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Season 2: Descent of Darkness

Episode 24: Shadows on the Horizon

Yuni is floating in a void of white and black. In front of him is a massive yin-yang. Yuni thinks to himself, Not again, I thought I was through with this stuff. He then shouts out loud, "Why am I here!? I restored the Balance of Chaos months ago! What is it now!?"

A loud, deep voice that seems to come from all around says, "You are the Chosen Hero! Your job is never done. Darkness is descending across the land! It is time once more for you to take action! Take heed of the Darkness, it could be your undoing!"

The void around Yuni begins to fade to darkness. Yuni shouts, "Wait! No! Tell me more of what I have to do! What is this darkness, why is it dangerous!?" The void is completely gone and Yuni suddenly wakes up in bed. He thinks, Why does this keep happening to me? I thought life was going to go back to normal now.

Yugi responds, I told you your life would never be the same.

Yeah, I know. He then thinks in a joking manner, Hey, isn't Seto the other Chosen Hero or whatever? Why can't he be the one to do this?

Seto is sleeping in an opulent sweet. He suddenly wakes up and pants deeply. He thinks to himself, What the heck was that!? That was one of the strangest dreams I have ever had. What was that voice saying? Darkness is descending, what the heck? Seto looks over to his night stand and sees a picture of a young boy with a large amount of black hair. Seto thinks, It's been four months since you were taken, and I haven't gotten any closer to figuring out who kidnapped you.

Suddenly, a knock sounds at the door. Seto looks over and sees something slip underneath the door. Seto gets out of bed and walks over to the door. He opens the door and looks up and down the hall and sees nothing. He looks at the ground at the object that was slipped through. He picks it up. It looks like a flat, one square-inch square with a button on the top.

Seto presses the button and a hologram of a silhouetted figure appears above the square. It says in an electronically disguised voice, "Greetings Seto. It is to my understanding that you are currently hunting for the whereabouts of your little brother. Today is your lucky day. In two three days the Ministry of Dueling will unveil the next official duel tournament in your home city of Domino. Enter this tournament and meet me at the first day of the tournament next to the Domino Warehouse. I will then reveal to you the location of your little brother." The hologram goes away.

Seto thinks to himself, This is an interesting development. But can I really trust this person? He disguised himself the same way that the kidnapper did. But do I really have a choice?

The next morning, Yuni is going down the escalator in his house. Yuni cries out, "Good morning Grandpa!"

Yuni's grandpa says back, "Good morning Yuni, did you sleep well?"

Yuni walks into the kitchen and sees his grandpa making breakfast with a food synthesizer. Yuni answers, "Good enough, I guess. I had a strange dream." Yuni sits down at the table and his grandpa places a plate of scrambled eggs in front of him, which Yuni immediately chows down on.

Yuni's grandpa then says, "By the way, a letter showed up for you this morning."

Yuni looks confused and asks, "A physical letter, not a holo-mail?"

"Yeah, I haven't seen one of those since I'd say…well let's just say I was a lot younger." He puts a sealed envelope down on the table.

Yuni stops eating and opens the envelope. Yuni reads it in his head, Dear Yuni, I am sorry that I have not contacted you earlier, but I have been engaged in other matters. I also apologize for the unconventional means of contacting you, but holo-mail can be tracked. I need to meet you in secret to tell you something important. Please meet me at the western end of Domino Square tonight at exactly 11:00. Do not tell anyone where you are going, and make sure you are not followed. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Your friend, Apep.

Yugi asks, What do you think Apep wants? And why be so secretive about it?

I don't know, but there's only one way to find out. Yuni then says out loud, "Hey Grandpa, the letter's from Brutus, he thought it would be fun to send a letter. He wants to meet me tonight at 11 to show me something."

His grandpa thinks for a second and then says, "Alright, just don't stay out too late."

Yuni is standing at the side of Domino Square, which looks almost the same as it was 5,000 years ago. Yugi comments, It's nice to see something hasn't changed that much.

Yuni responds, Yeah, Domino Square is marked as a historic site, and thus can't be changed. Yuni looks at his watch, which says 11:06, and thinks, Apep seemed to stress the fact that he wanted to meet at exactly 11. So where is he?

Just then the sound of a scream comes from behind Yuni. Yuni looks behind him and runs off in the direction that he heard it. Yuni enters into an alleyway and sees what looks like the end of a duel. Apep is on one side and a man hidden by shadows in on the other. Apep's life point meter says 0 and the man's says 4000. The mysterious man says, "You lose Chaos Lord. Now I banish your body and mind!" The man holds up his arm and it looks as if shadows shoot out of his hand and begin to rap around Apep. Apep tries to struggle free, but to no avail.

Yuni shouts, "Apep, no!"

Apep turns his head around to Yuni and a solemn look crosses his face. He holds out his hand and drops something. He then hangs his head in shame and is fully engulfed by the shadows. He then disappears in the shadows as they recede.

Yuni looks at the mystery man in furry, and shouts in rage, "What did you do to him!? Who are you!?"

The man looks towards Yuni and steps out of the shadows. He wears a black cloak, his face is pale and has pitch-black eyes. His hair is also as dark as night. He says in a menacing voice, "You must be Yuni, legendary incarnation of one of the princes of Yugoha. You may call me Dark Lord Oblivion. I am the leader of the Disciples of Darkness. As for your friend here, he was an enemy to the Disciples, and as thus, he had to be eliminated. The same goes for you."

A quick look of horror crosses Yuni's face. Oblivion adds, "Do not worry, your time has not come yet. This is not the proper time and place. In a few days the Ministry of Dueling will announce the next major dueling tournament, you will join it. That will be the proper time for us to face each other once more. Until then young prince." Oblivion fades away into nothingness.

Yuni stands awestruck. He thinks, What was that, what should I do?

Yugi comments, It looks like it's time for you to save the day again.

Yuni sighs. I can't believe that just like that, Apep is gone. I feel like I just got him back. This is all just so hard. Yuni starts to cry.

Yugi says, Don't cry, I'm sure that isn't the last time you'll see him.

You think so?

I know so. Hey, did you notice that Apep dropped something when he saw you? Go see what it is.

Yuni walks over to the spot where Apep was standing and looks around on the ground. He spots something and picks it up. It looks like some sort of mechanical, rectangular chip. Yuni thinks, It looks like some sort of data chip. Let's go home and see what it has to say.

Yuni is sitting in front of his wall terminal in his room examining the chip. He thinks, I don't get it. This is defiantly some sort of data storage chip, but there's no place that I can use to plug it in to my terminal. It's as if it wasn't meant to be read using standard methods.

Yugi exclaims, That's it! You're not supposed to use a standard method. Use your technokinesis, access the data directly.

Good idea, let's try it. Yuni holds up the palm of his hand and places the chip in it. A circuit board pattern appears on his palm and then spreads to the chip. Suddenly Yuni is floating in a stream of binary code and data. Yuni looks around and says, "It doesn't look like there's much here."

Suddenlyan electronic voice says, "Foreign program detected, scanning voice code. Voice code matches that of Yuni Oha. Access allowed."

In front of Yuni, Apep appears. Yuni shouts in surprise, "Apep! How'd you get in here?"

Apep says, "I am sorry Yuni, but this is not me. This is merely a program I created."

Yuni asks confused, "Why?"

"Because I knew that my time was limited and there would be many things that I couldn't tell you. I am glad you found this chip and figured out how to use it."

"Wait, are you saying that you knew that I had technokinesis?"

"Yes, during the time I was possessed, I had you tracked, and I learned everything I could about you, including the fact that you had technokinesis and that an embodiment of Yugi Muto is inside of you. Now please, ask any question you have."

Yuni thinks for a second and then asks, "What happened to you, who was that guy?"

"That was Oblivion. He runs a secret society known as the Disciples of Darkness. The Disciples are a group of people who worship darkness and destruction. They are in many ways, the opposite of the Society of Chaos. For the past several months they have been growing in numbers and creating more and more disbalance in Chaos. Since you freed me three months ago, I have been tracking them and trying to control them. The Disciples of Darkness have existed for many years, but they were disorganized and scattered. They were of no danger originally, but then four months ago, Oblivion came out of nowhere, and gave them order and purpose. Now they are a threat. When you saw me, I was confronting Oblivion, trying to stop him. I can assume, since you are viewing this, that I failed."

Yuni slowly nods his hand. He then says, "Oblivion told me to enter a tournament that will be announced in a few days, what should I do?"

"Yes, in my investigations, I have seen this tournament come up over and over again. I do not know why, but there is something important about it. They plan to make there power play during it, that is all I know. I hate to send you into unknown danger, but you are the only person left who can defeat the Disciples of Darkness. You must enter the tournament. "

"Ok. That is all the questions I have for now."

"I want you to know Yuni, I may not be the real Apep, but I was designed with all of his knowledge and experiences, if you ever have a question, or just want to see me, just activate this data chip again."

Yuni nods.

A sad look crosses Apep's face. He then says, "Also Yuni, I told you that I would find out what happened to your parents. I found out. Oblivion is the reason that they are no longer with us."

Yuni is standing in the middle of Domino Square. There are crowds of people all around him. Yuni thinks, Well, this is it, the big announcement from the Ministry of Dueling.

A voice cries out, "Hey Yuni, over here!" Yuni looks in the direction of the voice and sees Brutus running towards him.

"Hi Brutus, how are you."

"I'm fine, but how about you? You seem pretty down."

"It's a long story, I'll tell you later."

Then Yuni hears another voice shout, "Yuni, Brutus, nice to see you again."

Yuni and Brutus turn around and see Tori coming up to them. Yuni says, "Hey Tori, it's been three months. How are you?"

"I'm fine, pretty excited about this mystery announcement coming up. I heard that it's going to be something that makes history, and you know me. Speaking of history, how's Yugi?"

Yuni smiles and says, "He's fine."

Over a loud speaker a voice says, "Attention, attention. The Minister of Dueling will now make a special announcement, this announcement will be shown live around the world, via the holovision. Please remain quite for the duration of the announcement."

Tori says, "All right, this is it."

In the center of Domino Square, there is a stage. A man in a suit walks up onto the stage, he is surrounded by hovering camera-like devises. He steps up to a microphone and says, "Greetings to the dueling world. I, the Minister of Dueling, am coming to you live from the historic site of Domino Square. It is in this spot, exactly 5,000 years ago that the Battle City tournament was first announced. The Battle City tournament was the first dueling tournament ever held a major scale, that almost anyone could enter. It was in this tournament that Yugi Muto first became a household name. It has now been 5,000 years since a King of Games has been crowned, and I say it is time to crown a new one!" Applause rips through the audience. "But, here is the conundrum. Yugi Muto was an unheard of duelist before he was the King of Games, so what happens if one worthy of being the modern King of Games is one who is unheard of? He would never be invited to a tournament that would determine who would be the next King of Games. So, I am proud to announce our solution to this problem. For the first time in Duel Monsters history, we will hold a truly world wide tournament that anyone can enter. For the next several weeks, anyone with a registered Duel Gauntlet system will automatically be entered into the tournament. That's right, anyone, anywhere, can be in this tournament. Whether you're a kid, to young to enter a normal tournament, or unable to travel to one, it doesn't matter. You are a contestant." Another, even louder applause occurs. "I am proud to say that the next major tournament is here. The World of Duel tournament begins now!" Another applause. "After every duel competed in over the span of this tournament using a registered Duel Gauntlet system, you will be awarded with a certain number of points, depending on how well you dueled. At the end of the tournament the eight duelists with the most points will compete in a grid style tournament, the winner of which shall be crowned the next King of Games. And when I say crowned, I mean crowned." The Minister holds up a golden crown with a single red jewel in it.

Yugi gasps and says, I know why Oblivion is interested in this tournament! That crown belonged to Dartz, the king of Atlantis! Who knows what ancient powers it might hold!

Yuni asks, Are you sure?

I'm positive.

The Duel Minister continues, "This is the Crown of Kings. It was just discovered in the ruins of the first dueling civilization, the legendary Atlantis! This crown is truly priceless, and will belong to the winner of the World of Duel tournament. Now go out and duel, the World of Duel starts now! In the words of the first King of Games, it's time to duel!"