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Ruby was tossing and turning. She simply couldn't fall asleep. Eventually, she got fed up and decided to get up and walk around for a while. As she looked around, she noticed light coming from a few candles on the other side of the room. Blake was still sitting there, reading her book. Ruby decided to walk over to her and one of her own books.

"Blake," she said as quietly as possible when she got there, so as to not wake up the others.

Though she couldn't hear her, Blake noticed the redhead's approach and looked up. "Hey, Ruby," she whispered a little louder than Ruby. "Why aren't you asleep?"

"I can't sleep. Guess I'm still not used to the new surroundings," Ruby answered, sitting down in front of Blake.

"Same here. I just don't feel comfortable enough to sleep."

"Mind if I stay here and read," Ruby said, showing the book she brought along.

Blake waited a moment before answering. "Not at all."

Ruby then sat down next to Blake and began to read.

"Thank you," Ruby said after a while. "For helping with Weiss back there."

"Oh, that. It was nothing."

"No, I'm really grateful. I'm new here and didn't know anybody. Getting chewed out like that was kinda harsh. And I know, I wanna be a huntress, so I gotta toughen up, and I will. It's just, I was alone, didn't know what to do, I was scared of Weiss and then I inhaled all that dust." She was silenced by Blake pressing a finger against her lips.

"It's alright, I understand," Blake said with a reassuring smile.

Ruby returned the smile. "Still, thank you. I'm glad I met you."

"Likewise." They then proceeded to read normally.

After quite some time, Ruby was starting to feel a little drowsy, but suddenly felt something pressing against her. She looked up and saw that Blake had fallen asleep and was now leaning on her.

A faint blush appeared on her face as she looked at the black-haired woman. Her pale white skin illuminated by the candlelight, her chest steadily heaving up and down as she breathed. Ruby decided to lean her head on Blake's shoulder. She was warm and Ruby could hear her heartbeat. It was quite soothing. She then looked back up at Blake's face. Her pale face framed by pitch-black hair, literally glowing in the gentle light. Without noticing it, Ruby slowing raised her hand and ran her fingers across her face, until they reached her lips. She couldn't take her eyes off of them, she was mesmerized. She stared for what seemed like ages until she noticed she had almost closed the distance between her face and Blake's. She quickly shot back, now blushing profusely. She then shook her head and decided that she was just sleepy and blew out the candles.


There was a clicking sound. Ruby tried to ignore, but eventually, her eyelids fluttered open as she took in her surroundings. Her eyes then widened in shock as she noticed that Yang was standing right in front of her, taking pictures of her and Blake.

"Sis? What are you..."

"Doing? I should be asking you the same thing," her sister replied with a cheeky smile. "Ohh, you two are so cute together."

"No, give me the camera!" Ruby shouted as she jumped her.

Blake slowly woke up and watched the two sisters fight with a confused expression. She quickly shrugged it off and stretched. I have never slept so well, she thought as she yawned. She then looked at Ruby and smiled warmly. Guess I have something to look forward to tonight.

A/N: I have no idea if they have anything to make pictures with in the show, but this is a fanfic, so I'll just say they do.