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"I'm printing it all up right now." Claudia hit enter a few times, some other buttons and papers started piling up in the printer. "Should be enough to bury the dumb ass if you can get them to agree."

"I'll talk to them. I'll convince them. We'll put this asshole away for good if that's what it takes." Myka gathered up the papers, kissing Claudia on the cheek. "Thanks kid. You're the best."

"Yup... I know." Claudia smiled, spinning around in her chair as Myka ran off.

Myka pulled her phone out. "Baby."

"Hello darling. Are you on your way home?" Helena sounded exhausted. She hadn't slept in a few days, making sure her family was safe before their next court date.

"I'm gonna be in late tonight. I have to do a few more things before we go back to court. I promise we're gonna get him out of our lives forever."

"I know my love. Wake me up when you get home?"

"Definitely. I love you."

"I love you too. Bye darling."

"Bye babe."

Myka hung up, shoving her phone in her back pocket. She got in her car and drove to the first address.

When she pulled up to the small house she felt nervous. This all felt so wrong but she needed to do something.


After a long night of talking to people, strangers essentially; Myka just wanted to curl up with her love and sleep in. She snuck into the house quietly and made her way up stairs, losing her clothes as soon as she got in the room. She climbed in bed, putting her hair up as she snuggled into the sleeping beauty before her.

"I love you so much." Myka kissed Helena's bare shoulder, causing her to turn around and face Myka fully.

"I love you my darling." Helena pulled Myka close, kissing her deeply. "I've missed you." Helena kissed her again, hands tangled in her hair, pulling possessively as she bit the younger woman's lower lip.

"Babe... I'm exhausted." Myka whined although she was totally faking it. She was never too tired to indulge her girlfriend when she was in this mood.

"Well you'll have to deal with it. Exhaust me and then we can both go to bed." Helena yelped as she was suddenly flipped onto her back, Myka hovering over her, her breath tickling the Brit's lips.

Myka's hand started moving down Helena's chest, her knee sliding between Helena's legs, separating them, spreading them apart as her hand slipped beneath Helena's cotton undies. She teased her girlfriend until Helena was moaning, hips rolling up to find much needed friction.

"Please darling. I need you." Helena whispered against Myka's lips. Before she knew it, everything fell away. Myka's fingers were inside her, lips on her neck, palm against her clit, a toned thigh pressing against the hand thrusting in and out of her. Helena's nails scratched at Myka's back as she fought to hold onto her; fighting to prolong her impending orgasm. Fighting and failing as a wave of pleasure took over her. "Yes!" She moved her lips to Myka's neck, biting down as she moaned loudly. "Don't stop Myka! Please."

Myka moved faster; taking Helena this way, quick and without warning. Pushing into her, making love to her, worshiping her as she curled her fingers inside her. She felt Helena's legs wrap around her, pulling her closer. Myka smirked as she moved her free hand to Helena's thigh, squeezing tightly, surely leaving a mark. "Come for me baby." Myka whispered into Helena's ear. She could already feel Helena's muscles pulling her fingers deeper, legs flexing as Helena rocked her hips faster. Myka's hand moved faster, palm hitting Helena's sweet and sensitive clit with each thrust.

Helena fell over the edge with a loud scream into the nearest pillow she could grab; coming two times in a row as Myka kept her fingers working inside her.

"Fuck!" Helena gasped as Myka slid her fingers free. "Holy fuck... amazing."

"Delicious." Myka purred as she tasted Helena's arousal on her fingers. She leaned over her panting girlfriend, kissing her deeply; letting her taste herself on her lips. Groaning as she bit her lip and tugged it playfully. "Now... are you exhausted?"

"I can't feel my legs to be honest... that was just... wow."

"I know... I've been a little busy these past few days. I didn't mean to be. I just want all of this to be over."

"Shhh." Helena put her finger on Myka's lips to hush her. "I know. We can talk about it in the morning okay? I just want to sleep in your arms."

"Deal." Myka kissed Helena's head, pushing her hair out of her face.

Helena hummed, snuggling further into Myka's arms. "I always feel safer with you here."

"I know the feeling." Myka's grip tightened slightly. "I'm here love. Go to sleep." She kissed her again and closed her eyes as she rested her chin on the top of Helena's head.

"I love you Myka."

"I love you."



Myka and Helena woke up to a loud banging on the door. Helena chuckled at the sound of the girls summoning them as they always did. "Thank god you locked the door darling."

"Seriously. It's been a while babe. I know how to avoid that awkward... why are you guys naked question." Myka kissed Helena good morning.

Helena laughed at Myka's wild hair that had broken free of it's binding. "I love your curls."

"I know." Myka smiled, getting out of bed. Helena stared shamelessly at Myka's butt in her sexy undies. "Get out of bed Helena we have a big day ahead of us."

After breakfast, Myka and Helena kissed the girls goodbye, heading to the courthouse together.

"Okay babe I'm gonna meet you in the room okay? I have to do something first. Pete and Claudia will be there to keep you company."

"Alright. Everything's okay though...?"

"Yes. I promise everything will be okay." Myka quickly kissed Helena before they parted.


"Marcus, Nate. Thank you for meeting with me." Myka opened up the door to the small room, pulling the folder close to her chest.

"What's this about. We have a case to win." Marcus stood up, waiting for Myka to enter the room.

"Actually I'm here to make a deal."

"We've taken partial custody off the table. We are going for full."

"I'm not settling. You are." Myka dropped the folder on the table.

"What's this?"

"Eight." Was Myka's response. She saw Nate's eyes widen when he opened up the folder.

"Eight what?" Marcus saw the files.

"Eight women, in one year. All abused by Nate. All of them have proof that they were with him and they have what Helena was afraid to get... x-rays of their injuries. These women can all prove that they were abused countless times by your client."


"They are all willing to testify against him, and they are all here today." Myka smirked as she watched Nate sink back into his chair. "Nate could do time for this Marcus."

"What do you want?" Nate pushed the papers away.

"You don't take a step into the same state as Helena and Christina. Ever. You give up any rights you think you have. Helena gets full custody and you never bother them again." Myka pulled out a legal document, handing it to Marcus.

"Nate." Marcus sat next to his client. "What do you want to do? I don't see you winning this right now but if you want to we can try."

Nate picked up a pen, sighing in defeat. "I'll sign it."

"Marcus may I have a moment with your client?"

Marcus looked at Nate who just nodded, already signing the papers.

"I know you want to hurt Helena and you want to win." She got close to Nate. Myka wanted to make sure that Nate wasn't going to retaliate later. "You know that if you come near them again I will make sure you never see the light of day. You will regret it as I snap every single bone in your body." Myka's voice was venomous and serious. Nate had no doubt she was telling the truth. He just nodded again; lost for words. "Good."


Myka walked into the courtroom, bumping into Claudia who she gave a big hug to. "Thank you so much for finding those women."

"They didn't come."

"They were afraid, but Nate and Marcus didn't need to know that." Myka winked at her pseudo baby sister.

"You sneaky lawyer. Remind me never to play poker with you." Claudia laughed loudly, drawing the attention of the rest of the room.

"Myka!" Helena ran to her girlfriend hugging her tight. "What did you do? The judge just dismissed the case, granting me full custody."

"Nate made a deal. He settled with us and he won't be a problem again." Myka held onto Helena just a bit longer. "Let's go home. I'm tired of being here."

"I know the feeling darling."

"I think I have to quit my job because seriously... being here for this makes me never want to step into another court house ever again."

"You love your job. You're a hero darling." Helena pulled Myka close as they walked out of the building. "Let's go home to our kids."

"Yes please."

They walked off together, their friends in tow. Hopefully walking off to live happily ever after; but being prepared to face whatever hardships may come.

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