Anchoring Force: Chapter Five

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Derek's POV

The guilt was eating me alive. What I had done back at the McCall residence was not fair to Scott nor was it what we had agreed on. I had promised him, on multiple occasions, that I would not use my influence as Alpha on him. But this situation had overruled everything that I had said to my lover previously. There was no way that I was going to let him run, guns blazing, into a hostile situation; especially with his mother in danger. I knew Scott. With that much pressure I'm not sure that he would have been able to make a good judgment call. Well Derek he has done it before. He has survived so much since he was turned and all of it was under pressure. That was true and I cursed my mental voice for saddling me with yet another thing to feel guilty about. For a split second I was ready to turn around and go get Scott. But only for a split second did I consider such madness.

"I made the right decision by making him stay. He will be safe if he stays at home," that was the argument that made aloud in a tone that sounded more like I was trying to convince myself that I had made the right decision.

Scott's POV

To say that I was angry was a huge understatement. A more accurate description of how I felt would be to say that I was pissed beyond compare. After putting my trust in him he turned around and betrayed me. After so many nights filled with promises and sweet nothings I had been stabbed in the chest and the knife turned repeatedly. I paced my room frequently attempting to move towards the open window and jump out. But of course the Alpha command held me at bay. The deep timbre that had resonated throughout the room still lingered in the air and in my mind. A way to remind my wolf that an order had been issued and was expected to be followed. The law of wolves was perfectly clear. Never disobey the Alpha.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn't really pay attention to the quiet creak from the stairs. If I had not been so occupied with being angry at my lover I would have noticed the small nuisances that would have told me that I was not alone. By the time I noticed this little fact there was someone standing in my doorway. I could barely make out a silhouette and even though I knew that it wasn't my boyfriend I called him name anyway.


"Sorry cub, but your Alpha is not here." The voice was strong and confident. But more importantly it was filled with a danger that I had only encountered a few times and it had always accompanied the worst of killers.

"W-who are you?" I mentally cursed at myself for letting my fear leak through at a time like this.

"Have you really never heard of me?"

I opted for staying silent. My training with Derek was starting to kick in and from what I had been taught the less talking I did, and the more I listened, the more that I would learn.

"I will take that as a no. It seems that your Alpha has kept you sheltered from our world Cub. Allow me to introduce myself." The mysterious body attached to the voice stepped into the moonlight and instantly dread filled me. Why the dread had descended upon me so quickly I don't know because I didn't recognize him. It was just that something about him screamed for me to leave immediately.

I noticed the white cane and dark sunglasses first. And then his features. His body was well built and his muscles seemed to ripple with every movement that he made. His face was very distinct and his hair was well kept. For a moment I could admire how attract he appeared standing in the moonlight. And then he spoke again and the dread that had been present only moments before settled back over me.

"They call me Deucalion, but you can call me Deucalion." It was clearly his idea of humor but it did little to add levity to the situation. Again he stepped forward as he continued to speak. "We are going to go on a little field trip my dear Scott. So shall we?"

"How do you know my name?"

"My dear boy, I know many things about you. In fact, I know things about you that you don't even know. So let's go before we miss our appointment." Deucalion moved towards the window and instantly I froze.

"Is there a problem?" How he knew I had stopped moving was beyond me but the way he turned and looked directly at me had me a little on edge. At this point I was sure that he was blind.

"I can't leave." The comment sounded more crestfallen than I had intended it. My mind quickly chastised me and I knew that it was right. I shouldn't even want to leave with this perfect stranger. Not to mention the fact that this stranger had a deadly aura surrounding him.

"Oh, my dear boy, there is a solution for that." And that was when he gave me what I knew would be the first of many evil grins.

Derek's POV

I reached the clearing in the woods pretty quickly. Especially since I had gone at least thirty over the speed limit the entire time. Upon my arrival I noticed the little things that ensured that I didn't die out here. Like how that there were at least three hunters in the trees with guns, all of which were trained at my head. There were also two men standing off to either side of me behind trees just waiting for their orders to take me out. Then there was the little situation of the Argents. They stood directly in front of me. Chris was empty handed but his daughter held a crossbow in her hands and it was currently aimed right at my heart. A smirk crossed her face and I realized instantly that she was enjoying this. Psychotic tramp.

"Well Argent I'm here. Let Melissa go."

His deep laugh filled the surrounding space and made the eerie silence from before seem a little weirder than it should have. "Really Derek. You think that I will just let her go before I ensure that you won't leave. Someone is clearly not thinking straight. Now this is how this is going to work. We are going to kill you first then I will release the mother of your mate."

I snarled at the man that was threatening to keep me separated from my mate. There was no way that Chris Argent or anyone else was going to keep me away from my mate. Just as the hunter prepared to speak I picked up on a scent that was unfamiliar to me. I looked in that direction and then the scent that I had memorized like it was a lifeline hit me. The sudden smell of Great Oak and cinnamon.

"Scott?" Sure enough my mate appeared from the cover of the woods with someone trailing closely behind him. The fear in Scott's eyes spoke volumes and at that moment everything else melted away as I tried to survey the situation. Scott shouldn't be here. I commanded that he stay behind. How is this even possible?

"Well if it isn't the Alpha that left the little cub behind. Was that your way of protecting him from this group of pathetic hunters?"

I couldn't stop myself from growling at the man that clearly had sought out my mate. Why, I didn't know yet, but I intended to find out.

"Scott, come here. Come to me Pup." I reached out my hand, hoping that he wouldn't allow his anger at me from earlier to interfere with me keeping him safe now. As Scott started to move towards me the man that had brought him here wrapped his hand around his neck and pulled him back. There was a whelp of pain from Scott and then things got out of hand. I felt my control slipping and the transformation taking over.

"Oh I see that there really is a connection here. That is going to make this all the more tragic. Because you Derek are the reason that I'm here. Now if I were you I would put the claws away because you of all people should know that an Alpha never travels alone." Apparently the wolves that had traveled with this blind Alpha had been waiting on that cue. Four wolves dropped from the trees and created a semi-circle in front of the man whose throat I wanted to rip out. They all snarled and growled but what really threw me off was the vivid blood red color of their eyes.

"The Alpha pack," were my whispered words.

"Ah, there is the recognition that I have been waiting on. I take it that that means that you know who I am then."


"Good! That means that we can skip the introduction and get straight to the point. You Derek will kill this beta. Then you will join my ranks and together we will become unstoppable."

"You want me to what?"

Deucalion gave me an evil grin. "Kill the beta. Now."

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