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Last time, when it looked like the rangers were about to give out in their fight against Orochimaru, the Sannin finally fell victim to the poison drug in the potion given to him by Zorgano. In his weakened state, Naruto and his team were able to do away with the rogue Sannin once and for all. They returned to the battle to finish Zorgano and Ariah. With the help of the spirits of the past rangers guiding them and the bomb to reverse the portal in the hole, all the monsters were pulled back to the nether realm along with Zorgano and Ariah. What now await the rangers is moments away.

After the events of the monsters invasion was cleared up, the Kages from all five nations along with the respective lands Daimyos met in Konoha. The ten powerful authority figured stood on a stage, where ninja from all over the land stood on two opposite sides with a walk way in the center. One Konoha shinobi looked down the walk away and gasped, "There they are!"

Everyone gasped as they saw all of the ranger teams, Magna Defender, Blue Senturion, and Zen-Aku walking for the stage waving to the ninjas of all the lands and their fans, "They're my heroes!" a woman cheered.

"They saved us all!" a man called.

"You're the best, Power Rangers!" a boy cheered.

As they walked through the crowds, each of the rangers was shaking hands with ninjas and civilians along with giving them high fives. Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi watched them, "Oh man I knew the Power Rangers wouldn't let us down!" Konohamaru cheered.

"They're awesome!" Moegi cheered.

"Yeah the Red Ranger was awesome." Udon added.

"I think the pink ranger was great." Moegi put in.

"Yeah they're good, but Green Ranger is cool!" Konohamaru argued.

Suddenly Kurenai approached while carrying her baby boy and chuckled, "You're right, but you know something kids?"

"What's that Auntie Kurenai?" Konohamaru asked.

"They're all awesome." She answered.

"Yeah you're right.' Udon agreed.

"To the Power Rangers!' Konohamaru pumped a fist up.

"The Power Rangers!" Moegi and Udon cheered, while pumping a fist up as well.

Kurenai smiled at their enthusiasm as she watched the Turbo Rangers walked by and saw Asuma look at her nodding, and she blushed while making her baby boy wave at them. When all the teams stood on top of the stage in a line, the Fire Country's Daimyo spoke, "This is a proud moment in the entire shinobi world."

"For moments ago it was under siege by the threat of monsters being led by the tyrannical Orochimaru." The Wind Country's Daimyo continued.

"But our shinobi fought hard and never shown an ounce of fear to our enemies." The Lightning Country's Daimyo spoke up.

"They fought back until their very last breath." The Water Daimyo said.

"But it all could not have been accomplished fully without the help of these brave individuals, the Power Rangers." The Earth Daimyo finished on behalf of the Daimyos.

The crowds cheered as the rangers waved their hands in response to their excitement. Gaara approached so that he was the focus. What no one besides the other Kages knew was that this Gaara was actually a sand clone while the real one was in ranger form with all the others, "It was over three years ago when these brave people appeared to protect our lands from the threat of evil. I know I owe one of them the biggest debt of gratitude, for thanks to one ranger I became a better man than I've ever been in my life." Kankuro, Temari, Maki

The Suna kunoichi in the crowds squealed as their Kazekage spoke while Naruto thought, 'Geez you think he was loaded up on pimp juice while speaking.'

'Good one.' Kurama thought while chuckling.

After Gaara spoke, Mei approached continued, "It was thanks to these heroes our lands have been protected over and over from the threats of monsters and villains not of this world." The present Kiri shinobi in the crowds cheered, while Choujuro, Hotaru, and Utakata smiled underneath their helmets.

Next was Oonoki who used his hover ability so that everyone in the crowd could see the short man, "Though we ourselves have been at each others throats since the founding's of our nations. These people have brought us all together to realize that no matter what village we come from and what type of shinobi we are, we'll always have something in common. We all share this same planet and all of us are meant to protect it. We hope that the bonds we've made over these last three years will continue to test the length of time, so that the future generations will look back and see how we all came together!" The Iwa shinobi in the crowd cheered, while Kurotsuchi smiled underneath her helmet, 'Way to say it gramps.'

A approached and spoke, "Although I originally had my doubts and skepticism towards these heroes, I learned that there is more to being a ninja or a hero than picking sides. While we all come from different nations in the end it won't matter because we all have something worth fighting for, and that's for the safety of our planet!" The Kumo shinobi cheered on behalf of their villages Kage while Bee, Samui, Karui, Cee, Omoi, Darui, Yugito, and Atsui smiled at their leaders words knowing how stubborn he's always been was finally able to admit something he probably would've been against in the past.

Finally Tsunade spoke, "The Power Rangers have always been there for us. We may not know who they are or where they're from, but I speak for all of us when saying they'll always be welcomed in our lands!" every Konoha shinobi cheered while all the rangers who were Konoha shinobi smiled.

"Let's hear it for the Power Rangers!" The Fire Daimyo announced as everyone in the crowd cheered for them, as the rangers and their allies waved in response.

Sometime later at the Command Center, every ranger and the five Kages were present before Tommy, Alpha, and Zordon, "Rangers, you all fought bravely today with courage and persevere. I am proud of each and every one of you," Tommy began, "I seriously could never have asked for a better group of Power Rangers."

"That's us for you Tommy." Kiba replied as Akamaru barked.

"And now it's time for you all to make a choice." Zordon continued.

"A choice?" Shizuka asked.

"What kind of choice?" Minato asked.

"It's now time to decide whether any of you want to continue being Power Rangers anymore." Tommy explained.

"You mean…" Kankuro began as Alpha continued.

"You may choose to remain being Power Rangers, or return to your regular shinobi lives."

"Think hard on your choice rangers for you have done so much for this land, you owe it to yourselves to have a normal life." Tommy explained.

Naruto smiled, "Like we need to even decide on it at all. We're staying rangers."

"Naruto you shouldn't speak for all of us." Shikamaru warned him.

"Us or you, Shikamaru?" Naruto joked as the other laughed.

"Come on Shikamaru, we've been through too much to even think about retiring from this life so soon." Ino said.

"I agree with Ino," Tenten continued, "Orochimaru and his minions may be destroyed, and Zorgano and Ariah are locked in the monster nether realm with Kabuto, but who says they're the only threats out there?"

"Tenten's right," Neji added, "As we've learned from history there will always be someone out there wanting to conquer the planet of not worse."

"And someone's gotta be there to stop it." Tsuki put in.

"And we're still as young as we can get for now." Yukio added.

"Yeah and I just became a ranger not too long ago," Fuu put in, 'There's no way I'm giving up this line of work so soon."

"So I think remaining rangers until we can't do it anymore is the best thing to do." Nagato continued.

"So don't tell us you're just going to retire now just because we have an option." Chouji said.

"Who said I even was planning to retire?" Shikamaru asked them.

"So does that mean?" Asuma asked his student.

"Yeah, I'm sticking around too, that is if anyone else is."

"Yeah!" they all agreed.

Naruto spoke, "Tommy, Zordon, Alpha, we're here to stay. After all you can't get rid of us that easily."

"Oh wonderful!" Alpha clapped.

"The planet is as always lucky to have young people like you." Zordon added.

"Well guys, whatever happens from this point on I hope you'll all be ready for whatever is out there." Tommy smiled.

"You can count on us." Naruto assured him as Sakura, Ino, and Shizuka nodded with him.

"Well team, I guess it's that time again." Kakashi said giving them the hint.

Taking the hint, every ranger gathered around in a ring, along with Zen-Aku and Blue Senturion and put their hands in and on top of each other before jumping up announcing with all their hearts, "POWER RANGERS FOREVER!"

Monsters that have been used since chapter 77 Shifting of Yellow:

Miss Chief

Psycho Rangers


Rhino Blaster




Tombstone Org





Wedding Dress Org



Silver Horns

Mad Mike

Samurai Org




One morning in Konoha many months later, Naruto was dressed in his warrior robes given to him by Barza, was striking at training dummies at a training ground with his Dragon Sword and Dragon Dagger. When he finished his training his weapons disappeared and he stretched, "Oh yeah that was some work out. Well I think I'll head to Ramen Bar for some lunch," He was about to leave until a purple mist started surrounding him, "Hey what's going on?" he gasped as he was suddenly floating in a dark void while he was in his Green Ranger outfit, "Hey how did I get into my ranger form?"

"Green Ranger Naruto!" an elderly female voice addressed him.

"Huh?" Naruto looked around, and to his shock saw an old woman with gray hair and red lensed glasses that covered her eyes. Her body was reddish black with a white spider symbol on her torso, while she didn't appear to have any legs. She sat on a throne that had a mechanical spider web behind her, "Wait a minute I remember you, you're Madame Web!"

"I can see your memory is still in tact, that's good." Madame Web admitted.

"What's going on here?" Naruto asked.

"There is a dangerous threat Naruto, and it requires your immediate attention." She warned him.

"My attention?"

"Yes. You must once again reunite with the others to stop this threat before all life as we know it ceases to exist."

"Others? You mean them?"

"I do. Will you accept this dangerous mission?" the elder woman asked.

Naruto pumped a fist, "A Power Ranger never walks away from danger."

"Splendid answer. Now come along Green Ranger, we must hurry." Madame Web instructed as she and the Green Ranger flew through the void on their way to parts unknown.

(And that's my Rangers fic. Thank you everyone for your support and patience. As for that little bit at the end, it is the sneak peek of my next Naruto idea. For what it truly is will have to be something you must all watch out for. I'll see all you die hard Naruto and Power Rangers fans next time.)