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This is an addition to my line of (probably most if not all unrelated) stories based on lyrics from every Default song.


You Live In Your Own World
Keeping Your Distance
We All Have A Story To Tell

It had been nearly two months since Sunnydale had received a present from the gods, a young blonde by the name of Buffy Summers.

Angel was utterly fascinated with her. Had been since the first glimpse of her as he'd nearly knocked her down when trying to hurry to the class he'd been late for. He'd cursed, turned around to help her pick up all the stuff from her bag that'd spilled out, and when she thanked him... he became lost. In her soft voice, her hair that smelled like fruit and flowers, her tan skin, her green eyes and perfect little face.

Annoyingly, she didn't feel the same way it seemed. He'd been chasing after her since that moment and had gotten nothing but the brush off. She was way too polite about it, but still... she was turning him down left and right.

So, he went a little crazy. Got a little on the side of annoying no doubt, close to harrassment and on to stalking. But... he wasn't giving up so easily and he needed a way in. But the more that happened, the more he was confused. The girl was nothing short of a mystery.

She was a strong girl. Especially for being so... small. But he'd ran into her and it'd felt like a wall almost, and she'd stopped a number of fights and bullying from happening since getting her. She was pretty, sure to be popular but she didn't seem to have such interest. Instead, her choice of friends had gone very much in the opposite direction. She also spent a lot og time with the school's librarian, on school grounds and off. She snuck out a lot, too he was starting to get on his radar.

Apparently, she'd burned down her last school, got into a lot of fights, was hanging around with the wrong kind of people. And maybe that was why she was so against the idea of him, who knew. But he wasn't all that bad, really. People made stories up, passed them around... that was it really. He was really just a bored senior who didn't like too many people.

Seemed that was something they had in common. Even those who she became friends with seemed to be as lost about her as everyone else. It was like the girl lived completely in her own world.

He just wanted in it, too. Hell, a peek.

So, as he followed her later and longer each night, he tried to find something to use as a way in.

You Got Something Inside
What You Trying To Hide
Let Me In Your Isolation
You Got Something To Show
Close Your Eyes And Let Go
Let Me In Your Fascination

What he saw tonight, however, was not anything that he'd been expecting...

Buffy's eyes looked shocked as she spotted him, stumbling out of the shadows.

"What the hell just happened?" Angel asked her. His eyes looked shocked as well, looking around at the dust now on the ground. The dust that had just been some sort of... creature, human... like... but not. 'That wasn't real, was it?' his mind questioned.

"What exactly did you see?" she asked.

Angel swallowed. "You... I was... following you... for once not being ditched..." he said, still looking around. "I saw... you start fighting... I was coming over to help..." Angel looked up at the small teenaged girl. "What the hell happened?"

She sighed, running a hand through her long locks. "Well, this is just great!"