(And this is the finale.)

On the Chunin Exam arena, stood the eight Naruto's, each one getting themselves ready with Bang Baby Naruto turning his arms into light energy knives, "I'm gonna slice you guys up good."

"Not if I shred you first." Shredder Naruto dawned his helmet.

"Keep talking Shred-head." Teen Ninja Naruto twirled his double katanas.

"Let's all have a memorable fight." Spy Naruto said drawing his own sword.

"Yes, let's." Chi Wizard Naruto pulled out a blowfish and barracuda to use for mediums for his magic.

"I'm not holding back, that's for sure." Psychic Naruto added as he started levitating pebbles all around him with his psychic energy.

"All I can say is… It's Morphing Time! Dragonzord!" Green Ranger Naruto put his helmet on and drew a sword and a dagger.

"Our time is finally now." Catastrophe Naruto finished going full symbiote form.

The spectators watched from the stands eager to see the match as Madame Web announced, "You may begin!"

And with that the Naruto's took off fighting each other, starting with Shredder Naruto going at it with Teen Ninja Naruto with Shredder Naruto using the blades on his wrists while Teen Naruto used his katanas to parry him away, "Seems you are good with the sword, allow me to show you one of my own." He drew his own sword that was charging with energy.

"That's the sword of Tengu!" Teen Ninja Naruto gasped.

"So even this sword is famous in your world?" The bladed Naruto asked.

"Yes, but it was destroyed years before I even knew about it." Ninja Naruto answered.

"Then allow me to give you a taste of its power!" Shredder Naruto swung it back sending a shockwave right for his opponent who jumped out of the way resulting in the attack hitting Catastrophe Naruto in the back making him recoil.

The symbiotic Ninja turned glaring at Shredder Naruto and fired a symbiotic limb at the armored Naruto and swung him around the arena making him crash into Spy Naruto. Catastrophe cackled in amusement. Suddenly his spider sense went off as Psychic Naruto flew in tackling him as they rolled across the ground with the symbiotic Naruto kicking the Psychic one off.

Up in the stands the group was watching with High School Naruto looking impressed, "Wow in alternate worlds I'm a total badass!"

"Aren't you a badass where you're from?" Tenten asked.

"Not like these guys." He explained.

"They're each proving their ability to use their own strengths very well." Captain America admitted.

Back on the ground, Bang Baby Naruto was jumping around with his big feet avoiding combustion blasts from Chi Wizard Naruto, "Wow and I thought Yuki was a maniac when fighting."

"Yuki?" Chi Wizard Naruto asked.

"My daughter." He answered making the Naruto's freeze.

"DAUGHTER?" they called.

"She's actually a test tube baby made by Orochimaru using mine and Sasuke's DNA." BBN explained.

Powerless Naruto heard that among the heroes and said, "My DNA with Sasuke's?" he reached over the table and retched.

"That is just too gross." Sakura added in equal disturbance.

BBS turned to Web, "Yo Web a little show?"

"As you wish." She replied as a viewing screen showed an image of Yukina from Bang Baby Naruto's world fighting some ninja.

"She definitely has moves I'll give her that." Shredder Naruto admitted as he avoided a spin kick from Spy Naruto who replied.

"Wonder if my kids will grow up into fighters like them." Spy Naruto asked as Green Ranger tried to attack him with his sword and asked.

"Wait you have kids as well?" the ranger asked.

"Yeah twins, a boy and a girl, one for each of my six wives though they're still only tots." Spy Naruto explained.

"Wow you're so lucky. I don't know anything about any offspring I'll ever have." Teen ninja Naruto admitted as he fought Bang Baby Naruto with his Gunshin sword.

Up in the stands, the heroes and ninja watched as Yuki was besting Meta-humans Shiv and Hotstreak in poker. This sight made Powerless Naruto chuckle, "Hah she's even better than Tsunade-baasan!" he felt his shoulders gripped as he looked up seeing a scorned Tsunade ready to go Demolisher on him.

"Shut up! You may be an alternate version of our husband Naruto, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't hit you!"

Powerless Naruto paled and cowered, "No please don't hit me Principal Tsunade!"

"Principal?" Spiderman asked as Powerless Naruto realized what he said.

"Whoops I keep forgetting I'm not home."

Back on the arena, Green Ranger was crossing his sword and dagger firing blasts at Chi Wizard Naruto who was dashing around at super speed before launching beams of heat from his eyes at the Green Ranger who played fanfare on his dagger that was also a flute as his golden shield glowed repelling the heat beams, "You got good moves for a fighter in spandex." Chi Wizard Naruto admitted.

"Thanks, my fellow rangers sometimes say the suits are tight on them while my friend Tsuki the Wolf Ranger says it sometimes itches." Green Ranger explained until he was attacked by Ninja Naruto who used Gunshin against the rangers own sword.

"Let's see how you like this!" Bang Baby Naruto whipped out a saucer and channeled electricity into it making it hover around as he surfed around firing electrical blasts at Spy Naruto who formed hand signs creating a barrier made out of wood surprising the ninja in the stands and most of the Naruto's fighting.

"Mokuton?" Chi Wizard Naruto asked as Spy Naruto emerged unharmed.

"You know Mokuton?" Teen Ninja Naruto asked.

"Sure, Mokuton, Futton, Hyouton, Ranton, Youton, Shakuton, and the other regular elements thanks to a little chakra transfer done through intercourse with my wives."

"Well guess what spy guy, we are similar!" Catastrophe answered launching Futton around while the Naruto's were moving to avoid the boiling jutsu though unfortunately for Bang-Baby Naruto his saucer got too close and started melting forcing him to jump and curl up into a shell before landing on the ground.

"How does he know that jutsu?" Spy Naruto asked.

"We gained our other elemental chakra when our symbiote was temporarily bonded to our brides, it copied their chakras and gave them to us." Catastrophe explained.

"You guys sure know how to surprise someone." Green Ranger said crossing his weapons again firing them at Teen Ninja Naruto who took the blow and rolled across the ground before getting back up.

"All right Greeny, it's ninja time!" he summoned Kage Bunshins each holding a weapon, the real him held his Gunshin sword, while the others each held another weapon ranging from his double katanas, bo-staff, nunchucks, twin sais, Inazuma his tri-baton, Banrai his kusarigama, and Byakko his spear staff.

"Two can play at that game!" Green Ranger summoned the same amount of clones as Teen Ninja Naruto each with their own sword and dagger.

The two sides of clones charged, attacking each other with clone after clone poofing until the Green Ranger and his four remaining clones crossed their weapons firing a blast at the real Teen Ninja Naruto and his clones dispelling them while the real one crashed into a wall and suddenly vanished, "Where'd he go?" Bang Baby Naruto asked.

Back up in the stands, Teen Ninja Naruto suddenly appeared, "What happened?" he asked them.

"You lost the fight so I teleported you up to the stands so you would not get hurt." Web explained.

"I lost?" Teen Ninja Naruto cried, "Well this is terrific, I can win the Battle Nexus tournament against creatures from alternate worlds, but not against alternate forms of myself?"

"You were still a formidable opponent out there Naruto." Tsunade comforted him and he smiled.

Back on the arena, Shredder Naruto and Bang Baby Naruto were going at it matching blade for blade until the Meta-Human spoke, "You know what's bad about fighting a guy who controls static electricity while wearing armor? Magnetism!" he used his electricity on the Shredder's armor at full power resulting in the armor covering his legs to magnetize together along with his arms getting stuck to his sides forcing him to fall over.

"I can't move!" Shredder Naruto struggled to break the magnetism but was teleported to the stands, "Somebody help me up!" So Spiderman and Black Cat lifted him up setting him on a bench until his armor would un-magnetize.

Back on the arena, Bang Baby Naruto was still surfing around on his saucer until Psychic Naruto flew up and extended his arm pulling the saucer from under his feet making him fall before growing avian wings from Meta-Human Talon on his arms. He watched as the Psychic Naruto used his power to bend the saucer, "Hey you bent my saucer!"

"Whoops." Psychic Naruto chuckled only to almost get blasted by the Bang Baby's electric blast.

On the ground, Catastrophe was launching web strands at Chi Wizard Naruto who countered with his combustion attacks, "You know it's amazing you and I are more alike than we are to the others." Chi Wizard Naruto explained.

"Yes we can't help but agree."

"Both of us have two hosts. The only difference is mine are both demons, while you house a demon and a parasite."

"Though it may be a parasite, we couldn't ask for anything better!" Catastrophe launched nail bullets at the Chi Wizard who flew up more avoiding them.

The wizard was about to launch another blast but felt an attack from behind taking the form of the Ranton element. He turned seeing Spy Naruto, "As I always say, Vega Omega!"

"Soon you'll be saying 'ouch'!" Chi Wizard Naruto blasted him with his magic freezing Spy Naruto.

"What is this?"

"Petrifying magic, it'll wear off soon." The Chi Wizard Naruto explained as Spy Naruto was teleported up.

"The Naruto's are starting to drop now." Iron Man noticed.

"Yeah only four of them left." Johnny added.

"Yes let us see the outcome." Web said as she continued watching.

Bang Baby Naruto managed to knock Psychic Naruto to the ground using colossal strength from Onyx. The Psychic shinobi got up and saw he was surrounded by the Naruto's who came charging at him, "You guys are in for it." He concentrated his psychic energy around him while crossing his arms over his body. He let out a scream while spreading his arms sending all the other Naruto's flying back and crashing, but recovered quickly thank goodness for them.

"Man he's good, but not invincible!" Chi Wizard Naruto called as he dashed in and used his enhanced strength from the ox talisman to tackle the Psychic Naruto into the wall only to get repelled off him by his psychic.

"Nice try, but I'm not defeated that easily!" he called as he continued using his psychic knocking the Naruto's around or sending them flying.

"How do we stop him?!" Catastrophe Naruto called to Chi Wizard Naruto.

"Like this." The wizard started chanting in Chinese as blasts from his blowfish and barracuda mediums blasted at the Psychic stunning him like he did with the Spy Naruto.

Psychic Naruto poofed away and up to the others, "This was embarrassing." He grumbled.

Chi Wizard Naruto was flying around the arena launching combustion blasts around the arena as the other three Naruto's were running to avoid the attack while Green Ranger crossed his weapons firing it at the wizard, "Nice try Green Ranger, but the power of the dog makes me immortal to attacks, though can't say the same for you!" he launched another petrifying magic blast.

Green Ranger quickly played on his flute making his shield reflect the attack back at the Wizard petrifying him as he fell for the earth but was teleported to the stands where he was met by the others, "Welcome to loserville wizard, population us." Teen Ninja Naruto joked.

"Shut up." Chi Wizard Naruto grumbled as Shendu spoke.

"Outdone by your own magic!"

Green Ranger got ready, "Now who to face next?" he looked seeing only Catastrophe, "Wait where's Bang Baby Naruto?"

"Coming at ya with Oodama Rasengan!" Said alternate Naruto called flying at the ranger from behind with his jutsu forcing him to roll across the ground but didn't have the strength to get up and was teleported to the others.

"That was a nasty hit." War Machine said.

"Outdone by a Jutsu I haven't learned yet." Green Ranger groaned.

"Now there remains only two Naruto's, this next match decides it." Web reminded everyone who gathered not wanting to miss a minute.

The two stood facing off, "Let's give these people a show." Catastrophe suggested.

"One they'll never forget!" Bang-Baby Naruto called as the two took off throwing taijutsu attacks at each other until catastrophe spotted a familiar set of eyes in his opponent.

"Sharingan, where did you get that?" Catastrophe asked.

"Power transfer from Sasuke before he passed on, not the way Kakashi-sensei got his, but through Kyubi transferring the power to me. This was a gift from my dying comrade as a way to make up for making the biggest mistake of his life." he explained while Chi Wizard, Psychic, and Green Ranger Naruto took it to heart the most.

"Well Sharingan or not, we will prove our strength!" Catastrophe called launching web attacks and his own limbs to grab the Meta-human that used his light energy knives to slice them away.

Catastrophe then stuck his hands to the ground, sending symbiotic tentacles into the earth that emerged and ensnared the Bang Baby, "Nice try Symby but let me turn up the heat!" he concentrated his fire throughout his body forcing Catastrophe to recall his tentacles and shook off the burns, "Now let's see you catch me!" Bang Baby Naruto started creating shadow portals and was diving around through portals.

Catastrophe frowned, but knew he had to calm down, so he stood his ground as his symbiotic head retreated exposing his real head and soon opened his eyes revealing sage mode followed by covering it back up with his symbiote returning to Catastrophe. When he spotted Bang Baby Naruto jumping through another portal the symbiotic ninja dashed and fired a quick tendril shot catching his opponent and pulled him back where he morphed his right hand into a mallet and slammed it into Meta-human Naruto's face sending him rolling across the ground, "So you're playing Sage Mode huh, well two can play at that game!" Bang-Baby Naruto concentrated and entered the same mode and the two started clashing.

"Wow it's an epic battle, sage mode vs sage mode." Jiraiya said impressed.

"Um what're they doing now?" Rogue asked as the two Naruto's started conjuring a Rasengan each and their spheres started taking the size of giant wrecking balls.

"Uh oh this is bad if those two jutsus collide this whole arena could blow and take us with it!" Jiraiya warned everyone.

"Not to worry, Jiraiya. I shall see to it we remain unharmed." Web assured him as the two Naruto's stood ready and launched their jutsus.

"Chou Oodama Rasengan!" they called as the two huge Rasengans collided resulting in an explosion that was contained within the arena and not harming the others.

"Whoa, that was some explosion." Iron Man gasped.

"So what happened, who won?" Kiba asked.

Everyone looked down at the stadium as the smoke cleared, and what they saw were both Naruto's were still standing but their Sage modes were powered down. Both were panting from the damage and energy they used in their last attacks until suddenly both of them fell down and collapsed shocking everyone. Madame Web only smiled as she teleported the two back into the stands, "Well this could take a while to repair." Kakashi noticed how torn up the Chunin Exam arena was.

The symbiotic kunoichi and Spiderman turned to Madame Web who used her powers to return the arena to its cleaned state, "Madame Web you got the touch." Spiderman said.

"Yeah but what about these two?" Wolverine asked about Catastrophe and Meta-Human Naruto.

"I got this," Spy Naruto said handing his two alternates some jerky, "Here eat this."

"What is it?" Bang-Baby Naruto asked.

"An energy booster created by one of my senseis." Spy Naruto answered as the two ate it and gasped.

"Our energy is back up again!" Catastrophe gasped.

"I feel like a new me." Bang-Baby Naruto added.

"Well hate to break you guys good mood, but none of you apparently won the match." Thing broke it to them.

"What?" they called.

"It's true, sorry guys." Powerless Naruto said.

"All that for nothing?" Catastrophe asked disappointed.

"No Naruto," Web began "While neither you nor any of your alternate selves have won the match, this only proves that while each of you is strong in your ways, there is no superior Naruto among you."

"I guess that makes sense." Bang-Baby Naruto admitted but him and the others were still unsure.

"So what happens now, are our alternates ready to go home?" Catastrophe asked.

"Not quite, there's still one last thing you need to see." The elder woman explained.

"What more is there we haven't seen already?" Catastrophe asked.

"Uh this might be where I come in," Powerless Naruto explained, "You see Madame Web not only transported me from my world, but two others as well."

"Who did she bring?"

"See for yourself." Powerless Naruto stepped to the side revealing two adult figures in the shadows as they approached putting a shock on everyone's face while catastrophe was just as surprised.

"No, it can't be."

Stepping into the light was none other than Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Minato was dressed in shoes, blue pants, and a blue collared shirt. While Kushina was dressed in a blue high-collared, sleeveless loose-fitting dress with a green apron over it, a black band on her left wrist and white house shoes, "Naruto?" Minato asked.

"It's us Naruto, mom and dad." Kushina said as the two approached.

"Mom and dad?" Catastrophe asked.

"Madame Web's told us everything." Minato explained.

"Is it really you two?" Catastrophe asked hopefully.

"Minato, Kushina?" Jiraiya gasped.

"So this is you in this world Jiraiya, wow the sage garb really suits you?" Minato chuckled.

"Sensei?" Kakashi asked.

"Kakashi, even here you still wear something over your face?" Minato joked.

"What's going on here, Web?" Tsunade asked.

"They are who they say they are Tsunade. This Minato and Kushina are from Powerless Naruto's world, though they are not ninja, they are still very much like Minato and Kushina from the others worlds in terms of body and spirit." Web explained.

Minato and Kushina approached Catastrophe, "Son we know you've had a bad time growing up without us, but symbiotic being or not you're just as much like our own Naruto as are the other ones." Minato explained as Catastrophe's head morphed back into Naruto whose eyes were watering.

"And no matter what you had to do with your life, we want you to know we love you." Kushina added

"I love you to mom and dad, I love you to!" Catastrophe Naruto sobbed as he buried his head in his parent's shoulders as they hugged him.

The other Naruto's watched their counterpart smiling while Storm and Cat looked at them in confusion, "You all seem very calm about this." Storm noted.

"Yeah after all they're obviously like your parents too." Cat added.

"True, but we've already made peace with our parents," Bang Baby Naruto explained, "In my world I developed a jutsu that allows me to speak to them in the afterlife."

"In our worlds our mothers are the only ones alive," Spy Naruto spoke on behalf of himself, Shredder, and Teen Ninja Naruto.

"Actually my parent's spirits reside within me after I decoded their chakras from my seal allowing them to inhabit my body, though they can't possess me like Shendu can they say they're very glad to see Catastrophe Naruto is finally getting parents love." Chi Wizard Naruto explained.

"Same with me, except my parents sealed forms in my mind were only temporary." Psychic Naruto added.

"Well in my world I had my parents chakra decoded and with the help of my sensei and the Command center had them restored to flesh and blood." Green Ranger Naruto explained.

The couple released their hug on Catastrophe Naruto who looked them in their eyes as Minato spoke, "Naruto whatever happens from here on, we want you to be happy."

"And we know you'll not only rule your village as a great Hokage, but start a loving family as well." Kushina added.

"I will mom dad. I promise!" he replied.

Web smiled, "And now Naruto's it's time you all returned home."

Before that the nine Naruto's gathered together, "I guess this is it huh?" Teen Ninja Naruto asked.

"Looks like it?" Shredder Naruto answered.

"Wish it didn't have to be so soon, we could've gotten to know each other a lot more." Psychic Naruto added.

"You think we'll ever see each other again?" Powerless Naruto asked.

"You never know." Chi Wizard Naruto answered.

"Yeah after all the future holds many things." Bang-Baby Naruto added.

"So then let's make a pact." Spy Naruto suggested as they all started putting their hands in.

"No matter what happens we'll all protect our worlds no matter what, and hope one day we'll all see each other again." Green Ranger Naruto began.

"The promise is made!" Catastrophe Naruto announced.

"Break!" they called.

Suddenly separate portals appeared for each of the alternate Naruto's, "Well I'm out of here." Teen Ninja Naruto said entering his.

"I bid you all farewell, comrades." Shredder Naruto entered through his own portal.

"Until we meet again, may the power protect you all." Green Ranger Naruto left.

"Stay strong and true to your hearts." Spy Naruto said before leaving.

"Time to get back. I'm feeling up for visiting Mingzhu and Chao at the inn." Psychic Naruto said before entering his portal.

"I look forward to our next meeting when and if it happens." Chi Wizard Naruto left.

"Catch you on the flip side." Bang Baby Naruto back-flipped into his portal.

Powerless Naruto stood with his parents, "It's been real." The three left.

Naruto smiled, "They will do great things, we know it."

"I know they will too," Web agreed, "And now heroes it's time for you all to leave as well."

Tsunade turned to Smythe, "Alistair?"

"Yes Lady Tsunade?"

"After we help you restore your father, how would you two like to live in Konoha with us?"

"You mean it?" Smythe asked.

Naruto smiled, "She does, you and your father can begin a new life again."

"In fact you can become the village's mechanics engineer." Tsunade added.

"I-I'd be honored." Smythe answered.

Naruto approached the heroes, "We thank you all for your help. We couldn't have pulled it off without you guys."

"Hey that's what we heroes do right?" Spiderman asked extending his hand.

"Hai." They shook on it.

Black Cat approached, "Thanks for the fun kid, you know how to show a lady a good time." she pecked Naruto on the cheek making him blush while his wives glared at the Cat hero/thief.

Iron Man and War Machine approached, "You're an ok guy, Naruto." Iron Man said.

"If ever you need our help again, we'll be right there." War Machine added.

Naruto and Captain America shook hands, "It was an honor fighting by your side Naruto, you are truly are a symbol of justice in this world."

"Arigato, Captain."

Doctor Strange approached, "We defeated Mordo and Dormammu together. I couldn't have asked for a greater allie."

"And I couldn't have chosen another magical user more suited for the job." Naruto replied as the two shook hands.

The Fantastic Four approached, "It was an adventure teaming up with you Naruto." Reed began.

"You're quite the leader to boot." Susan added.

"Yeah we should fight evil more often." Johnny put in.

"Yeah if you're ever in new York City look us up." Ben finished.

"Count on it." Naruto replied.

The X-Men then gathered around, "You did a fine job in leading us to victory Naruto." Beast began.

"I agree with Hank, you're a heck of a team player." Cyclops added.

"Ya got that right, a regular ace." Gambit flashed an Ace of Spades.

"Nice workin' with ya kid." Wolverine patted Naruto's shoulder.

"Real nice." Jubilee agreed.

"Next time we meet you should meet Professor Xavier." Rogue suggested.

"Yes I'm sure he would very much like you." Jean added.

"Just as we've grown to like you." Storm finished.

"Oh guys." Naruto chuckled.

Soon the heroes stood together, until Spiderman spoke, "Are we going to forget everything that's happened here?"

"Not this time Spiderman I felt this was an event you should all remember." Web explained.

Spiderman nodded and turned back to Naruto, "See ya round, Catastrophe." And with that the group of heroes was teleported back to their own world.

"We should head home as well, now that everything's done." A suggested as he turned to his brother, Karui, and Omoi who nodded.

"Me too my back is aching up again." Oonoki groaned.

"Will you all be alright in getting home?" Ao asked his Mizukage and the others.

"We'll be fine Ao, don't worry about us." Mei answered.

"Naruto, good job." Gaara smiled as Naruto smirked giving a thumb's up before Madame Web teleported them back to their nations.

"We should go home too." Tsunade suggested.

Naruto looked back at Konan, "Konan, what're you going to do now?"

Konan smiled, "I'm going to restore Ame to its former glory and begin anew. We of Ame will also join forces with you of Konoha in memory of Nagato," she stood before Naruto, "And you, Naruto. I thank you for giving me this chance to make things right." She then leaned down and planted a kiss on his lips making his eyes widen along with a blush spreading across his face as they parted.

The girls were once again frowning at her move while she only giggled at Naruto's reaction until Jiraiya approached her, "Well done Konan I'm glad to see you've abandoned your Akatsuki ways."

"I only wish I did it long ago sensei." The two hugged.

The two parted as Naruto turned to Madame Web, "Dear lady we're ready to go."

Web smiled as she teleported Naruto, his wives, his Konoha friends, Alistair, and his father back to Konoha.

And so the chaos had passed Dormammu, Mordo, Kabuto, and Madara were sealed away never to be seen or heard from again. And with the help of Tsunade, Shizune, and the medical staff of Konoha Alistair Smythe was finally reunited with his father.

Spencer Smythe was awakened from his cryo-containment and after being told of what happened to Alistair he hugged his son nevertheless glad to see his son was walking again even if he was in a new form.

Sasuke after finally awakening from his comatose had been told about what happened with him with Naruto leaving out anything involving his brother. It was then he decided to set out on his own three year training trip to hone his abilities so that one day he would find Itachi Uchiha and kill him thus avenging his clan.

Sasuke was shown with a knapsack walking out through the village gates ready to start his own training trip and hopefully achieve his ambition.

While Naruto was left to continue living out his days as a Konoha ninja that the shinobi land would remember and tell stories of for many years to come.

It was sundown in Konoha as Naruto stood on top of the administration building. He morphed into Catastrophe form as he jumped off the building and started web-slinging and building jumping around the village before he catapulted off a pole launching him up into the air where his body casted in front of the sun as he called out, "YEAH!"

(Finally. Catastrophe Naruto has been re-uploaded completely. And hopefully the rest of them will be as well. But they'll take time with all the edits and such. So be patient. Catch you all later.)