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In the village of Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki remained tied to a stump after he and his so called team failed the first part of their test of teamwork, but managed to pull through after Kakashi taught them about not abandoning their comrades. But after which his squad just left him tied there despite his calls to help him.

"Those jerks and they get off acting like they wouldn't abandon a comrade yet look what they did to me?" Naruto asked reaching a file to cut the ropes binding him. He got free and flexed his arms and looked seeing the sun was just about setting "Great the days just about done and I wasted it being tied up." He sighed walking away.

He walked through the forest heading back to the village, "I want to work with them, but how can I when they all hate me? Sakura thinks I'm pathetic and Sasuke thinks I'm a dobe. Well I'll show them, I'm gonna be a great shinobi so I can protect my village from whatever." Suddenly he was surrounded by a white energy wave that lifted up into the air and flew across the sky where Naruto's screaming was heard until that wave entered the Hokage monument where Naruto landed onto the ground.

"Oh what the hell?" Naruto groaned as he got up on his feet. He looked around seeing he was in a facility with control boards with buttons and such while the scenery around him looked like a night sky with stars all around. "Where am I?" he wandered around until he spotted the control board, "Maybe this thing has some answers." He went to press some buttons but a high robotic squeaky voice called.

Naruto looked seeing a metal humanoid shaped creature with a red torso with a lightning bolt design on his chest and a saucer shaped head running for him, "No you mustn't touch that! It's very sensitive!"

Naruto's eyes widened and he screamed falling back down, "What the hell who're you?" he tried to grab a kunai but his outburst caused the creature to jump back, "Ai-yai-yai so loud!"

Naruto got up grabbing his kunai, "Who are you what do you want? Did you bring me here?"

"Oh please try to calm down." The being said until a voice called.

"That's enough you two!"

Naruto looked around wondering where that voice came from until appearing before him was an adult man with black hair in a spiked hair style and a bit of stubble on his chin, "Welcome Naruto."

Naruto lowered his kunai a bit seeing how he looked normal, "Who're you and where am I?"

"My name's Tommy Oliver and this is the Command Center my base of operation. I see you've already met Alpha here."

"Yeah in a rough way." Alpha groaned from the boy's outburst.

"Hold on how do you know my name?" Naruto asked cautiously.

"Well I've been watching you for a long time Naruto, and I think you may be just the one I've been looking for." Tommy explained.

"Looking for?" Naruto raised a brow.

"That's right; you Naruto have been chosen to carry on the legacy of a team of heroes that have protected this planet from countless forces of evil. Heroes known as the Power Rangers."

"Power Rangers?"

"Correct. Look behind you."

Naruto turned seeing lights started coming on and he gasped for he saw numerous display tubes containing multiple colored spandex suits with some having animal motifs, weaponry, and gadgets with some containing gold coins with symbols of creatures on them matching the animal motif of the suits.


"What you see before you are the original suits and morphers of past generations of Power Rangers, each one with a story behind it." Tommy explained as he showed the blonde around.

"What kind of stories?"

"You're about to find out." Tommy said as the room went black and numerous screens started appearing showing figures wearing the ranger costumes taking on monsters of all kinds. Tommy started narrating as Naruto listened closely watching one screen after another.

"My story begins many years ago in a place called Angel Grove. Five teenagers with attitude were recruited to fight the evil space sorceress Rita Repulsa. They harnessed the power of the dinosaurs to become the earth first Power Rangers," Naruto watched as the five teens were combating gray soldiers, and monsters with the help of giant metal creatures, "Under the guidance of intergalactic being Zordon, Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Trini bravely defended earth. Rita was soon forced to create her own Ranger."

Naruto saw Tommy in some sort of school facility talking with Kimberly, 'Wow that Kimberly is cute like Sakura.' He thought until he saw Tommy get captured and brainwashed into becoming a green ranger.

Tommy continued "Her evil magic was too strong. I couldn't fight it. She commanded me to destroy the Power Rangers, and I almost succeeded. But my friends never gave up on me. They destroyed the Sword of Darkness and freed me from Rita's power. And that's when I joined the team."

"Wow you must've been totally amazing." Naruto interrupted.

"Well it was an honor. However my time as a ranger didn't last forever."

"What do you mean?"

"After some events the Green Ranger's power became only temporary. Soon enough the green ranger powers were extinguished from me. It was then Zordon bestowed upon me a new power of my own. The power of the White Ranger. And at a good time, because a new villain named Lord Zedd was attempting to crush earth, and with three rangers leaving their powers had to be passed on. Trini, Zack, and Jason passed on their powers and Rocky, Adam, and Aisha stepped forward as the three new rangers."

"Because at that time Rita and Zedd teamed up to become our most powerful foes yet bringing with them a new terror Rito Revolto; Rita's brother."

Naruto looked at the skeletal being, "He's related to her?"

"Weird I know," Tommy nodded, "The team fought bravely but it wasn't enough. Rito destroyed our zords and our powers with them. But we never gave up; Zordon sent us on a quest to find Ninjor; a warrior from the past who showed us the secrets of the ancient ninja. Our quest was completed giving us new weapons, new zords, and new enemies."

Naruto watched seeing the rangers fighting against black bird like creatures known as Tengas, "Whoa, those birds are nasty." Naruto gagged.

"But along with enemies came new friends," Tommy added, "When Kimberly chose to leave Katherine was the only choice. Kat assumed the Pink Ranger powers and just in time. A new villain known as Master Vile the father of Rita and Rito unleashed his terror on the planet. He succeeded in turning back the clock returning us all to kids. Without our powers we couldn't combat him and his evil."

"Desperate we sought the help of the Alien Rangers of the planet Aquitar to combat Master Vile. While the Alien Rangers protected the planet, my friends and I had our own mission as well. We were each teleported to different time periods to obtain pieces of a fragment known as the Zeo Crystal which would be the only chance we had in returning to our regular time and ages."

"When the final piece was recovered Aisha chose to remain in the time period sending in a replacement Tanya who would assume the yellow ranger powers, however when we thought things were back to normal they took a turn for the worse. Rita and Zedd's henchmen Goldar and Rito planted a bomb inside the heart of the Command Center, we were teleported out just in time. Beneath the ruins we found the Zeo Crystal had guided us to the next chapter of our lives."

"And then?"

"We became the Zeo Power Rangers. And at that time a new evil moved in on Rita and Zedd's territory. The Machine Empire. King Mondo and his minions planned to conquer our world, but when we needed help we turned to an old friend. Jason returned and assumed the power of the Gold Ranger."

"Those Zeo powers were awesome, but what happened with Zedd and Rita?"

"King Mondo's forces were too strong and forced them to flee from the moon. Anyway when high school graduation was under way we were ready to face the world. But not before taking one last adventure as rangers. It was time to shift into a higher gear. The Turbo Rangers were born, because at that time Divatox an evil space pirate launched an attack on earth. We were given the powers of Turbo and headed out, but with Rocky indisposed of we had to rely on a new ally. Justin."

"Wow he looks no older than me. He must be the youngest ranger there ever was" Naruto noticed Justin.

Tommy continued, "Soon it was time for me and my fellow rangers to move on. So it was then we had to choose candidates to take up the mantle. TJ, Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos proved themselves worthy and assumed the powers of Turbo. Divatox and her Piranhatrons were relentless she staged an attack on the rangers destroying the power chamber and their powers with it."

Naruto watched in shock as the henchmen started tearing their base apart, "Divatox headed for space for the plan of earth's ultimate destruction. The rangers had to follow Divatox through space to stop her, leaving behind the world they knew and Justin. The journey into space was treacherous, and a line between friend and foe was a pinpoint. Andros proved to be more than a friend but a true leader to lead them against the new enemy. An enemy named Astronema. They thought they had no hope, but Andros brought them the Astro Morphers bringing together a new team. But five wasn't enough, so they freed the silver ranger Zane who was a noble addition to the team."

Naruto watched as the Space Rangers fight new monsters and villains, and even evil versions of themselves. "Together they defeated Astronema and all the forces of evil from conquering the galaxy, but at the cost of Zordon's life."

Naruto saw Andros break Zordon's tube releasing powerful energy that turned the villains to sand, "Wow I guess that's where it ends huh, I mean all your villains are dust."

"That's what everyone thought as well," Tommy replied, "But deep in space another battle raged. On the distant planet of Mirinoi five new heroes Leo, Damon, Kendrix, Maya, and Kai retrieved the Galaxy Sabers and were chosen to be the Rangers of the Lost Galaxy."

"Awesome." Naruto watched the five rangers morph.

"They had to combine their powers to defeat their mortal enemy Trakeena. She threatened to destroy the space colony Terra Venture, and took on a horrible new form. The red ranger and his battilizer were the colony's only hope. With Trakeena destroyed the people of Terra Venture were forever grateful to the Lost Galaxy rangers."

"Just how many rangers are there?" Naruto asked as Alpha shushed him.

"Meanwhile back on earth a new elite team was being established to fight a new battle against an invasion of demons. Carter, Joel, Kelsey, Chad, and Dana took the position of the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers helping those in need. The rangers however needed one more to complete their mission. That's when Ryan joined the team as the Titanium Ranger. With their powers combined they sealed the demon Queen Bansheera back into the tomb she and her army came from."

Naruto waited knowing it still wasn't over and looked to another screen seeing a ship flying through a vortex and crashing onto a beach, "Whoa what's that?" Naruto asked seeing four figures step out of it being two boys with one having green hair and a gem on his forehead, and two girls. They met up with another guy and morphed into a new team.

"Who're they Tommy?" Naruto asked.

"Rangers from the far future who chased a mutant criminal named Ransik through time," Tommy answered, "But it took a modern day hero to finish the job," Naruto saw one guy acquired a morpher and morphed into a splitting image of the Red Time Force Ranger. "It took Eric a while to realize that the greatest virtue of being a ranger is not the power, but the reward of helping mankind."

"That Eric guy reminds me of my teammate," Naruto thought of Sasuke, "But hold it if those rangers came from the far future then does that mean they have the answers to history of what's going to happen?"

"It's dangerous to tamper with time Naruto, that's why the Time Force Rangers had to bring Ransik back in order to restore the time stream." Alpha explained.

"I see." Naruto saw another group of rangers with animal motif suits.

"In search of his destiny Cole Evans joined the Wildforce Rangers along side Danny, Alyssa, Taylor, and Max. Using the spirits of the ancient animals to fight the evil orgs; creatures determined to conquer earth through pollution and destruction. The final member to join the team was Merrick the Lunar Wolf Ranger. With their powers they brought an end to Master Org and saved not only the Animarium but Turtle Cove as well."

"These guys keep getting more and more awesome." Naruto smiled.

"It's not over yet," Tommy motioned to another screen where three figures being two boys and a girl morphing into rangers, "Three unlikely ninja students commanded the power of earth, air, and water. It was the power of thunder that gave them their biggest challenges, but their greatest enemies proved to be their greatest allies. But when the earth was on the brink of destruction another friend Cam went back in time to retrieve the one power that could save them all, the power of the Green Samurai Ranger. In their final battle against Lothor, the rangers made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their powers to banish Lothor into the abyss of evil."

"I was enjoying my ranger retirement until I decided to take up being a teacher at Reefside High School. There I met three teenagers with attitude Ethan, Kira, and Conner. With the return of a Jurassic creep Mesogog, it was needed to invoke the power of the dino gems giving birth to a new team." Naruto watched the three students morph into Dino Rangers.

"But three alone wasn't enough. I had to invoke the power of the black dino gem and become the Black Dino Ranger. Mesogog wasn't going to take anymore chances. Like Rita and Lothor he enlisted the help of his own ranger Trent became the White Dino Ranger and nearly destroyed us. It was thanks to convincement from Trent's father Anton who was fighting Mesogog's influence to defect from evil and help us in rescuing him. By sacrificing the power of the Dino gems we defeated Mesogog and moved onto bigger and better things."

The screens vanished and the lights came back on, "And that my friend was a brief history about the Power Rangers."

"Wow you guys are like us ninja only you have giant things, and blasting weapons, and all that other stuff." Naruto went into fan boy mode.

"Being a ranger is cool, but it's also a big responsibility," Tommy explained, "Ranger powers must not be used for personal gain or vengeance, they're made to protect and serve."

"And that's why you and all those other rangers were chosen?"

"Yes Zordon and all other mentors chose humans they know would give their lives to protect their planet."

"So ok how did you get here, and if this was years ago shouldn't you be much older?" Naruto asked studying his appearance.

"True. After my time at Reefside ended I continued Ranger research and ended up finding another dimension and wound up here. I studied your ninja lands system and it left me surprised to see how your system operates, instead of protecting your world you're mostly just protecting your own land."

"Yeah that's why each village trains shinobi."

"Anyway when I arrived here I set up my own Command Center hidden here inside this mountain using force fields to keep unwanted ninja out. When I brought Alpha with me I had him encode into the base a time warp that would keep me going like this without dying."

"You can really do that?" Naruto asked the robot.

"All that and more." Alpha chuckled.

"With the help of Alpha I was also able to restore most of the powers from past rangers and replicated some as well, including past zords that were originally destroyed."

"Wicked." Naruto grinned.

"So Naruto why did you want to become a ninja?" Tommy asked.

"Well I grew up having a lousy life. Ever since I was born an orphan people have hated me, ostracized me, even attempted to kill me. I wouldn't last forever with all these attempts getting worse so I enrolled into the ninja academy. I failed three times because for some reason even the teachers hated me and tried to get me to quit. But one teacher I found out did care about me. And he defended me when I found out why people hated me."

"Because of what you hold inside you right?"

"Yeah." Naruto sighed.

"Well your sensei was right to defend you. Having a demon inside of you doesn't make you one as well," Tommy answered, "You've always pushed yourself forward determined to make something for yourself. I can tell you'd do anything for your home despite how they treated you."

"Yes, if they treated me like crap here who knows how other villages would treat me."

Tommy placed a hand on the boys shoulder, "You really are a good person Naruto. These people are too blinded by their own hate to see that."

"Thanks," Naruto smiled, "So you think I have what it takes to become a ranger?"

"I do, and I'm willing to teach you all I know so that you can use my knowledge to defend others just as me and my fellow rangers have always done. But I can't force you to do it. That's something you must decide for yourself."

Naruto thinks about it for a bit before turning to him, "I do want to protect my home, and others as well. Please teach me the art of the Power Ranger Tommy-sensei."

Tommy smiled, "You made a good choice. I look forward to working with you. We shall start your training tomorrow."

"Great though it'll have to be when I'm not on missions."

"Fair enough." Tommy nodded.

Naruto looked around for an exit, "So how do I get out of here again?"

"Alpha." Tommy motioned to Alpha who approached him with a device, "Use this communicator when you want to teleport out or to the command center."

Naruto strapped it to his wrist and pressed onto it as he teleported out, "He really is a fine one Tommy," Alpha said, "Sort of like how you guys started out as rangers."

"I know Alpha, and I'll make sure to make a real ranger out of him."

Naruto then landed back into his bedroom in his messy apartment, "Wow it really worked. But that sure felt weird," he went to his window looking out at the night sky,

"Me a Power Ranger fighting evil and defending good, I think my life as a ninja will be even better than I thought." He said to himself before going to bed.

(And that's the opening chapter. I know it may seem like you're re-reading it but there are some things I have to redo. So enjoy it all over again.)