Chapter 28: "There's No Place Like Home"

The quaint, brown bungalow appeared to grin in a gracious reception of its two, departed voyagers; Stef parked in the driveway and pivoted to face Callie.

"This is it, babe. Are you ready?"

The teen was unable to digest the question in its entirety before her door had opened, however, and Lena towered before her. The long-legged lady caught a ragged breath in her throat prior to yanking Callie into a fierce hug and rubbing her hands up and down the teen's back in an effort to assure herself of the reality. It was Wednesday afternoon, and, as promised, the Foster children were all occupied elsewhere. Lena had requested a personal day, unsure of her family's approximate arrival.

Callie stood stock still, out of habit, but, as the scent of vanilla crowded her senses and the intensity of Lena's embrace encased her, she wilted in a tangible form and bound her own arms around the figure holding her now.

Stef stepped out of the vehicle and leaned wearily against the metal frame for a moment, exposed delight dancing across her features at the reunion. She made her way to the couple, intertwining her limbs with those already entangled and finding her wife's lips above the adolescent's head. Callie, who was snuggly nestled between the two women, felt the tango of their united hearts, a composition so magnificent that it weakened her knees and sang in her soul.

Eventually, the trio linked elbows and made their way into the home, synergized steps skipping on the yellow brick road. A harmonious recognition dawned on Callie at once: with a mother on either side, she could confront lions, and tigers, and bears…. Oh my!