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A little girl sat on one side of the room waiting patiently for her mother, while another little girl was already face to face with hers against the opposite wall.

"Christina, would you like to tell me what happened before I talk to the Head Master?" The dark haired woman knelt before her daughter, a calm but disapproving lilt in her voice.

"Mum, it's not what you think..."

"I think someone called me saying that my daughter was in another fight." She brushed her fingers against the young girls cheek, wiping away some dirt and pulling a twig out of her hair. "I thought we talked about this darling. You were doing so much better."

"But mum, I promise... we were just playing." Christina said, her voice pleading for her mother to believe her.

"So if I ask that little girl if you were playing, she'll say yes?" Helena looked over to the child who was sitting there, swinging her legs back and forth. Dark, wild curls fell around her face, twigs similar to the ones in Christina's hair were in hers as well, trapped in there like fish in a net. She could tell by the look on her face, that the young girl was afraid of her parents finding out. "Well?"

Before Christina could answer, a woman's voice was heard before she even got into the office.

"Cassie!" A tall woman with brown curls falling around her face, similar to the girls came rushing into the office. She didn't notice anyone else because her glare fell squarely on her daughter. "A fight!?"

Cassie flinched, always afraid of disappointing her mother. Myka saw the way her daughter tensed, and immediately melted, sinking to the floor in front of her, mirroring the family across the room.

"Sweetie... look at me please." Cassie looked up, dark green eyes meeting Myka's hazel ones. "What happened baby? You said no more fighting."

"Mom... we... we weren't fighting we were just playing around."

Helena heard the whispered confession, her dark brown eyes looking at her daughter who mouthed 'I told you.' She shot up and made her way across the room.

"Excuse me?" Helena said softly, not wanting to interrupt, but feeling the need to.

"Yeah." Myka sighed, turning to see the woman hovering over her. She stood, now towering a few inches above her. "I'm sorry, you must be the other parent. I'm so sorry about all of this. If your daughter needs to go to the doctors, I'll pay for anything you need."

"Well um... apparently, your daughter and my daughter are friends?" She guessed, although why friends would be caught fighting was beyond her comprehension.

"Best friends!" Christina yelled from her seat.

"Best best friends!" Cassie added.

Myka looked at the two, then back at Helena. "But I got a call saying they were in a fight..."

"So did I Mrs?"

"Ms. Bering... Myka." She extended her hand to the woman who eagerly took it firmly in her own.

"Ms. Wells or you can call me Helena." She kept her hand there a moment longer before pulling away.

"We were just sparring mum! She's really good and she does fencing as well! She started teaching me a little and I started teaching her Kenpo." Christina yelled excitedly, wanting to show her mother that they really were friends.

"She does?" Helena looked at Myka who nodded. "Where does she take lessons?"

"My mom teaches me." Cassie answered before Myka had a chance to say anything.

"You teach her to fight?"

"Yes. Just some kick boxing and different forms of martial arts. I'm getting her ready to join fencing when she's old enough. Cassie wanted to learn and I felt more comfortable teaching her myself."

"Mom, Christina learned to spar from her mum too."

Myka looked at Helena who simply nodded.

"Mum?" Christina was now standing behind Helena, tugging at her coat.

"Yes love?"

"I know I'm in big trouble and all, but when I'm done being grounded and if Mrs. Bering..."

"Ms. Bering." Myka said out loud, but wishing she had just kept it to herself.

"Sorry... If Ms. Bering says it's okay, could Cassie come spend a day at our house? Please?"

Helena looked over to Myka, the taller woman nodding with a small smile on her face.

"Sure darling. Maybe we can have her over one day and she and her mum could stay for supper hm?"

"Really!?" Cassie jumped off the chair, clinging to her mothers hand. "Can we mom?"

"Yes. When you are done with the list of chores you're getting for this, we can do that."


When the families were leaving the Head Masters office and the girls were saying their goodbyes, Myka and Helena stood close by talking about plans for their girls to get together, while also listening to the conversation the two little ones were having a few feet away.

"Cassie, don't forget to bring your first edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Christina whispered, but Helena overheard her.

"Christina, not everyone has first edition books especially most children your age."

"Actually, Cassie has a big collection we started a few years ago." Myka noticed the intrigue on Helena's face. "I grew up in a book store, my parents own and they send a lot of stuff for Cassie."

"That's wonderful!" The smile on Helena's face, melted Myka's heart. A fellow book lover, Myka was glad her daughter finally found a friend. Helena looked at Christina. "Why are you asking her to bring it?"

"We're gonna trade a first edition every week! So I'm going to lend her my first edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."

"Hmmm... sounds okay to me, if Myka is alright with it. They are very precious books."

"I'm okay with it. I'm also interested..." She turned so she was speaking only to Helena, their daughters shuffling over to talk about their playdate.

"Yes Myka?"

"I'm interested to know what first editions you have." She smiled, as brown eyes widened in front of her.

"Would you like to get together sometime and trade?" Helena smirked, her heart fluttering at her close proximity to the other woman.

"I'd love to." Myka said, nervously bringing her hand up to the back of her neck.

"It's a date then?" Helena poured as much of her charm into the question that she could... and it worked.

"It's a date."