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Far from California across the world in the land of Japan at the Vortex site destination, a hole in the ground opens up spitting the three super spies out and the three landed on top of each other.

"UGH! Sometimes I think Jerry does these things to get a laugh!" Clover said as the trio got up after crashing down.

"Story of our lives." Sam sighed.

"Tell me about it." Alex agreed, just as two guards approached.

"You three! This area is off limits!" One guard said before the girls revealed their passes.

"It's alright Dachi. They have clearance," The second guard told the first. "I'm Haru and that is my partner Dachi."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Sam and these are Clover and Alex." the redhead answered.

"You must be from WOOHP. We were given the heads up about you. To be frank we haven't had much excitement. Last time anything happened around here was thirteen years ago when a woman came out of the vortex. Dachi tried to stop her but she gave him a major beat down. It was darn funny to watch!" Haru laughed a little.

"I still say that woman was a wildcat!" grumbled Dachi.

"Oh hush up! Anyway your bikes are over there. Good luck." Haru said.

"Let's go girls!" said Sam after getting on the green bike and putting on her headgear. Clover and Alex followed suit with their respective bikes and all three went through the vortex.

The three bikes traveled through the vortex in they suddenly appeared outside the village gates where two Chunin guards were stationed. They felt startled as the bikes suddenly appeared out of nowhere and came to a halt.

"WHAT IN BLUE BLAZES ARE THOSE?" a Chunin guard shouted as the bikes came to a stop.

"Who goes there?" another guard asked a bit shaken up.

"We're agents of WOOHP. Your leader is expecting us!" called Sam. The guards nodded to themselves having been briefed.

"Go on ahead!" said the first guard as the gates opened.

"First one there gets to date Naruto!" said Clover as she sped in.

"Oh no…" started Alex.

"…you don't!" finished Sam as they went after her.

Meanwhile in the Hokage's office, "It's so good to finally have some more free time." the Sandaime said to himself reading a certain orange book while his paper work was being taken care of by ten shadow clones just before he saw three cables out his window.

"What the?" he gasped.

"Lord Hokage we're agents of WOOHP. Mind if we come in?" asked Alex as she and the girls pulled up to the window using their cable belts.

"Uh sure by all means." the Sandaime said with a sweatdrop before the girls climbed in the window and recalling their cables.

"Nice place you got here. I love the decor." Clover said as she looked around.

"Why thank you young lady." The Sandaime smiled.

"I'm Sam. This is Alex and that's Clover." said Sam.

"Pleasure to meet you girls. I am Hiruzen Sarutobi Sandaime Hokage of the village of Konoha" said the old man.

"What's this?" asked Alex as she picked up the orange book the old man was reading.

"Alex you know you shouldn't read someone else's book without permission!" scolded Sam who couldn't help but peek over her friends shoulder.

"Let me see!" said Clover taking the other. The old man gulped and quickly turned on a privacy jutsu, but the first few pages the girls already skimmed through. Sure enough after the first five pages were read, the girl's faces were red.

'Here it comes!' he panicked bracing himself.


Meanwhile in the outskirts of the Wave country.

"AHCHOO!" Kakashi Hatake sneezed.

"Geshundheit sensei." Sakura replied.

"Thanks Sakura. Someone must be talking about me." said Kakashi.

While back in the Hokage's Office.

"Heh sorry about that, girls." The Sandaime chuckled.

"Well we each have our own hobbies I guess," Sam started, "Although I would like to cream the writer of this." said Sam. Elsewhere a certain Toad Sage sneezed blowing his peeping cover making him the beat down target of many angry girls in a bathhouse.

"Uh let's move on shall we?" The Sandaime asked before something else comes up.

"Good thinking." Clover agreed.

"Now I'm sure you've all been briefed about Naruto since chances are his mother must've told WOOHP the story she thought she knew." The Sandaime started.

"Yeah. And we plan on asking him to come with us so Kushina can meet him." said Alex.

"We'll be sure he comes back of course." said Sam.

"His father's last wishes were to have the village see him as a hero. But they didn't and they beat him up whenever they can." The Sandaime sighed wishing he could've done more for Naruto.

"What a bunch of losers!" Clover stated, "I mean really anyone who just see what seems to be a monster in just a super cute person doesn't need to live in the same town in my

book!" said Clover. Sam and Alex nodded at that.

"I'm glad to hear that. Super cute huh? I'd say Naruto's got a fan club!" The Sandaime chuckled.

"Well as his future wife I do have the right to say that about him." said Clover.

"Oh no! That's MY title!" said Alex.

"Wrong! That title belongs to me!" said Sam. the girls argued about it for a bit till the Sandaime gained a ticked mark.

"STOP IT ALL OF YOU!" he shouted.

"Uh sorry about that we get boy crazy!" Clover said a little embarrassed as for Sam and Alex.

"Well please keep this in mind," The Sandaime started, "If you all see Naruto as a potential mate there is a way for you to share him. Here in the Ninja Nation there is a law called the CRA. That stands for Clan Restoration Act. Which states that if a clan has only one male member he is allowed more then one wife. And Naruto fits the bill." said the old man.

"Well what do you know? You were right Clover!" said Sam.

"I'm just as surprised as you are!" said Clover.

"Me too!" said Alex. All 3 girls stood dumbfounded for a bit till they hugged each other and screamed "THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE! WE'RE GONNA BE A LEGIT FAMILY!"

'Something tells me I better not ask,' the Sandaime thought with a sweatdrop before he cleared his throat and said "Naruto should be coming back in about three days. Feel free to make yourselves at home."

"Right! We still got work to do. Clover, get to the hospital and scan blood samples so the WOOHP Database can make some DNA Profiles!" said Sam.

"Right!" said Clover flying out the window using her jetpack backpack.

"Lord Hokage do you have a list of people who has ever been nice to Naruto?" Sam asked.

"Why yes I do." The Sandaime said handing a list to her.

"Alex you go and interview these people so we can learn what Naruto likes!" said Sam.

"On it Sammie!" said Alex flying out.

"I'll go to Danzo's office and scan his files so our computers can check if he's hiding anything. After that we'll go to the site where the Kyuubi fought Naruto's father. Something tells me there's more to that day that meets the eye. I mean even a demon can't just attack a village without a reason. And I aim to find out what." said Sam.

"Well I wish you girls luck," The Sandaime said when a wallet fell on his desk. "What's this for?"

"That's for keeping in contact with us and Jerry. There's a note inside on how to use it. We'll be in touch." said Sam before she flew out.

"Heh! Well Naruto looks like you're going to having your hands full." the Sandaime chuckled before getting back to his book.

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