They took me to a room and left me there. I don't know how long I was there. They didn't bother to give me food or water and as I was half mad already , it didn't help that soon I was starving too.

They avoided me. I could hear them going past my cell, but they never stopped. I was there for along time. A week I think. I couldn't think, or even move. I just lay there on my cloak, which I used, for a bed. Then just as I felt I would die, and I was welcoming death. I heard the creak of the door.

" Good, God, what have they done to him?" a young voice broke through my daze

"What does it matter? He's a murderer. Look just stay with him and bring him out tomorrow when they call." I heard the door shut, and the sound of footsteps retreating.I felt someone shake me .

" Are you okay?"

I tried to say of course not, My best friends are dead and I didn't do it. But no words came out.

" No food or water. No even you deserve this. Here." He lifted my head up and gave me a drink. It woke me up slightly. I opened my eyes.

" Feel better?" He was young, couldn't have been more than seventeen. Only a few years younger than me. He had bright blue eyes and ruffled blond hair. He had a look of naiveté about him. Like some one who hasn't yet realized the world we live in is painful. I learned that at the age of thirteen.I nodded.     

 " Thanks." It came out more as a croak.

"No problem." He offered me a piece of bread and I took it. I ate it so fast I don't think he saw it disappear. He smiled.

" How long have I been here?"

" A week."

A week. James and Lily had been dead for a week. I closed my eyes against the tears that threatened to spill again.

"Please can you tell me something?" I looked at the young auror.

" Sure."

" Why did you turn?"

I smiled and shook my head. " I didn't turn. I am innocent."

"Innocent? But everyone saw you do it."

" What? Kill Peter, all those muggles? They didn't see what they thought they saw."

"And the Potters?"

"I as good as killed them." I curled up on my cloak and pulled my knees to my chest. I really didn't want to think about anything right now. But the boy asked more questions and I ended up telling him the whole story. It was the next morning when I had finished.  They came for me then.

" Get up ." The man snarled. I got up. I glanced back at the young auror. Then he did something I will never forget.           

He said " I believe you." I had wanted to hear those three little words for so long. Just to know that someone other than me knew the truth. That boy was killed the next year.

Anyway back to the trial. Or really lack of one. They handed me over to the dementors who brought me into the courtroom. It was filled with people I knew. I saw Addi and Remus, I saw Dumbledore. And all my teachers and friends. They were looking at me with mixed disgust and fear. I caught Dumbledore's eye and he gave me a look of such disappointment I had to turn away. Mari wasn't there. Addi wouldn't look at me and Remus looked at me with not disgust or fear, but really helplessness. Like he was begging for it not to be true. So am I, Remus so am I. I was strapped to a chair in the middle of the room. Crouch was seated as judge. I knew there was no hope.

" We have here one, Sirius Black, accused of treason and murder. How do you plead?"

I couldn't talk, my throat was too tight.

" Defiant, eh? I wouldn't be. Your master is dead, He won't be coming to break you out anything."

" The jury has decided to deny the prisoners request for a trial. We have more than enough evidence to convict him twenty times over. Therefore Sirius Black, it is with no small amount of personal satisfaction, I sentence you to life imprisonment in Azkaban for your crimes."

I sat back in shock. My eyes wandered to the crowd. I wondered if I had heard right, if this was even real.  Then I saw Remus get up.  His footsteps resounded off the floor, echoing. His face was like a stone. He acted as if he'd had enough, as if he couldn't bear it anymore.

Well, neither could I. My last hope, my last friend, was walking out the door. 


I pulled myself free of my guards and  threw myself at Remus.  Several people made a move to grab me, but before anyone knew it, I was on my knees  in front of Remus.  No one said anything, no one moved, except for Remus who stared at me, surprised.

"Moony, please. Please, don't go. You don't know. I have to tell you!" I begged. He looked at me with cold eyes.

"Tell me what, Sirius? Why you turned?  Why James and Lily had to die? I don't care."  He stepped by me and continued. At the sound of his harsh voice and the fact that not even he believed me,  I broke.  My resolve cracked and the floodgates opened.  I began to sob. Quietly at first, then gasping, heaving ones.

At the first one, he'd stopped.  By the time he'd turned around, I was doubled over, pounding the floor as if it were somehow responsible for my fate.  It was the first time I'd cried since that night.

Remus seemed  torn, but finally he relented to  his pleading heart and knelt beside me.  He pulled me close and let me cry. By this time, the room was completely silent.  For one brief moment, as I cried, I believed it had never happened. That maybe I was sixteen again and on the run from my tyrannical grandfather. Remus had been for me then too as I cried. 

But when I finally stopped and opened my eyes, I knew it wasn't true.

 When I stopped, Remus didn't move. It wasn't until Crouch coughed that he let me go. I glanced up at him, my eyes and heart full of hope.  He got up.

"Moony?" he turned around.  I will never forget the way he looked at me. It was worse than disgust, worse than fear, it was hate.  Pure and simple hate.  As long as I live, I will never forget those words he spoke then.  They are the ones that ring in my mind day after day, along with, "I trust you, Padfoot."  His and James's voices mock me, they ring in my ears and remind me, taunt me, tell me what a fool I was.

"Moony is dead.  The Marauders are dead.  Prongs and Wormtail buried a week, Padfoot with them.  At least I can visit their graves.  Pad foot's is lost, probably somewhere in the shattered remains of your black heart.  They all died and left Moony to die alone, long and painfully."

"No! Remus! You have to listen! You have to understand. I'm innocent!" I screamed the word innocent.

"You are dead to me, Sirius." He said.  Even though he spoke softly, his words echoed in my ears. I shook my head. I had to stop him, had to make him understand.

"NO!" I watched as he turned and shoved the door open.  Addi got up then, and followed him. I watched her leave too, panic building in me.   Two people grabbed my arms and dragged me out.  Then I began screaming.

"Remus, please. I didn't do it! I'm innocent! Addi, Believe me! Please! I'm innocent!"  I didn't stop till they dragged me out of the room and even then they had to stun me.

Then  about maybe a year after I'd been in  here, I got a letter.

Your wife gave birth to two healthy baby boys yesterday.  You have been given permission to name them. Please write down the names you would like.

I turned the paper over and  wrote two names, James Castor Black, and Remus  Pollox Black. Then I handed it to the official who turned and left. That was it, no congratulations, no  I'm sorry, just turned and left. I was alone again. But I was a father again. I allowed myself one moment of congratulations, one second to imagine them,  a prefect mix of our features. I thought of James and Lily and Remus and Addi there, all happy for me and fighting over who got to hold them next. I saw Mari's  tired but joyful face, Cassi's happy  excited one, the one she gets whenever she sees something new. I could hear James slapping me on the back and saying " You did it again, Padfoot!"  Remus would just smile. I know how much he wanted kids of his own.

But then it faded and I was still alone, in my own little cell. No friends, no Mari, no twins. Nothing, just me and my memories. That's all it will ever be.

So that's it. That's my story. It's not a happy one or really a sad one because most of my life has been pretty good. Up until the whole having my best friends die and getting imprisoned for life for a crime I didn't commit. I just, …

Wait, something's going on outside. The dementors are leaving. It must be the minister's yearly visit.. Has it been a year already? Odd. It went by faster this time. I better hide this.