Jerry said bringing them to their own rooms.

Clover's room had a Paris theme to it, along with a cheerleader like touch to it. Sam's had a Roman motif to it. And Alex's had a Hawaiian theme to it, including fake palm trees, whicker chairs, and funny tikis set up. And like Naruto's room each one came with their own private bathroom, "I certainly hope you all enjoy your stay here." Jerry said and the girls and Naruto nod.

"We sure will." They answered.

Meanwhile after Hinata, Sakura, and Ino went back to their homes they met with their guardians. They each were told ahead of time by Max about what their daughters went through, how they bonded with Naruto, and the risks he took to help them when they couldn't defend themselves. Hiashi was sitting before Hinata speaking, "Well Hinata, judging from what I was told you've drastically improved on your abilities and your confidence."

"Hai father." Hinata nodded.

Hiashi smiled, "Well I just want you to know how proud I am of you. All those things I've ever said about you I take it all back, you truly are a Hyuga."

Hinata smiled shedding a few tears before hugging her father, "Arigato father."

While watching from around a corner was Neji scowling and thought to himself in bitterness, 'Silly Hinata.' He left.

Meanwhile Sakura was meeting with her parents Kizashi and Mebuki, "So you see mom and dad that's all that happened."

Her parents smiled, "Well Sakura hearing all of this plus the information Max has given us I'd say you really have improved as a ninja." Kizashi said.

"And we trust you will continue to do so rather than focusing on appearances." Mebuki hoped.

"Yes mom, I will." Sakura nodded.

"And congratulations in finding real love with that Naruto boy." Kizashi smirked like a pervert.

"Well, I finally realized that he cared about me even more than any other boy did in the past." Sakura smiled.

And at the Yamanaka Florists Ino met with her father Inoichi and her mother Izumi, "And that's all there was to it." Ino finished her tale.

Her parents smiled, "Congratulations Ino, now that you've matured even more, perhaps you can try to help Shikaku's and Chouza's boys." Inoichi hoped.

"Well dad I could try, but knowing those two they'll probably never change." Ino giggled.

"Well Ino, we want you to know we're proud of you. You'll become a fine kunoichi for sure." Izumi said hugging her daughter.

"Arigato mom." Ino smiled hugging her mother back.

Later that day Naruto, Sam, Alex, Clover, Hinata, Ino, and Sakura were walking around the village, "Good old Konoha, feels like it's been forever since we've been here." Naruto said.

"I'll say." Ino agreed.

"I got to say this village sure does look peaceful." GLADIS said from Naruto's watch.

"That's Konoha for you GLADIS." Naruto spoke to his watch.

"Wow, GLADIS sounds different, like more personality." Clover noticed.

"I had Jerry give her up upgrade in personality. Why else do you think I kept her voice off half of the time?" Naruto explained.

"Hey guys!" Sasuke called.

They looked up ahead seeing Sasuke and following him was a girl their age with brown hair done in a bun in the back of her head, blue eyes, and a C-cup bust. Her outfit included ninja sandals, brown shorts with a ninja brooch on the back side, a black top, and black and white wrist bands, "It's Sasuke." Naruto gasped.

"But who's that with him?" Hinata noticed the girl.

Soon they met each other, "Hey guys, I'd like you to meet someone," Sasuke started, "This is Trisha, Trish meet my squad Naruto and Sakura, and this is Ino and Hinata."

"Very nice to meet you all," Trish bowed her head in respect, "Sasuke's told me a lot about you all."

"He did?" Sakura asked.

"Hold on Sasuke is there something you wanna tell us?" Naruto asked his teammate suspiciously.

"Well while you guys were away my mom and I adopted her into the family," Sasuke began, "You see she was a prisoner of some guy named Danzo Shimura who abducted very skilled ninja to use in his own army."

"Danzo." The spy girls and Naruto frowned.

"You've already heard of him?" Sasuke asked curiously.

"Oh yeah, and let's just say he was the reason I grew up alone." Naruto answered.

"Well anyway after he was captured months ago all the prisoners he kept were released and we volunteered to take her in." Sasuke explained.

"Yes, and I am eternally grateful to Sasuke." Trisha said as she latched onto him.

"Wow Sasuke, you do like girls after all." Naruto joked.

"What the hell does that mean?" Sasuke scowled, while taking offense to that.

"Nothing it's just you had that huge fan club in the past but ignored them I almost considered…" Naruto started.

"Ok don't make me launch a fire Jutsu at you." Sasuke warned him.

"I'm just messing with you knucklehead!" Naruto pulled Sasuke into a headlock giving him a noogie.

"Hey-hey cut it out!" Sasuke got out of his grip.

Trisha giggled as the spy girls approached her, "Nice to meet you Trish, my name's Sam, this is Clover and Alex." Sam introduced them.

"Sup?" Clover asked while smiling.

"Nice to meet ya." Alex greeted.

"Likewise," Trisha smiled, "And I love your outfits, they're so this century."

"I know right?" Clover asked.

Naruto smiled seeing that Sasuke's finally found someone to actually love, and that the girls made a new friend, "So why did Danzo have you locked up Trisha?" Ino asked.

"Well I have this ability to channel my chakra through my brain granting me psychic abilities, I can levitate stuff, manipulate objects around me, even read minds, but don't worry I wouldn't use that one on any of you." Trisha explained.

"Cool," Naruto smirked, "Hey you know something you two, me and the girls are having a concert at the old training ground and you two are invited."

"Cool." Sasuke admitted.

"Yeah, we wouldn't miss it for the world!" Trisha cheered.

That night by the training ground where the Sky Fox landed and parked, ninja and villagers were walking up to a ticket booth set up with a WOOHP android collecting money and giving the people tickets. Soon they went to the training ground area where pieces of the earth flopped over revealing theater seats courtesy of WOOHP's architects. Among people at the grounds included the Sandaime, Konohamaru, Iruka, Squad 8, Squad 10, Team Guy, Kakashi, Mikoto, Sasuke, Trisha, Rin, the kunoichi's parents, even Jerry and the spies moms. Suddenly a spot light shined on Kushina who walked into the center of an area before the audience, "Welcome all to Konoha's first ever rock concert performed by the new and improved Spy 7!" she announced and the audience applauded.

Kushina walked off the area, as it opened up and a stage rose out of the ground like an elevator, along with smokescreen pouring out to add to the suspense. When the smoke cleared they saw Naruto, the girls, and even Fido, "Hello Konoha!" Naruto called, "We are the Spy 7 and we're gonna sing a song." Naruto began as he and the girls began jamming while Fido was performing break dancing moves.

When they finished the song, everyone rose out of their seats cheering and applauding for the band as they took a bow and waved to the crowd. After the concert everyone headed home and at the Uzumaki lair Naruto was already sleeping in his giant bed. Soon in his mindscape Naruto was standing before Kyubi's cage, "Well Kyubi we're back in Konoha." Naruto said looking at the Kyubi's cage.

"Yeah, I think the time away from this place did us both some real good." Kyubi added.

"Whoa, that's the Kyubi!" Ino's voice was heard as Naruto's eyes widened as he spun to see all six girls standing before the Kyubi's cage.

"Huh? You guys are here?" Naruto asked as the girls.

"Max must have dream linked us again," Sam started, "Although this is the second time we're in the place where Kyuubi is sealed. The first time was after Ino's date. Max figured it was a good time to meet him." Sam said looking up at the Kyubi's cage.

"Yeah I was really thrown for a loop that time." Sakura replied.

"So Naruto, this is why you were loathed for so many years." Ino said.

"Then its true, the Yondaime did seal the Kyubi inside you." Hinata gasped.

"Yup, I'm glad you didn't hate me after you found out beforehand." Naruto said while tearing up a bit until Hinata, Ino and Sakura came up to hug him.

"It doesn't change who you are." Ino reminded him.

"You are still the man we fell in love with." Hinata added.

"And anyone who says otherwise will face our wrath." Sakura assured him.

"I know this is old news but I'm still glad to hear you girls say that." Kyubi said from inside his cage making the girls go over to pet him. The cage was designed only to keep him in so anyone else can go in or out as they pleased.

"Just you wait Kyubi. We'll get that jerk that forced you to go on that rampage!" Clover said scratching behind his left ear.

"He won't know what hit him." Alex added while taking care of his right ear.

"I wish Max could dream link you guys over here more often. I care for Naruto like a son I never had but I would like some more visitors from time to time." Kyubi said as he sighed in bliss from all the petting, enjoying a little too much.

'Ero Fox!' Naruto grumbled in his thoughts.

"Oh I have something better planned." Max said as he appeared with Kushina.

"Long time no see old coot!" Kyubi said before he turned to Kushina, "As well as this vision of loveliness."

"Flatterer." Kushina teased with a blush.

"What?" Naruto looked to Kyubi after hearing what he thought of his mother.

"What I may have been brainwashed but I was aware of all my surroundings." Kyubi said.

"So what's with this meeting, Max?" asked Sam.

"Glad you asked. I've got good news for you all. The Prime Watchers has given me permission to free you old buddy." Max told Kyubi.

"Oh? You know a safe way to do it without hurting the kit?" Kyubi asked curiously.

"Yes," Max said as he and Kushina came in the cage, "All I need to do is to install this." with that he jammed a staff in the ground which transformed into a straight lamppost which had a familiar power to Kyuubi.

"Is that what I think it is?" he asked.

"If you're thinking 'The Power Cosmic' than yes," Max answered, "Naruto has proven himself worthy to be gifted with it."

"Heh. Kit's always was able to do the impossible." Kyubi admitted.

"So what does it do?" Clover asked.

"Well right now it's making a copy of all of Kyubi's powers. It should be done in an hour. Once that's done he will be teleported back to his lair." Max said as two bracers appeared on Kyubi's front legs.

"What are those for?" Ino asked.

"To let the world know that Kyubi's still sealed. If Naruto taps into his power so does he. And once he's out his powers will be shrunken down to 2 tails worth of power. You have to prove yourself worthy to be a guardian again to get the rest of it back," Max explained, before he casted a spell on Kyubi's eyes, "And this spell will keep you from being brainwashed again."

"Thanks a lot pal. Looks like Connor McKnight is gonna make a comeback!" Kyubi declared.

"Huh?" Everyone asked except for Max.

"That's my human name. My real name known by the other bijuu is Kurama. But when I took on a human form I took the identity of Connor McKnight. You like it?" Kurama asked.

"It does have a ring to it." Naruto admitted and the others nodded.

"Arigato," Kurama said and turned to Kushina, "Say Kushina. Once I'm out would you like to go out sometime? I think thirteen years is long enough to be a widow, don't you agree?"

"I agree. It's a date." Kushina nodded as she smiled at Kurama while Naruto and the girls watched.

Naruto turned to the girls with only one thing to say about this, "I'm not calling him 'dad'." And with that the girls giggled.

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